Social media is changing your perception of the world

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget sometimes, and forgetting is probably the worst thing we can do.

I see this problem a lot with people involved in social justice. People who have genuinely good intentions of raising awareness of worthy causes. They want to be on the forefront of social changes. I get that; I feel that way, too. But everything from the types of sites you visit to the people you surround yourself with all mold and color the world that social media shows you. And it’s easy to forget that it’s not the whole truth.

My old Twitter feed, for example, would have me think the world is consumed by “GamerGate” and the gender controversies of gaming. Everyone I know and respect would be tweeting their support and/or criticisms, and then of course an endless stream of arguments would ensue as a result. It wasn’t until I was sitting face to face with a group of friends that I was shocked back into reality.

“Anita Sarkeesian.”


“Seriously? Feminist Frequency? She did that whole series about feminism in gaming? She’s spent the last couple of years getting harassed by MRA idiots?”

Then, the real kicker:

“…What’s the MRA?”

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I just stared blankly, realizing I had spent about ten minutes ranting over coffee about something my friends were oblivious to. I envied them, because the mongrels who stalked and doxxed Sarkeesian a few weeks ago—forcing her to flee her own home—had infuriated me. But while I was pondering their stupidity and sheer willful ignorance, most of the world went on happily unaware. And eventually, I came to the frustrating realization that the only person giving these pathetic neckbeards any power… was me. I had fallen down a social justice rabbit hole. I had done so with the best of intentions, and yet still lost all sense of size and proportion. The MRA-types looked like a huge, unmovable threat. Marching ever forward with their pitchforks aimed at the ideals I held most sacred.

The reality, of course, is that if any of these dweebs ever got up the courage to actually say anything to me in person, I would most likely laugh right in their faces. I experienced a similar situation in high school when a hyper-fundy Christian felt the need to give me the “Do you believe in God? You should. He believes in you…” spiel. I tried really hard not to laugh. I did, I swear I did. But I failed, just as I would inevitably fail not to laugh at the painfully awkward gamer who decided I needed to hear his wondrous insight. It’s all just way too sad.

This phenomena doesn’t just affect the way we perceive the world; I see it affecting our health, too. Yes, that sounds very granola of me, but that’s what my observations have led me to believe. High profile feminists and social justice people have talked openly about struggling with depression and anxiety. Just like a shitty job where you get yelled at all day, social media also often becomes a venue through which people tear you down, only that’s without pay.

I eventually couldn’t find a reason to stay on social media. I was being bombarded with articles that could ruin my afternoon, every afternoon. People complaining about the awful dregs of society, and of course, the dregs themselves always managing to pool around the bottom. It made me angry, when in my real life, I had nothing to be angry about. When in fact my real life is full of happiness, love, and friendship. So why waste my time?

And why waste your time?

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  • Falkner

    Anita Sarkeesian is a con-artist who runs her mouth about matters she knows nothing about. That’s why people turned against her and why she got shat on by the gaming community as a whole. I’m not sure you belong here tbph.

    • jokmank

      I love how nobody who’s against Sarkeesian can’t coherently say why is she wrong, and instead immediately goes for paranoid fox news defensiveness – “She’s a con-artist, a slut, a whore, a communist, and she wants to take away our video games AND our penises, and let’s all prove how better and smarter we are than her by throwing insults at her and threatening her and her family with violence!”

      I don’t agree with her on everything, but the response she had completely proves her point, and I support her all the way, while to everybody out there who believes that she’s some kind of super-villain sitting in her lair, scheeming to destroy video-games and happiness just for attention or any other stupid reason they made up to justify their hatred for her, I just want to say that if you can’t handle the idea of women being more heroic and being less tortured in video games, to quote Patton Oswalt, you’re gonna miss everything cool in life and die angry!

      And to any asshole out there who thinks men only defend women “to get laid” – dude, I WISH it was that simple!

      • The people who think men only defend women in the hopes of getting laid do so because that’s the only reason they would ever do it.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Which is speaking volumes on how they view women – as a means to their own end and satisfaction. Ugh – some people can be real assholes.

          • Sofie Liv

            So the only reason why I should help other women or just other men or other human beings is to be laid?

            Huh who knew, being a decent human being equals being a hore, good to know.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            For those people, it seems to be their way of thinking.

            Personally, I don’t think, that being nice and being a decent human being equals (if you’re a woman) being a whore or (if you’re a man) that you can get laid by the persons you’ve been nice to.

            I mean, I’m not nice to people in order to get laid, I’m nice to people, because I’m a nice PERSON.

      • Falkner

        And in come the White Knights…

        You don’t know what Anita Sarkeesian “did wrong”? Well, you must be living under a rock then, because everyone and their mother on YouTube has already made tons of videos detailing exactly “what she did wrong”. Amongst other things, she stole game footage from Youtube Let’s Players (without even asking their permission or giving them credit), and showed clips completely out of context to suit her argument.

        Which begs the question: if she didn’t use the 60,000 + dollars she got from her Kickstarter to buy the games she needed to get footage from, where did the money?

        I feel sorry for men like you, to be honest. You go around the Internet defending these women who have nothing but contempt for you and would sooner tear out their own sexual organs with a rusty spoon rather than fuck you.

        • jokmank

          “I feel sorry for men like you, to be honest. You go around the Internet
          defending these women who have nothing but contempt for you and would
          sooner tear out their own sexual organs with a rusty spoon rather than
          fuck you.”

          Wow! I knew high school can mess up your self-confidence but man!

          I…I’m not even angry anymore. Now I just wanna give you a hug.

          • Magdalen

            Right? The insecurity… the bitterness. So sad.

          • Sofie Liv

            I sort of kind of get why some people have been this pissed that Anita Serkisaan got that much money for a video series about video games, only for it to be obvious she is clearly not really that much into games.

            A casual gamer at most, she never really go into any details about games just vaguely schemes the surface in regards to problematics in mainstream adventure games (Not many other genres.) that is not exclusive to games but is all around the place. Being very broad, genneral and vague about it.

            But to call out on her person, calling her a scam or a hore or what ever else of horrible things, it’s just not right, it’s crossing a line from being proffesional into personal attacks, and a lot of people have widened the attack to include all women ever whom spoke about games in any compacity.
            And yes it exstended as far as to me, i’ve been called things because I wrote about the Zelda games.
            And I actually like Zelda! I’ve played through several of the Zelda titles, because I enjoy it.

            Games are a lot of things, doesn’t have to be “Adventure games.”
            I recently played a game called. “Thomas was alone.” … I played as a red square thing.
            How much personality can you give a red square? A lot apparently lol, I really think we spend to much looking at just one aspect of these things, limiting games to just one genre when it’s a lot of genres.

            And she is only talking about one or two genres in the medium that is gaming, how can that hurt all the other genres or games themselves, as long as we are adults about this?

            And saying Magdalen is not a geek? LOL! Has that guy ANY idea just how much sailor moon that girl has been sitting through? She’s a total anime and sentai geek!

          • Falkner

            But she is a con-artist, Liv. That’s not an ad-hom, that’s a known fact. Again, what do you think happened to the 150,000 + dollars she got from her Kickstarter? I can tell you she didn’t use it to buy any games, otherwise she wouldn’t need to steal game footage from Let’s Players on YouTube.

            She probably used it for a down-payment on a new apartment or something like that. And look, it’s not about the money, it really isn’t. All the money she got came from feminist and social justice activists, she didn’t get anything from us. They’re the ones she defrauded.

            But to have a dumb bitch like her who doesn’t know shit from shinola when it comes to videogames come down and start lecturing us about how evil we gamers supposedly are… that really irks me.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Not how “evil we gamers are” – but how uncreative and unwilling to take risks the game-industry is – or better: can be.

            Plus: “dumb bitch”?
            I’d like to see some proves of your claims – because anyone can claim “That’s from my let’s play!”

            How “evil” some MRAs can be, we can see, when some people are stalking, harrassing and ridiculing AS or people who share her view.

            We certainly have not forgotten the travesty of the “Beating up Anita Sarkeesian game”, eh?

          • Falkner

            I won’t even bother with you anymore. I refuse to keep assisting you in your futile quest to try and get sex from these women who wouldn’t touch you with 10ft pole by going around the Internet “defending their honor”.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            How cute.
            I’m amazed, how you know my insight concerning the topic, that I’ll defending their “honor”, just to get laid. With the same logic I could call you a conservative, misogynistic pig.

          • Guest

            That it irks and you have problems with her work is fine.
            Calling her a “dumb bitch.” is not fine, no matter what your quarrel might be, that’s a personal attack it’s not okay.

            End of story.

          • Sofie Liv

            Look that her work “Irks” you and you have problems with it you’ll like to point out, in regard to her work, is totally fine! That’s fine!

            Calling her a dumb bitch is not! Because then you validate you can call any one a dumb bitch or harrash women in genneral, harrash her.
            Even if she really is a scam, there are way more acceptable ways of pointing it out without calling her things.

            End of story! The things that has happened to her is never okay.
            Beside she only have the power people give her.
            The only reason I even know who she is because people like you made such a big deal out of her.
            You gave her the power, you!

            And still calling her “Dumb bitch.” is not okay! It’s never okay.
            It’s the level of name calling you can exspect from a school yard.

          • Falkner

            “She doesn’t deserve it”? Liv, this woman stole 150,000 dollars. What part of that don’t you understand?

            You know what she “deserves”? She “deserves” to be in jail for fraud. Jack Thompson didn’t do half the shit Anita Sarkeesian did and he had his life destroyed, why should she get away with it? Because she’s a woman? Fuck that.

            And you actually believe this bullshit that she’s being harassed and that she was forced to leave her home? This is just theatrics, so that in a few months she can come on the Internet and tell a sob story about how “the harassment just won’t end, and how gamers are following her everywhere she goes”. Then she’ll make another Kickstarter, asking for money to get away so she can start a new life, so she can bleed another 150,000 dollars off gullable idiots.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            If that is what bothered you you probably should have spent more time arguing that than calling people names.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Jon, what do you expect. A guy with a very limited world-view CAN only react that way. In Falkners world, women should stay in the kitchen, make the superior MALE person sandwiches and being pregnant and barefeet.

            At least that’s the way, he’s presenting himself here.

          • Jonathan Campbell


          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Okay – is Jonathan okay?

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Jonathan is the only “okay”.

            Well, that and “brilliant”, “genius”, “awesome”, “awesomely awesome”, Amazing”, “The Magnificent” etc….

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Okay… so – “The magnificient”. ^^

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Damn straight.
            Say it again.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Erm… Shaft? ^^

          • Jonathan Campbell



          • CaptainCalvinCat

            That was a reference to a show. “Shaft, – Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn straight”. Or so. ^^

          • Jonathan Campbell

            If you can quote Shaft….You’re old.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Let me put it that way – I only know the intro from “last Cop”. ^^ And from “Fresh Prince of Bell Air”.

          • Sofie Liv

            I’ll tell you why I believe it.

            Because I have been through similar things! I’ve been called the weirdest of things for the dumbest of reasons!
            I’ve been called a fascist, i’ve been called a bitch, a liar, stupid, ugly, pitchfork worthy accent, fake nationality, attentionhore.

            I’ve gotten long creepy personal mails, both in the form of long love letters descriping how a guy was picturing holding me in his arms while he was laying in the couhc.
            And threat letters accusing me for being chummy with people like Moviebob in spite of the fact that I never even met the guy!

            All of this, because I write articles about video games and movies, and make web videos about the same subject.
            I am not nearly as big as neither Zoe Quinn or Anita Serkisaan yet this is my reality as long as I choose to continue doing this.

            Anita Serkisaan never stole any money, people GAVE it to her, there is a signifigant difference here.
            You might accuse that people didn’t get what they paid for, but then really they should have checked her intend before giving her the money.

            She said she was going to make a show called. “Troops vs. Women.” and she did!
            If she was a real scam she would have made no show at all.

            Really what this long a time being a woman on the enternet has taught me is that people resorting to name calling bassically has nothing else to say than just more name calling.
            It’s school yard behaviour, it’s doing nothing, it’s uncivilized and I like to believe the average human man or woman is better than that.

          • Falkner

            Liv, what do you want me to say? Welcome to the Internet. That’s just how things work around here. Wherever you go, you’ll get people who come after you for no goddamn reason, making ridiculous accusations, calling you the worst the names imaginable and threaten to do horrible, unspeakable things to you just because they don’t like your face. That goes for you, me and everyone else here, regardless of gender. Sorry, but if you want to keep doing what you’re doing and exposing yourself on the Internet, you’re just gonna have to learn to deal with it.

            Same goes for the creepy love letters. Ok, I admit I don’t have any personal experience with that, but you have to understand: geek culture is dominated mostly by young men, mostly sexually frustrated and socially unfit young men. When they see a pretty girl on the Internet talking about the things they like, they feel they can connect with her, and promptly go ballistic. It’s more sad than it is scary honestly, but again, there’s nothing you can about it. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.

            But how many of these people have actually come after you in real life? Did you ever feel like you might have to leave your home because of them? No? Well, neither did 99% of the people who do what you do (and the ones who did, didn’t do it by talking about relatively tame stuff like geek culture). That’s why I know this story is bullshit.

            Moving on, Anita Sarkeesian got people to give her money on the condition that she’d use to fund an in-depth study of women’s role in videogames. You can clearly just by looking at her videos that’s not where the money. I don’t know where it went or what she used it for, but it certainly wasn’t for that. She committed fraud. Fraud is a crime and she should go to jail for it. End of story.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Ah, so because YOU were never harrassed in real life, people never came invested time, money and criminal energy to find out where you live, come over there and stalking you in person, Anita Sarkeesians story is bullshit.
            Interesting logic.

            And again – I’d like to know WHERE you can see, that she didn’t use that money for her video games, when CLEARLY on her Homepage you could see her standing next to a stack of games (with pricetag etc). But probably you’l be satisfied, when she published the reciept. ^^

          • Falkner

            We tire of thee, sir knight. Pray, be off and do not bother us anymore with your ceaseless drivel.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            It’s interesting, that you are not accessible to logical arguments, but again start calling other people names. Is that the way you want yourself being spoken to, Falkner?

          • Sofie Liv

            Don’t call her “Dumb bitch.”

            And when you do, don’t act surprised when other people are going to stand up for her, and our right to be women talking about these things.

            That is all.

          • Falkner

            No one here is questioning your right to be female geeks. But you must understand that every action has consequences. And if choose to publicly defend a known con-artist who’s been nothing but a hassle for us, you’ll suffer the consequences for it

            The gaming community isn’t particularly forgiving, Liv. That and they tend to be gender-blind, they won’t take it easy with you just because you’re a woman.

          • Sofie Liv

            I wish they were being gender neutral.
            I don’t want to be taken likely due to my gender, however as it stands, right now.. I get all the trash anybody would get, plus that same trash is getting gender slurred, and I am being attacked specifically for being a woman.
            Not for what I am saying, for being a woman saying anything at all.. not all of the time, but one fourth of the time.
            And even though that’s not most of the time, it’s still one fourt to much.

            There is no proof, no proof what so ever that Sarkisaan is a scam artist.
            If she were, she wouldn’t even have made her show, she would just have taken the money and walked away.
            But she didn’t, she made her show, bought the video games as can be seen on several photographic evidence.

            Is she the greatest gamer enthusiast in the world going into detail about games? No.. no she isn’t.
            Does that make her a scam artist? no, it does not.

            She’s a woman, whom had a kickstarter and made a webshow. That’s all that she is.

          • Falkner

            I told you before: everyone has haters. It’s not just you, and it’s not just women, it’s literally everyone. Go talk to the some of the male reviewers on this website if you don’t believe. You’re just gonna have to toughen it out, and if you can’t, you’re gonna have to quit because there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it.

            As for the proof that Anita Sarkeesian is a con-artist, there’s this little video-hosting website called YouTube that has all the proof you need. There are literally tons of video responses explaining how she showed game footage completely out of context to suit her argument and showing how she stole footage from Let’s Players.

            Which inevitably leads to the question: if she didn’t use the money she got from her Kickstarter to buy the games she needed to get the footage for her videos… where did the money go? And once you get to that point, you realize that yes, she is very much a scam-artist, and she should be in jail for what she’s done.

          • Sofie Liv

            When did I ever say it was just me?
            I just told why I believed in what was being told about the harrashment of Sarkeesian.

            When did I ever say it was just women?
            I just said the major difference was that i’ll get the same crap everybody else gets PLUS some of it becomes gender slurred attacking my gender specifically. And this happens, this is reality?

            Why is it okay with you this happens?
            Is this really what we have come to, that this is socially acceptable behaviour? That name calling and treating each other so badly is the only way to behave?
            Have we all de-evolved into kinder garden kids?
            You want to be so ignorant towards real life harrashment that happens?

            If anyone slipped my real adress out there, yes I would be very scared. Very scared indeed, I would in fact, be terriefied.
            Fortunately I am not as big a name as Zoe Quinn or Sarkeesian, and I am greateful for that, because I am scared to be. Genuinly scared.

            If you want to accuse someone for being a scam, there are other ways to do it than name calling!
            You can be reasonable, say it as it is and put up evidence WITHOUT the name calling or following.
            It’s not okay behavour, towards anyone, no matter gender, age or nationality, it just isn’t.

            It’s not okay, it’s just not.

          • Falkner

            There’s no difference at all, Liv. You get shit for being a woman, just like Film Renegado probably gets shit for being Mexican or the Cinema Slob probably gets shit for being overweight. It’s exactly the same thing for everyone, and it comes with the territory when you’re a public figure on the Internet. The only difference is the guys I mentioned seem to understand this, and you don’t.

            Also you speak as if I’m the one heckling you on your videos and writing you creepy love letters, or as if I had the power to make the people doing that stop. I don’t, and neither does anyone else. So again, if you want to keep doing this, you’re just going to have to learn to live with it the way they did. You don’t deserve the harassment you get any more or any less than any of the people I mentioned, the point is it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

            So long as you don’t do anything stupid like posting your address or your cell number or links to your Facebook page or whatever, you’ll be fine, no one will come after you. But as far as the online harassment go, it’s just like I said: learn to deal with it or quit.

            And I’m gonna say it again since apparently it didn’t register the first couple of times: THIS WOMAN STOLE 150,000 DOLLARS. Do you not understand that, or do you just not care? And you’re asking me to be mindful of her feelings?

          • MichaelANovelli

            If you feel strongly enough that AS stole money, and you have sufficient evidence to build a criminal case, contact the IRS and be done with it. That’ll clear up more time for real fruit smoothies! ^_^

          • Falkner

            Look, I don’t know where the money went, but it sure as hell didn’t go into her videos, where she said it would go. The woman’s most certainly a fraudster, but I’ll leave it to the feminists and social justice warriors who actually gave her the money to decide if they want to pursue the matter or not.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Well, hold on, now…

            As a responsible citizen, if you have evidence of a crime, you have a responsibility to get the authorities involved, lest you open yourself up to accusations of violating the Good Samaritan Laws of your home state, and all the various pokings with a stick at the hands of Johnny Law that come with them.

            Even so, wouldn’t it balm your conscience, knowing that you’ve done the right thing? Not just for the warm and fuzzy feeling, but for the good of your community, nay, the good of your country, you must do what is right, sir!

            For what is the measure of a man, if not that in times of hardship, he should refuse to stand by while justice is violated? Should it not be the greatest shame for all mankind if in times of evil, good men did nothing? The clarion call has come for you, my friend, the call to action!

            Will you accept it without reversing the charges? ^_^

          • Falkner

            Mock me if you like, but we both know I’m right. Just because there’s no Court-admissable evidence that she defrauded her donors on Kickstarter, doesn’t mean she didn’t do it and that it’s not blatantly obvious the she did. Can you point out anything in her videos that even suggests they could cost anything remotely close to 150k to produce?

          • MichaelANovelli

            Perhaps, she used her windfall to quit her job so she can focus on videos full-time? Under our legal system, the burden of proof is on the accuser. It falls to *you*, my friend, to convince *us*.

            Unless, of course, you know that you don’t have a valid argument, yet insist on having one, anyway. But that can’t be right, because that would make you some sort of a gormless vole who stalks random comment sections looking for a dust-up.

            That simply can’t be true! Because then you’d be, like, I dunno, the OPPOSITE of a winner! Falkner, you simply must be a winner, because otherwise my whole life has been a lie!

            Well, this is one good night I shall not go gently into! Sure, you’ve brought a nasty invective against some of my closest friends and coworkers, but I will not allow a reality where you, Falkner, glorious Falkner, who sits at the right hand of Allah and hands him nachos, could be, gulp, wrong!

            Rally around, my children! All glory to Falkner! Death to the aristos! Remember the Maine! Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!

          • Falkner

            I find that unlikely, considering she’s already been caught on video admitting she doesn’t give a shit about videogames. Even Liv over there has already said as much.

            Look, if I you’ve taken offense to anything I’ve said here, I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intent. But don’t insult my intelligence by pretending you actually believe the money Sarkeesian got from Kickstarter went into anything even remotely related to her “work” in videogames. You know it didn’t, I know it didn’t, every single person here, whether they be male or female, knows it didn’t.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            He didn’t say video games; he said videos.

          • Falkner

            She’d still be a fraud if that was the case. She promised she’d use the money she got tot fund particular project, not so she could lay about, completely half-ass it the way she’s be doing, and then go back to doing the same shit she was doing before once she is done.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            She promised to use $6,000 to make more videos.

            When she received $150,000, she made more videos. She only ever releases videos infrequently from what I can tell; if she asked for a little and got a lot, that isn’t being a con artist. That’s hitting the jackpot. What she does with that money is up to her, because it was given to her, and she doesn’t need $150,000 just to make web videos.

          • Falkner

            And she promised she’d use that to take the project to a whole new level and to heights she never thought about before. But let’s pretend for a second that wasn’t the case, that she was only going to use 6k to do this project. The problem is even that comparatively meager amount is way, waaaaay too much for what she’s put out. There’s no way her videos cost even 6,000 dollars to make, let alone 150k.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Having looked up the prices for the best editing software, camcorders and computers….$6,000 is if anything a bit low.

            Seriously, some software costs $2,500, if not more.

          • Falkner

            Nope. She was already doing videos before she started this project, and her new videos seem to be on-par in terms of quality with her old ones. Also, there’s nothing suggesting that she used any equipment that’s in any way higher-grade than the stuff commonly used by regular Internet reviewers or commentators, like the people from Channel Awesome, the SpoonyExperiment, and of course, here at the AgonyBooth.

            Try again.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Just at a glance, I disagree.

            Her opening titles alone look more expensive than half the stuff on this site.

            But I’m not an expert…so I’ll just say that other reviewers of her show (professional critics working for various websites and newspapers) say that yes, they did improve.

            It seems there is a difference of opinion.

          • Falkner

            What reviewers? What the fuck are you talking about? Just admit it already; the bitch conned them, she conned them hard.Thanks to idiots like you, she was able to make a down-payment on her new apartment, and she’s probably laughing her fucking ass off right now.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Well, I didn’t donate, so no not idiots like me.

            Reviewers from The Boston Globe and the web-tech blog ReadWrite, amongst others.

            And if she made a down-payment on her apartment….good for her?

            I mean, its $150,000. That’s $144,000 more than she asked for.

            So yeah, spend it woman.

          • Falkner

            Yeah, sure. You fucking manginas are pathetic. Women like Sarkeesian and Zoey Quinn may be fucking leeches who preying on men’s inner desires and frustrations to advance themselves, but you honestly deserve it.

            Although to be perfectly fair, at least Zoey Quinn wasn’t a fraudster. She was just a slut.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Actually, I haven’t even watched her videos.

            Didn’t even know who she was until last month.

          • Falkner

            Oh, you should look her up. I mean if you’re gonna go around the Internet white-knighting for these women who wouldn’t touch you with a 10ft pole in vain hope they’ll fuck you, you might as aim high and try to go for someone like Zoey Quinn rather than slumming it with Anita fucking Sarkeesian.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Don’t know Zoey Quinn either.

          • Falkner

            Look her up. Like I said, if you want to fantasize about women you’ll never have, at least fantasize about an actual babe like Zoey Quinn, instead of an ugly cunt like Anita Sarkeesian.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Actually, this whole conversation started when I replied for Mendo.

            So if I’m anybody’s White Knight….

          • Falkner

            Yet you were only too quick to jump on the “let’s defend Anita Sarkeesian bandwagon”. It’s amazing how even a woman who’s on the low-end of average in terms of looks can exert so much power over the more weak-minded amongst us simply by exploiting our sexual frustrations, don’t you think?

          • Jonathan Campbell

            You have yet to rebuff my arguments with anything other than insults.

            This part of the debate means you have lost.

          • Falkner

            You have no arguments for me to rebuff. You’ve been grasping at straws from the beginning trying to justify the unjustifiable, deny the undeniable. The only thing left for you to do now is to admit you’re wrong, or failing that, walk away with your tail between legs.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            You really are enjoying yourself aren’t you?

            I’ll walk. I’ve said my bit. And its past my bed time.

            Anyway, thank you for demonstrating what Nycea was trying to talk about. So nice of you to help her bump this piece up to 130 comments.

            Goodnight, and good luck trying to find your ass.

          • Magdalen

            …Oh my God are you STILL here? Dude, go outside. Get coffee with a fr- er, get coffee with your mom.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Well, my only motivations are that this discussion is happening on a website I call home. But, if you’re really that frustrated, there’s always jacking off. You never need a condom, you’ll never catch STD’s and you’re always doing it with someone you love. :)

          • I know right? My Kickstarter I’m doing (no link, that’s not why I’m here) is only asking $1300. If I got $32500 (I think that’s equivalent) you can bet I’d put some of that extra money towards some nice stuff. Even if I tried I doubt I could spend a 2500% increase on just podcast stuff (my KS is for a podcast project), what the hell else could I do with it? Some of it would go to charity sure, but you know, Twin Peaks is out on Blu-Ray now, so…

            Oh, and there’s also my student debt, which is by good fortune lower than most people (only about $6k).

          • Again, you keep trying to convince you’re not sexist, but repeatedly use gendered insults. I know I’ve skirted this metaphor before but it’s time go all in. I have an experiment for you F; replace Anita Sarkessian’s name with the name of any prominent Rabbi in the United State, and instances of the words bitch and whore with the words kike and heeb in your posts, read it to yourself, then…

            Oh what’s the point, you’re not going to understand what I’m telling you. Not because you’re too stupid to get it, no, but because you don’t WANT to get it.

          • They never do that I noticed; the people who are so confident they have proof she defrauded people decide to go to 4chan instead of the authorities, which means that if she actually is a con artist, then these men who hate her so much are becoming her accomplices post facto. Sort of like Republicans who claim they have personally witnessed voter fraud of food stamp fraud, yet somehow never take their information to the police. Funny thing that.

          • Sofie Liv

            Renegado IS getting shit for being a mexican and I am also getting shit for being Danish.
            How does that make it okay?

            It’s not okay to call Renegado out on his nationality, it’s not okay to call Mr. Mendo out on his weight and it’s not okay calling people out on gender, none of it is okay.
            Yes it is what happens, but that doesn’t make it okay!

            If everybody kicked puppies for the heck of it, would that make it okay to kick a puppie? NO!

            We already had a girl being harrashed away from this site and video producing because she was a girl and not conventionally attractive, the attacks she endured was vicious and soul crushing. How is that okay, in any circumstance?

            Do you have any idea how terriefying it is to be a woman merely in genneral?
            It’s a common practise rule to NEVER ever go to town at evening alone, because it’s freaking dangerous.

            Have you ever tried to be pinned down by a guy twist your sieze in a bar, whom wouldn’t let you go before he got a kiss?
            Or been shouted at furiously by a guy because you weren’t impressed with what he said and clearly wasn’t giving in?
            Earlier this year there was a guy SHOOTING women, declaring war on all women because he felt they had denied him sex and tons of people agreed with him.

            Now this is far from all men, it’s a minority at most, most men are great, most men are decent human beings whom would never ever do something like that.
            In fact, the way to feel secure is to go to town with a trustworthy male friend, I am so thankful for my good male friends whom is willing to go to town with me and just be there. And it’s not just men whom attacks, I was ones attacked by a baglady I am pretty sure was high on weed whom yelled at my face calling me a hore, though at least with her I thought I would be able to take her if it came down to her.
            A few is still enough to make this world a very scary place for a woman.

            I’ve tried to be stalked down the street by several middleaged men while I lived in London, one of them forcefully pulled me down on a bench and refused to let me go all the while he talked about how he wanted to make me feel like the most beautiful blond in all of england.
            I’ve had an extremely huge violent guy call me a bitch to my face because I didn’t want to kiss him, and for a moment I was afraid for my very life.

            Having applied all these real life exsperiences, where all women has at least one similar exsperinece, this happens to all of us.

            How scared do you think we would be of enternet stalking like that?
            It’s bloody terriefying.
            It’s extremely terriefying.

            I would never leak my own adress or my phone number on the enternet, I am not that stupid.
            But that doesn’t mean I am safe, other people could leak it! People I work with, people I go to school with, associates, any x-boyfriend, family.. tons of people could leak it if they felt like it, and I could do nothing about it.

            And she never stole that money, she asked for far less, people gave it to her, if you are in any way familar with the patreon system you would know it is in fact impossible to return the money as most of the donaters are anomynouse anyhow.

          • Falkner

            Liv, I don’t know what else to tell you other than what I’ve told you already: welcome to the Internet. That’s just how things are around here. Is it fair? Maybe not. But here’s the thing: life isn’t fair, and I can understand if you, being a pretty young Danish girl, haven’t learned that lesson yet, but you’re gonna learn it now.

            Literally everyone here gets shit, I can guaran-damn-tee you that. It comes with the territory of being a public figure on the web. If the girl you’re talking about (and I think I vaguely remember her) couldn’t handle it, then she made the right decision by quitting because there was literally nothing could do about even if they wanted to. She had to either learn to live with it or she had to quit. She chose the latter. Now you have to make your choice.

            And let me tell you something else: you don’t get nowhere near as much shit as you think you do. You wanna see someone who I’d wager gets more shit than everyone else here put together? Go talk to Solkir. I think he might really help you put things in perspective.

            As for the rest of your post, I don’t know what possessed to start telling me your life story. But since you did, care to hear mine? I’m a 22-year-old Aspie, I’m average in terms of looks (leaning more towards the ugly side), I’m overweight, I’m not particularly intelligent, not particularly strong, don’t have artistic talents (can’t even draw a fucking straight line on a piece of paper). I’ve never been in a relationship, never had a girlfriend. I’ve only had sex once in my life, and I had to pay for it. And unlike other men in my situation, I’m just smart enough to that it’s probably never gonna any better. The guy you’re talking about (his name was Elliot Rodger by the way) was, as I’m sure you know, suffered from medical condition clinically known as being batshit bonkers.

            That’s not what pushed him over the edge though, being constantly denied his base needs is what did that. Because that’s what sex is to us, it’s not a minor curiosity we quickly get bored with the way it is for you women. To us men, sex is a need. And like any other need, if it’s not fulfilled, our minds start to deteriorate. Deteriorate even further, in his case. I see the look of the disgust and contempt on women’s faces when they look at me. It makes me sad, knowing these women would rather tear out their own ovaries with a rusty spoon rather than let me touch them like I said before. Sometimes it even makes me angry.

            When I look at you, Liv, all I see is someone who can have sex with anyone she wishes, whenever she wishes, wherever she wishes. I know that doesn’t mean much to you, since you’re a woman and sex isn’t really a priority for you, but still. If I tried to give you shit, be it on the Internet or in RL, there’d be probably be five guys immediately jumping to your defense that I’d have to contend with. Nobody came to help me when people give me shit, nor on the Internet nor in real life. Nobody cared when it happened to me, nobody even told me I had to toughen it out the way I’m doing to you know. Nobody gave a shit. I know you didn’t chose to be born with all these priviledges, and I know you’re not responsible for the way my life turned out. But, Liv, I CANNOT feel sorry for you, I simply can’t. It’s impossible. Do you understand that?

          • Nessus

            Okay, I’ve been watching this on the sidelines, but now I have to say something.

            Like you I’m a guy with zero sexual prospects for various reasons.
            Yeah it gets me down sometimes. No it isn’t even remotely crippling the way you’re describing. That psychologically degenerative blue balls crap you’re on about really isn’t a guy thing, it’s a you thing.

            Non-sociopaths don’t have these kinds of outwardly directed “problems” with not getting sex.

            Projecting your own personal hang-ups onto men as a group is just going to destroy your own credibility in the eyes of other men, and make any woman who knows better avoid you even harder. It’s absurd in it’s own right, and facepalmingly ironic when coupled directly to a screed about how you can’t get laid because of how different you are. Pick one: anomalous or representative, you don’t get to be both. You can’t claim to be aware of being different and messed up while at the same time being blindly confident about which of your traits are actually “normal”. It’s like a Dunning-Krueger effect thing, the only rational thing to do is to probationarily assume any given trait is unique to you until proven otherwise.

            Look around you. Actually look. Ugly, foul, damaged men still get
            girlfriends. All the damn time. It takes extremely rarefied circumstances
            to truly lock you out of the dating pool completely through no fault of your own. If you can’t, chances are
            far, far, FAR higher that you’re just looking in the wrong places for
            the wrong women.

            Never mind that none of what you said comes off as anything other than apologetics for flagrantly bad behavior. Even if sex were a crippling psychological need like you say, it wouldn’t justify any of the bad behavior Sofi describes. No one owes anyone sex, and playing the “blue balls” card is just BS emotional blackmail no matter who does it. This, if anything is what’s doing you in: you’re prejudged failure for yourself, presuming yourself to be without agency or responsibility in the process, then turning your self-loathing on other people who haven’t earned it.

            Women aren’t shying away from you because you’re ugly, or aspergers, or less intelligent: plenty of guys with any combo of such handicaps still manage to make out OK. Women avoid you because your attitudes about yourself and them make you seem like a dangerous creep.

            When you tell Sofi that you have no sympathy because, basically, you think merely not getting laid is worse for you than getting raped and/or killed would be for her, THAT is exactly the kind of scarily egotistical cluelessness that hints to them that if they go home with you, the cops might never find their body. And no non-socipathic male, no matter his sexual situation, is going to be on your side in this.

            I look at what you’ve written in this thread, and I see a guy who’s alone because he’s got deep-seated antisocial beliefs. A guy who’s screwed up his worldview into a pretzel of non-logic to avoid the burden of accepting control over how he deals with his own shortcomings. And the longer you do this, the more twisted up you get, and the bigger the “oh shit” ego-drop if you ever did own up to yourself, so it just becomes a downward spiral.

            You are on your way to becoming Elliot Rodger. You need to see a doctor. That’s not me trying to give you shit: I’m completely serious. You’re cultivating a major personality disorder. You’ve already made your own mind a liabilty to itself, now it’s on it’s way to becoming a danger.

          • Falkner

            Just because I’m an Aspie doesn’t mean I don’t have the same appetites and needs as normal men do, you intolerant ass. Actually do some research on Google about the condition before you start talking next time.

            I’m sure Liv and women also have problems in their lives, but I’ll also tell you that I’d gladly deal with all those problems and more if it meant getting the perks they have. Like I said before, she has literally everything I ever wanted, so I cannot possibly feel sorry for her.

            And that’s the other thing. It’s entirely unreasonable for these women to ask men like me to care about their problems (especially when they don’t give half a shit about ours), and even more unreasonable for them to ask us to spend time and energy helping them fight those problems (while offering us nothing in return) when our lives are as messed up they are.

            Seriously, fuck that. Your problems don’t take precedence over mine. I don’t owe you anything nor do I gain anything from helping you, so I won’t. You fight your battles, I’ll fight mine.

          • Falkner

            Just to be perfectly clear here: I don’t hate Liv, nor do I wish her to come to harm. But because when I look at her, I see someone who has everything I ever wanted, it’s also impossible for me to see her as a victim. Even if I wanted to.

          • Muthsarah

            Then that’s a very real failing on your part, I’ll be blunt in saying that. You SHOULD be able to empathize with someone, even if you can also be envious of them. They ARE still human beings; just because they have some qualities you wish you had, that doesn’t mean they don’t still have very real fears or shortcomings. We all do. You don’t have to feel BAD for them, or think that they may not have things better than you overall. But if you find it IMPOSSIBLE to consider someone a victim (or to empathize with their fears), simply because you wish you were more like them….you’re projecting….something onto them. Some belief like, if you were them, you WOULDN’T share their fears, and, thus, you SHOULDN’T sympathize with them.

            YOU are limiting yourself here. And this self-limitation is not self-justifying.

          • FullofQuestions1

            I’m on the autism spectrum, diagnosed, and apparently to the point where people can tell that there’s something off about me when they see me in public. The condition is not an excuse to be a jerk online, even if a bunch of self-diagnosed low lives do it. I’m sure you have struggles in your life, but those struggles do not include an inability to step away from the keyboard before you spew hurtful garbage like this. Especially toward my friends.

            I’m sure you have struggles in your life, but they do not give you license to start insulting MY FRIENDS in the game of hardship olympics you started here. Autism does not prevent you from manning up and taking some responsibility for what you say. I know this, because as you’ve noticed, I’m not using mine as an excuse to behave as immaturely as you are.

          • Falkner

            You’re an Aspie? Really? Because I kinda figured you might be. Something about the way you speak and the facial expressions you use. Anyways, don’t feel bad about it. I get picked out from the crowd pretty quickly too. I don’t know what gives me away though.

            But it’s not really the same thing though, because society demands a lot more out of me as a man than it does from you as woman. Aspergers may make it more difficult for you to live your life, but it has virtually made it impossible for me to live mine, just like it did to Elliot Rodger and so many other male Aspies. I think you know what I mean.

          • Jerry Nava


            How are you real?

          • Nessus

            You being Aspie has no bearing on either your physical desires or the reasons why you can’t fulfill them. I explicitly laid that out above. If you think I’m being an “intolerant ass” towards Asperegers, you have reading comprehension problems.

            I will try to make this as simple as possible:

            Aspergers does not reliably correlate with your attitudes across a wider population of Aspergers individuals with similar experiences.

            Masculinity does not reliably correlate with your attitudes across a wider population of men with similar experiences.

            You are empirically missattributing the causes of your attitudes.

            …And incidentally, insulting both other men and other Aspies by doing so.

            In regards to your inabilty to sympathize with women’s problems/fears, you’re still irrationally making this into some kind of “their problems vs. mine” conflict. That’s BS. Your problems are not in conflict with theirs, and having problems of your own in no way shape or form precludes you from empathizing or sympathizing with others.

            Furthermore that attitude is self fulfilling and self destructive. Your “fuck you: I can’t care about your problems” mental process IS THE VERY REASON NO ONE WANTS TO TOUCH YOUR PENIS. Your justifications are literally manufacturing the very problem you’re using as justification. It’s not rational.

            No one is putting your problems in competition with theirs except you. And if you actually cared about other people’s problems, it would make fixing your own EASIER.

            You’ve made a kind of mental Chinese finger trap for yourself here. Get some therapy and sort that shit out.

          • Falkner

            These women have never cared about my problems, at best they told me to “suck it up” and that they didn’t owe me anything, like I’m doing now. At worst, they mocked me. Now they expect me to care about theirs? Well, I don’t. Perhaps if they had been more sympathetic to me in my time of need, I’d more sympathetic to them now.

          • Muthsarah

            Again, this is a very unhealthy attitude. Women don’t owe you anything, and you don’t owe them anything (for both, aside from common decency and lawful treatment of one another). If you feel that “women” at large have scorned you, and not treated you with the respect you feel you deserve, that doesn’t excuse you treating all women as insensitively as you feel “all” women have treated you, nor does it excuse a basic sensitivity/sympathy for the very real concerns of others.

            And even if it did, sometimes there’s a virtue in just keeping your thoughts to yourself. You don’t insult every ugly baby you see in front of its mother, do you? Do you point out to every person whose physical ailment makes you feel uncomfortable, exactly how YOU feel at being forced to spend time around them? Do you chastise the sickly, for being all germy and stuff in your presence? Or do you think “wow, I SO wish I wasn’t around these people…but I’ll just keep that thought to myself, ‘cuz, what good would it do to express it”?

            Fine, you don’t care about women’s issues. But by expressing this deeply self-centered misogyny, you’re just creating an ugly scene. Keep such thoughts to yourself, for the good of society.

          • Falkner

            If women stopped to ram their issues down my throat, I’d gladly stop telling them I’m all out of fucks to give. Seriously, I’m sick of this fucking sense of entitlement women have. They think everyone owes them something. That when they have a problem, everyone has to stop and pay attention to them. And the worst part is that they don’t give a single solitary shit about other people’s problems, yet they somehow expect everyone to be super-involved in theirs.

          • Kali

            What issues am I ignoring? I’m an environmentalist. I volunteer at my
            local library. I helped raise money and awareness for animals in need of
            surgery, people in third world countries, and sexual violence against
            BOTH genders. I’ve helped out music programs. Donated to theatre
            programs. Participated in events like Day of Silence for LGBTQ. I’ve worked with a bevy of non-profits from various addiction anon to handicap-able groups like leashes for life. In middle school I once beat up a guy because he stole a cane from a fellow student named William (William was blind otherwise I wouldn’t have resorted to violence). And of course I’m a feminist. Who am I forgetting? I would really like to know because at this point I would feel bad if I left anyone out.

            And regarding autism. My
            sister is autistic, a have a niece who is autistic, my best friend’s
            brother is autistic and so is his girlfriend (all on various points on
            the spectrum). I love them all. They are all wonderful and lovely people
            but if any one of them acted as disrespectful as you have thus far, I
            would be disappointed in them and words would be had. Autism is not an excuse to do and say as you please and it certainly does not exempt you from consequences. Autism does not make you an unfeeling person, quite the opposite I have found. Autism does not mean that you don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

            I know nothing of this Antia person other than what was said here. What I do know is that unless she violently harmed another person, she does not deserved to be harassed. No one does. She may be an awful person, a con artist and maybe even a fake geek girl but she is a person first. Even criminals can be victims. Even criminals have rights.

            It seems that many people in this comment section have unfavorable opinions about you. From your perspective, you are just stating your unpopular opinion that no one wants to hear because it does not fit their agenda. But it could be just as easily said that they feel the same way. Either way, if any of these people were to stalk you and make you fear for your well being, it would be wrong. They would be wrong.

            There may be nothing legally anyone can do about misappropriated crowd sourced funds, but laws change and arguing about it on the internet will not do anything. You obviously feel very strongly about this so instead of stating your case to people who can do nothing, talk to people who can.

          • Falkner

            I don’t care about the money. Like I said before, it all came from social justice and feminist activist groups anyway. Why should that they got defrauded?

            What gets to me is how Anita Sarkeesian has managed to do all the shit she did and still have legions of supporters rallying behind her back just because she’s a woman. And not even a particularly attractive one at that, she gets away with it literally just because she a kooch.

            And aside from possibly the author of this article, no one here has an agenda. I lashed out at her after reading the article because I’m tired of this whole “women’s issue” shit polluting geek culture, the other contributors of the website lashed out against me because they saw me as being attacking one of their own, and the white knights lashed out against me because they think that if they go around the Internet defending girls like these from anyone who cricticizes them, they’ll let them fuck them up the lolihole. They don’t give a shit about women’s issues anymore than I do, they just want to get in their pants, and think they’ll be able to do that by performing their best Sir Galahad impression.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Ah – now you’re honest. You brought up that allegedly stolen money again and again and again, you called her dumb bitch you moaned and bitched about her being able to do that – and just because you’re envious, because she manages to get people interested.

          • Falkner

            The only thing Anita Sarkeesian’s defenders are interested in, including you, is what’s between her legs. Now fuck off, you dumb Kraut mangina, you’re starting to bore me.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            You know – I’m not surprised, that no one wants to bang you.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            If you are talking to all persons, who happen to disgaree with you, as you are talking to us, Falky, then I’m not surprised, that people don’t want to hang out with you or that you needed to pay for your first time.

          • Kali

            I wouldn’t say that people only support her because she a women. I’m sure there are people who support her because she is a feminist and nothing more. But people like Rush Limbaugh, who are reprehensible human beings, still have a following.

            And yes, there are men who only want to save the damsel so they can sleep with her but I can’t imagine that every guy wants to do that. I want to believe that some men don’t like bullies. I want to believe that some men would defend another man if they were under attack. I want to believe that not all guys are that obsessed with sex because I want to believe that not all guys would rape if they had the chance. I want to believe that everyone is a decent person until they prove otherwise. They might care about women’s issues, they might not. But I choose to believe that no one wants to see me or other women harm.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Where do women ram their issues down your throat?
            Is it still about Anita Sarkeesian and that you (and some other MRAs) are afraid, that people would stop being FUN anymore, when the issues, that ARE THERE (on which there is no debate, we HAVE these issues in video games) are being dealt with?

            Or what isseus are you talking about?

          • Muthsarah

            “I’m sure Liv and women also have problems in their lives, but I’ll also
            tell you that I’d gladly deal with all those problems and more if it
            meant getting the perks they have. Like I said before, she has literally
            everything I ever wanted, so I cannot possibly feel sorry for her.”

            For some reason, you think you know what it’s like to be a woman. I wonder what exactly you are basing this on.

            “And that’s the other thing. It’s entirely unreasonable for these women
            to ask men like me to care about their problems (especially when they
            don’t give half a shit about ours)”

            This is really at the root of everything, isn’t it? Defensiveness? The world hurt you, so you’re always the victim, and everyone else is never the victim, so it’s wrong for anyone else to claim victimhood, and wrong for anyone else to ever claim that you are being anything BUT a victim? It doesn’t work that way. Just because you’ve been victimized, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to see others as victims of other things.

            “, and even more unreasonable for them
            to ask us to spend time and energy helping them fight those problems
            (while offering us nothing in return) when our lives are as messed up
            they are.”

            Who was asking you to sacrifice anything? Can you walk by a homeless person on the street and yet resist the urge to yell at them for not understanding YOUR pain? Then why can’t you let stuff like this here go?

          • Mike

            For the record I’m classified as Aspie, I’ve yet to have sex with anyone at age thirty, and there are A LOT of thing about my social life, appearance, and overall state of living right now leave me very unsatisfied…BUT…I would NEVER in a million years say that leaves me INCAPABLE of sympathizing with someone else’s problem because they have CERTAIN privileges I don’t have. THAT is a CHIOCE.
            I also refuse to believe that you’ll never find anyone who cares about you (and I don’t care WHO YOU ARE), if you listen up for those that and stop expecting to hear them speak as if there life where all about you. Whether you let them in and listen to them liked you’d want them to listen to you is entirely and in your control.

          • Magdalen

            Enter Nessus, like a boss.

            Also, while I’m only casually paying attention to this thread and stopped reading Faulkner’s posts a long time ago, what Nessus is saying it true. Women are keenly aware that dating a man can turn ugly very quickly. Unless you’re a professional kickboxer, most men you meet in a day are a potential physical threat.

            Elliot Rodgers wasn’t single because he was ugly or “beta” or some other PUA horseshit. He was single because he was very plainly mentally ill. Like to the causal observer- Rodgers was clearly a psychopath. And a misogynist. Few women are stupid or self-hating enough to put themselves in harm’s way by dating a guy like that.

            The sad thing about men like that is they refuse to take any responsibility for their situations. They blame their looks even when ugly men get girls all the time. They blame status, social anxiety, their job, their car ANYTHING but their personality. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be anything they have control over, no way. That would put the onus on them to actually work on themselves and gosh darnit women should love me for who I am! Even if you’re nasty, mean-spirited, emotionally-impotent man child.

            But we don’t. We don’t like it at all, and it’s your own fault. Deal with it, baby man.

          • Falkner

            Spoken like a true feminist. It never ceases to amuse me how women are so hellbent on pretending they’re better than they actually are.

            Who do you think you’re fooling? Elliot Rodger couldn’t find someone because he was “very plainly mentally ill”? I’ll grant you that he was, but that has certainly never stopped you before. I’ve lost count to how many news articles I’ve seen about some hapless bitch who got killed her by boyfriend who had been beating her for years, had a mile-long rap sheet, a history of substance abuse, and was one strike away from getting life. And, of course, in 9 out of 10 of those articles, the bitch ample opportunity to leave him or ran away. But she never did? You know why? Because he was a “bad boy”, an Alpha male if you like (and those are scientific by the way, they were just adopted by the PUA community), he made her vajayjay tingle. That’s why she didn’t leave.

            Elliot Rodger was single because he was unattractive, he was small, short and scrawny. He was also clingy, needy, unconfident… the prototypical Beta male, the type that causes you women disgust to even think about.

          • Falkner

            He was also pretty stupid btw, since he could’ve just as easily gone to an escort and gotten rid of the whole “being a virgin” problem the same way I did.

          • “And, of course, in 9 out of 10 of those articles, the bitch ample
            opportunity to leave him or ran away. But she never did? You know why?” Because the majority of them were killed when they tried to leave, asshole. In Maryland nearly half of all male deaths that were categorized as “domestic disputes” weren’t killed by their girlfriends or wives’ it was one of their girlfriends or wives’ exes.

          • Muthsarah

            Holy crap, but YES!

            I can’t match this for sheer concentrated (but still measured) truth, but, all the same:

            Falkner, I don’t know you. I don’t know your situation. If it’s anything like you describe here, yeah, you have it rough, brother. I mean that. >>I<< have problems of my own (not exactly comparable to anything described on this page, or what of it I've read), but I think I probably have it easy compared with what you got. And that's probably by no fault of your own, life just dealt you a $#!+ hand, and what can you do about it? Doesn't make it any less bad, but seriously, WHAT can be done about it? I seriously have no idea.

            But what do you think you're doing by saying these things to Magdalen and Sofie about how they should just suck it up, whatever "it" is, be it systemic online abuse, or a perfectly-legitimate (as verified by statistics and overwhelming anecdotal account) fear of rape or murder by any random man they may encounter on the street? That that's just the way it is, grow some thicker skin, get used to it, at least they CAN get laid, even if maybe not always at a time and place or with someone they want, whatever, they should be so lucky? Seriously, that's ****ed up, and that's not just you reflecting some greater social "truth", you're putting some of YOU into these words. You are disregarding their issues because YOUR issues are different. You are consistently downplaying their concerns for their well-being, because YOU have problems of your own. Which, again, seems clear. But what's the point of it?

            Yeah, everyone gets $#!+ sooner or later. But that $#!+ comes from somewhere, from someone. Right now, YOU are throwing $#!+ at them, for having the temerity to stand up for themselves, and for expressing their own fears and concerns, which just so happen not to accord perfectly with your own. Why does this then deserve you hurling abuse at them, or telling them (rather explicitly) that their concerns don't matter? Having a difficult life does not give you carte blanche to hurl abuse at others.

            You think Solkir has it bad, that he takes a lot of abuse online? Maybe he does, I honestly don't know. I certainly don't recall him acting anything like you are here.

            I think you may be missing a major point of Magdalen's video here: surrounding yourself with negative feelings will make you feel horrible about…everything. Based on this very limited exposure you to, Falkner, I think you would do yourself a world of good to unplug for a bit, and focus your attention on those elements of life that actually make you feel good. If THIS is how you spend your time online (arguing with reasonable people, and dismissing their very real concerns in life), there HAVE to be better places for you. Places from which you can derive some real pleasure, and spare the rest of us these angry, confused, abusive rants.

          • Falkner

            I mentioned Solkir because he’s openly gay and even goes so far as to dress like a woman in some videos. It doesn’t bother me and he’s actually one of my favourite guys on here, but I don’t wanna imagine the metrick fuck-tonne of shit he gets for what he does. I thought he might help Liv and some of the others put things in perspective.

            But you’re right, he never acted up. And neither did any of the guys I mentioned before. The only one who complained was Liv.

            I told her to suck it up because she’s gonna have to do it, because as I’ve said before: there is no solution for this problem. As long as she keeps doing this, she’s gonna get shit from haters. She either learns to live with it (like everyone else did) or she quits.

          • Muthsarah

            So, as regards Solkir, you’re assuming. Everything. Because…well…uhhh….geez, this is totally my parents talking, but…I’m not saying anything about him that he’s not. He’s just….colorful. And….sometimes he has a ravishing and super-sassy woman named Sybil appear in his videos for no explicable reason.

            …Whatever. Point is, you’re assuming he receives so much more abuse than women do. To the point where you seem pretty damn confident that his concerns in life are so much more pointed, and worthy of sympathy, than Sofie’s, that hers, whatever they may be, simply could not compare, and, thus, she should shut her Dane mouth. As if you know either one of them. I am convinced you don’t.

            Are you basing this assumption off of anything other than your perception of what he is, what she is, and what their lives must be – assuming they each perfectly fit your perception – as a result of that? I think you’re placing too much on your assumptions of others. Again, I think you are especially quick in dismissing what Sofie has said about living daily as a woman. Which is a viewpoint I have heard expressed by almost every woman I have had more than a basic acquaintance with, including many whose words on the subject I wouldn’t question for a second (friends, sister, etc.).

            If there’s one thing I agree with you on, it’s that it is highly advisable to grow thick skin if you are entering any world where criticisms, insults, and mockery are commonplace, and that includes friendly, largely-positive film/TV/comics reviews on a media review site. It’s probably for the best that anyone who steps into this world is prepared to receive insults and overly-critical comments. But this should not be read to excuse those comments that cross the line of politeness. It’s one thing to disagree with the opinion a reviewer puts across, but it’s quite another to insult them for even daring to open their mouths. Or to threaten them.

            You have said a great many things in this comment section (for the record, I read maybe half, or less, it’s really damn long, and quite unpleasant to read, hafta say), and a lot of it – far too much of it – feels like you disregarding all women’s objections to being threatened in one form or another. I get it that you are saying “you gotta toughen up”, but there’s a very real limit where “toughening up” just isn’t gonna cut it. If someone is threatening you, that’s criminal. You don’t just suck that up. If someone stalks an online reviewer, threatening them, posting proof that the commenter knows where the reviewer lives (regardless of the specific genders involved), that’s a distinct legal threat. Check with the police if you don’t believe me. And telling these women “hey, what did you expect, the world sucks, you made yourself visible, this was gonna happen, you have no-one to blame but yourself” is pushing the blame on the victim for daring to speak their minds, and not on the psychos who are doing the actual threatening.

            We get your point by now. You feel that reviewers shouldn’t complain about negative responses, in whatever form they come, because “it should be expected, because the world sucks”. Well, that’s surprisingly not constructive. Not helpful. You are spending your time dismissing the concerns of the insulted, the threatened, the disrespected. And in so doing, you are ignoring the insults, the threats, and the disrespect itself and their sources. EDIT: Even if you throw in a line about thinking that it’s bad, you are placing the focus of your HIGHLY critical comments on the reviewers themselves, not on the criticism/harassment/threats they are actually receiving, or else you wouldn’t be spending every post dismissing their comments.

            Your posts come off, overwhelmingly, as blaming the victim. That’s seriously $#!++y. Don’t do that.

          • Falkner

            What the fuck are you talking about? I “assume” Solkir gets shit for being gay, just like I “assume” Film Renegado gets shit for being Mexican, and just like I “assume” the Cinema Slob gets shit for being overweight. And by “assume”, I mean I know they do because I know how the Internet works. It’s got nothing to do with what I feel. No one deserves to get for absolutely no reason, including Liv. But they will anyway and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so she has to learn to live with it.

            Gay men generally get more shit women, so I thought talking to someone like Solkir could help Liv put things in perspective.

          • Guest

            Film Renegado gets shit for being Mexican… while living in Mexico? Come again?

          • Muthsarah

            What am I talking about? Generalizations. Assumptions. MIS-assumptions, especially.

            Where are your sources on the stuff you’re saying here? How do YOU know about Solkir, and the types of messages he receives? How do YOU know what it’s like being a woman, and whether or not it would be “privileged” compared with your understanding of life? Where is this stuff coming from? You are assuming, yes, but assumptions are, by definition, drawn from a lack of total evidence. You’re filling in the blanks yourself. And you gotta fill them in with SOMETHING. This is where projections come in, where you fill in gaps in your knowledge of others with assumptions based on your own opinions of others, whether you have good reason for knowing them or not.

            Look, I’m not disputing however it is you feel about yourself. Regarding you, I mostly asked questions, and most of them were rhetorical. But I can’t answer them, because I don’t know you. Only you know you. My objections to your behavior here have been in how you have been judging others and telling them how they are SUPPOSED to feel, and dismissing them if they feel otherwise. Telling Sofie that she hasn’t “learned [her] lesson” about whether life is fair, while casually dismissing her claims to knowing how her life isn’t fair for her, based on her own stated experiences. Seriously, I don’t think you are in any place to tell her how she should feel about her life, no matter how badly you feel about yours.

            In general, you are drawing so many assumptions about everyone here, plugging them into pre-set beliefs of yours, so as to say you know all about them, and that’s why you know they’re wrong about the way the world works. You should limit yourself to speaking from your own experiences, and when others speak from theirs, respect them, even if you don’t understand them personally. And keep the assumptions to a minimum. I don’t think you know half of what you think you know about others.

          • Falkner92

            Well, Liv already confirmed in a previous post Renegado gets shit for being Mexican and the Cinema Slob gets shit for being overweight. Why don’t you go around asking if Solkir gets shit for being gay? It seems a bit pointless to me, but since you’re so obsessed with getting confirmation. Again, this type of thing should come as no surprise to anyone who is even remotely familiar with the Internet.

          • Muthsarah

            Why don’t I go around asking if Solkir get $#!+ for being gay? Why should I do such a thing? I’m not the one making claims based on this and using it as evidence to tell women to keep their complaints in perspective, and that, however bad they feel things are for them, they have it good, and they should, if anything, be envied. Whatever harassment he gets, I don’t know of it, and, frankly, I don’t wanna know. That’s his business, and he seems to be handling it OK.

            The Internet is $#!+ sometimes. No one here has disputed that. But so what? That doesn’t mean people should feel they are provoking righteous $#!++iness just by being themselves. Telling people “well, what did you expect?”, is dismissing legitimate concerns about such harassment. It’s placing the blame for being offended on the offended party. Which is one thing. But it’s the same thing as blaming the threatened party for feeling threatened in the Sarkeesian example. I suspect even you wouldn’t explicitly defend that threatening behavior. And yet, you are implicitly defending that, by saying nobody should have expected anything different.

          • “When I look at you, Liv, all I see is someone who can have sex with anyone she wishes, whenever she wishes, wherever she wishes.” And you would call her a slut or a whore if she did. Men like you are literally the worst. Women can never do anything right in your eyes; they are evil if they say yes or no to sex. They are either lying or doing it for attention if they play video games. If they get harassed, it’s their fault, no blame for the harassers.

            “To us men, sex is a need.”

            Now THAT is a misandrist statement right there. Fact is, the worst things I have ever heard said about my gender have come *from* my gender. Not even the most radical feminist has ever said things so offensive and degrading about cis men such as myself the way men like you do. You see us as base animals, incapable of compassion, empathy, higher level thinking; you see us all as unevolved, incapable of acting on anything more base than lizard brain instincts. And yet, you are so deranged that you see this level of existence as making us somehow superior. It’s fucking psychotic.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Are you a vulcan in pon-farr? If not – you don’t NEED to have sex in order to life. It might be, that sex is a basic desire programmed into our brain in order to procreate…. BUT if we don’t have sex, we don’t turn into madmen.

            By the way – yes: there are some very snobby bitches out there. I know, I met them in my live. But – does that make me turn into a misogyinst?
            OF COURSE NOT!

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Erm… no.
            Sorry – no. You cannot brush of “People are harassing me online” with “can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. That’s giving the anonymus masses wayyy more power than they actually deserve.

            Being NICE on the internet is the name of the game – such as hard facts are, by the way. Where is your proof, that Anita Sarkeesian STOLE 150,000 Dollars?
            Are you her bank accountant? Did you bring the money personally? If not – then your argumentation is, what we in Germany call “Hörensagen” – I think the term is “hearsay”. Even if on the internet millions of people would be yelling “she stole my money” – there is something, we Germans like to call “Üble Nachrede”(defamatory statement), which is basically, what you do here with the male defenders of AS, saying, that they do that, because they want to have sex with her or with Zoey Quinn.

            And here is the kicker: People can lie.
            they can say: “She took this from my let’s Play without asking me” – erm… yeah, show me the evidence.
            “She took the money without an adequate counterperformance” – well, depends on how you see that.

            You don’t have proof on neither of your claims – you say, that she stole money, and if (and I stress the IF here) she did, what you claim, that she did, then punishment must and will be made, i.e. she’ll be going to prison.

            But what never is right – under no circumstances – is justify her being harrassed, stalked, ridiculed.

            You said yesterday, that I’d just be defending her honor, in order to get laid and although none of my words will convince you concerning that matter, I have to say it here: I’m not interested in having sex with either Anita Sarkeesian or Zoey Quinn.
            I’m not required to wanting to have sex in order to be nice to persons.
            I’m “defending” Miss Sarkeesian, not to get laid, but a) because I really think, that she IS right (you can see the arguments for yourself) and B) because you are not on your best behaviour here. You can have a different opinion than Miss Sarkeesian – friends of mine think, that she is overdoing it, and I don’t yell at them. They are saying their piece in a more constructive way – which is okay.

            What is not okay is slinging insults around, saying “She’s a fraud” when you have no evidences.

          • “And I’m gonna say it again since apparently it didn’t register the first couple of times: THIS WOMAN STOLE 150,000 DOLLARS.” You keep saying it, but all you have to support that claim is at best circumstantial evidence. Seriously, Creationists have better arguments than you, and they’re full of it too.

          • Falkner

            Just fyi, I’m not even gonna bother responding to you anymore, Galahad. Keep talking to the walls if you like. I’m done with you white knights.

          • In fiction, the White Knight in stories is the good guy; the hero. So what you are saying is, you hate good and decent people who stand up for what’s right. In other words, you are a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. Congratulations my friend, you just admitted to having less depth as a person than Gargamel. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

            Also, when did Galahad became an insult? Honestly, I’ve been compared to worse people. Like the time this Australian Right Winger decided that because I like parks, and Hitler liked parks, liking trees made me a Nazi. And no, he wasn’t kidding, he doubled down when called out on his nonsense.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            And now we have a new name for this guy.
            Mr. Gargamel “Falkner” Walls – nickname: Mordred.
            Because if you’re galahad, he’s Mordred. ^^

          • I am now going to employ a common MRA tactic; I am going to pretend that you giving up = me winning the argument. Enjoy being on the receiving end of that for once.


          • CaptainCalvinCat

            And that’s Falkners style of argumentation in a nutshell.
            He is posting outlandishly ridiculous bullshit and when people DARE to call him out on it, he’ll post a “Well I don’t talk to you anymore, BOOOHOOOHOOOOO”.

          • And also he keeps a list of Knights of the Round Table handy.

            Edit: I wonder if he checks them off as he uses them to make sure he doesn’t use the same one twice, or at least not twice in a row.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Do you really think, that he can think this far ahead?

          • Maybe he’s like me in the sense that he just really really likes making lists.

          • Dude, there’s a picture of her with a huge stack of games right next to her couch. Or do you think she just stole all those?

            Oh wait, of course you do. Much like any religious fundamentalist, any evidence that you are wrong becomes proof that you are right. You have a broken brain.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I guess, Falker will shut up, once Anita Sarkeesian posted the sales reciept of the games. ^^

          • “I’m not sexist! I just think [sexist thing]!”

            There, no you don’t need to read any of F’s posts, I just summed them all up for you in one sentence. Also, as of know, I will refer to him as F, because I have a friend with the surname Falkner, and I do not want these two associated in my head even a little.

          • Falkner

            Funny how you seem to have ignored everything else I said because it didn’t suit your convenience.

            Keep going defending these harpies online if you like, just remember: you’re never gonna get anywhere with any of them. Ever.

          • Magdalen

            It’s funny how you keep starting every statement with “Funny” like eventually we’re all going to get the joke and realize your superior intellect.

            Like we all do a collective spit take and go, “Oh shit that IS funny!”

          • Falkner

            What? I only did in two posts. Aren’t you even aware of the Rule of Three? What kind of geek are you? Oh, wait, that’s right, I forgot… you’re not a geek.

          • You know, just for contrast, no woman I have ever talked to has ever demanded I “prove” to them that I’m a Gilmore Girls fan. Just sayin’.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Well, I consider myself a geek (being a trekkie, Stargate-Fan, Star Wars-Fan, Whovian, comic-book-reader, video game player) and I haven’t heard of the rule of three, so – it is possible.

            The more burning question would be: What kind of geek are you, that you want to defend “your” video games against people such as Anita Sarkeesian?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Interesting, that you – just as jokmank predicted – are thinking, that he is just defending them in order to… erm… free their princess, if you catch my drift.

          • Falkner

            Dude, honestly, just give it up already. They’re not gonna fuck you, deal with it.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            LOL. It’s interesting, how single-mindedly you can be. “Oh, someone is nice to the ladies – he wants to bang them”.
            Sure – that’s my only motivation.OF COURSE. *LOL*

            You shouldn’t project your character on me.

          • Falkner

            Oh, my God, who are you trying to fool? You think these women can’t see right through you the same way I do? Fucking pathetic, man…

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            And it is because people like you exist, that we – as humans – don’t get anywhere.
            Reason people being nice to other people: They want to bang them.
            Women? Go back and make sandwiches.
            People saying, that things need to change? We don’t want change.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Okay, let me indulge you here – do you have proves, that she did, what you’re saying, that she did? If so – you can surely point me towards that, yes?
          It does not help to say “You must have been living under a rock”, because – to be honest: That’s a pretty weak statement.
          Plus – do we know, that the youtubers, who made videos about what she did wrong, were telling the truth?

      • Cristiona


        It’s a critique of the first video, but, even if you disagree with everything he says, you can’t say it’s incoherent, paranoid, or relies entirely on ad hominem attacks.

    • Could you elaborate a bit? I have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Magdalen

      Been playing games since I was five, but apparently I don’t *belong here*. You guys never cease to amaze with your wondrous insight.

      • Falkner

        Funny, that’s exactly what Anita Sarkeesian said. Now just pray nobody catches on you video admitting you don’t give, nor have ever given a damn about videogames like they did her.

        • Magdalen

          What out! Any day now we’re going to unleash our evil plan to steal all your man cards and use them to power a machine that will ruin video games forever! Aha! AHAHAHAA~

          • Falkner

            I don’t know where women’s sudden interest in nerd culture came from, to be honest. You’ve certainly never cared about us before.

            But I gotta tell you; whatever your plan here is, you’re not going to be able to carry it. And I’m not just talking tough here, I mean it. And the reason for that is that none of the weapons feminists like you and Sarkeesian have in their arsenal are really work against the type of people you’re going up against here.

            It’s almost like you’re literally heading into an ass-kicking contest against a man with no ass.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Yes, its true.

            This man has no ass.

          • Falkner

            Ouch. Walked right into that one, didn’t I?

          • Magdalen


            …i fucking died, you guys. I don’t have enough laughs in me for this kind of locked in the basement statement. I had to borrow laughs from a friend just to meet the quota.

          • Falkner

            Oh, yeah, because if you look at the gaming and comic book conventions from a few years back, they were all filled to the brim with pussy, right?

            Come on, tell me. I’m legitimately curious. What’s your end game here?

          • Yep. I used to go to StarFest (Denver’s big sci-fi convention until we got Denver ComicCon) and I would not only see lots of women, many there by themselves (no boyfriend/husband or children to be seen anywhere nearby). Keep on digging that sexist hole there buddy.

          • Falkner

            I’m sure if you keep telling stuff like that to yourself over and over again, you’ll eventually start to believe it, Galahad. Doesn’t mean I will though.

          • Dude, you’re talking to the son of a woman who has played more video games this year than I’ve owned since 2007. She’d already beaten Mass Effect 2 twice by the time I bought the first one. She made her own Brutal Legend t-shirts because she found the officially licensed ones lacking. She and my step-dad wear matching Legend of Zelda t-shirts on their anniversary. But because she has a vagina people like you will always question her cred. Know how many console games I’ve played in the past 3 years that didn’t have Mass Effect or Saints Row in the title? 3. But I have a penis, so I’m more of a real gamer in your eyes, even though my copy of Skyrim is used while my Mom’s copy of Zone of the Enders is the $150 collector’s edition.

            Edit: Oh yeah, and I only got Skyrim ’cause of the dragons. I’ve never played, nor do I ever intend to play any of the other Elder Scroll’s games. Mom’s got the GOTY Edition of Morrowind on the other hand.

          • Falkner

            Dude, get the fuck outta here. Who do you think you’re fooling? You expect me to believe your 53-year-old mother is an avid gamer and plays stuff like Mass Effect 2? My mother’s about the same age and she can’t even operate a cellphone with a digital keyboard.

            If you’re gonna make up bullshit, at least make up plausible bullshit.

          • And your evidence that I’m lying is…

            Oh right, you don’t have any. But go ahead and keep talking shit little man, while my Mom continues to not know you exist while she sadly plays Darksiders 2 again, hoping that the series will eventually continue.

          • Falkner

            I’m writing this on my laptop while riding a blue pegasus with a multi-colored mane through the night sky. Where’s your evidence that I’m lying?

            See? I can do it too.

          • Blue pegasi don’t exist. My Mom’s video game collection does. Your sole evidence is a misogynistic stereotype. You honestly might just as well have said “You expect me to believe your Jew mother is an avid gamer and plays stuff like Mass Effect 2?” No, my Mom’s not Jewish, my point is that that is your mode of thinking right now. I was actually going to grab my Mom’s video game list from her Listal page, but then I realized that a scumfuck like you well never be satisfied; I could show it to you but you’d still claim she never played those games, or that I made that profile for her (even though she was the one who turned me onto that site), etc. etc. you’re a sexist piece of shit. You are a conspiracy theorist of the highest order. Marc Maron has a great joke about people like you. You are not unlike JFK assassination theorists who could have Jesus himself float down from the clouds on a beam light in front of you, walk right up to you and say one thing and one thing only, “Oswald worked alone,” and your response would be “Well what the fuck do you know? You live up in the *clouds* with your *Dad.* You’re not down here man, you don’t have access to the *truth*!”

          • Falkner

            Really? Because I know there’s about as much evidence supporting the existence of one as there is the other. And both seem equally plausible, frankly

          • Jay_Bay

            Her name is Rainbow Dash.

            -cue up The More You Know!-

          • Falkner

            I know her name, genius.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Well, just because your mother can’t handle new technology, it does not mean, that all women in the age are not able to do that.

          • Magdalen

            Brian, I’m sorry to tell you this but your mom is a fake geek girl. She’s just delighting in all those games because she’s hoping to impressed guys like Falkner. She’s just so desperate for guys like him to think she’s cool! It’s the only reason why girls play games, didn’t you know?

          • Wizkamridr

            I blame heroes of cosplay. I think people like yaya han(?) are fake. (Or at least the show made her look that way.) Just my opinion. Not saying there are not female geeks.

          • Magdalen

            Duh, to smash patriarchy and bring about the first worldwide Vaginocracy, of course.
            And you don’t get to be “legitimately curious”. There’s nothing legitimate about anything you’ve said here. It’s all 100% hilariously out of touch. I’m serious, like someone’s curmudgeonly grandpa talking about how “everythings run by the Jews!”. I am not capable of taking you seriously. You are too stupid. But I revel in your comments because you manage to perfectly display every incoherent, bullshit argument that’s ever been put forth about women in geek culture.

            I’m not entirely convinced you’re not a bored Feminist blogger just making sock puppet accounts.

          • Falkner

            Actually I am legitimately curious, and that’s the only reason I’m asking. I’m certainly not concerned about whatever it is you’re trying to do here because, as I said before, you’re not going to succeed. You’re going to run across resistance from the real gaming community and the weapons you have at your disposal that you’ve used against other groups in the past just don’t work on people like us, so there’s really no way you can win this.

            So yes, it’s really just for curiosity’s sake I’m asking.

          • Magdalen

            No, you’re not. You want an invitation to pick apart anything I say with lame justifications. You want me to listen to your excuses. You want to be able to reinforce how you feel about gaming being a giant man cave and why it should stay that way. You want me to get upset so you can walk away safe in the notion that you’re the reasonable and I’m just a crazy woman. You’re not going to get that from me.

            There’s no debate here. You don’t fundamentally understand the points being made, or why your argument is such a juvenile, whiny failure. So you don’t get to play with the big kids.

            Just because you have access to a keyboard doesn’t mean you have something worth listening to. End of story.

          • Falkner

            Is that you believe? That I’m only trying to get you to say or do something that validates my feelings about fake geek girls? Hate to break it to you, but you’ve done that already simply by virtue of writing this article.

            No one with any real love for gaming, or geek culture in general, would write an article like this in defense of a known con-artist like Anita Sarkeesian. Even they though the backlash against her was too great.

            It’s kinda like writing in article in defense of Jack Thompson, saying we should just “let him go already”, and that he’s “suffered enough”.

            And really, that’s all Anita Sarkeesian is; Jack Thompson with a kooch. The only difference is Jack Thompson was a demented old man who actually believed the insane shit he espoused. Sarkeesian is just a con-artist looking for a meal ticket.

          • Magdalen

            lol, you don’t even care what this article is actually about. You just saw Sarkeesian and threw a tantrum. You and your friends are really so predictable.

          • Falkner

            If you know so much about us and we’re so predictable to you then you should already know why you’re not going to be able to force yourselves into our community and enforce your will like you’ve done in other places. So I really have to wonder why you’re even wasting your time.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Maybe, juuuust maybe, it has something to do with the fact, that women don’t “force their way” into “your community”, but have been there all the time. You just were not able to see them.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Erm…. come again?
            “No one with any real love for gaming, or geek culture in general, would
            write an article like this in defense of a known con-artist like Anita
            Sarkeesian.”? Is that so?
            Sorry, but I’m a geek and I watch those videos and think “Well, she has a point”.
            Have a look at the depiction of women in those games and then tell me again, that Sarkeesian is a con-artist, when e.g. in the game “The world is not enough” you have to kill Elektra King in order to win this level.

            Yes, it was in the movie, and even there I rolled my eyes.

            Look at Dead or Alive in which the programmers put in boob-jiggling-physics. NICE. *sighs*

            Look at the more recent games, in which some women are killed in order to bring the point across that “bad things happen”.

            Look at comic-books – video games – comic-book-movies….
            this stuff is not happening some 50 years in the past, this stuff is happening right NOW and HERE.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Maybe you just need new glasses, that you can SEE the girls at the convention?
            Or go to the right cons. Connichi in Germany – lots of women. Fedcon in Germany – lots of women. Trekgate in Germany: Lots of Women. Dokomi in Germany: Lots of women.

          • JD

            feeding the trolls again magdalen?

          • Magdalen

            Sadly I don’t think he’s a troll. I think he’s actually that clueless.

          • Jay_Bay

            Fuck no. This is has to be trolling. No one, and I mean no one, is this clueless. This is the other side’s perfect caricuture. This is ochrestated.

          • JD

            yes a troll. So ignore him and he will stop responding Simple really.

          • Magdalen

            I don’t know, it doesn’t seem the same because he’s incapable of getting to me. He’s actually too stupid to be irritating. He’s like a cartoon.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Not mutually exclusive.

          • JD

            A troll or a clueless idiot he just wasted your time, you are responding to some asshat on social media. After you posting a article about avoiding the dregs of the internet and social media.

          • Zack_Dolan

            hahaha I was just thinking “DIDN’T ANYONE READ THE ARTICLE???”

          • “I don’t know where women’s sudden interest in nerd culture came from, to
            be honest. You’ve certainly never cared about us before.”

            My 53 year old very geeky mother would like to have a word with you about that incredibly stupid statement.

          • Mine, too. She was watching Doctor Who when Tom Baker was still around.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Okay, let me ask you a question here.
            Do you actually believe, what you’re saying there? That women normally are not interested in geeky things? I can point towards a good friend of mine, who is female and is interested in Sci-Fi (Star Trek / Stargate / Star Wars / Doctor Who), fact is: lot of the women, I met in my life were interested in geeky / nerdy things.

            Some of them even (shock and awe) were playing computer and video games.
            They read manga, they read comics, they go to conventions…. BOY do they go to conventions. You should visit one from time to time – you see lots of cosplaying people and many of them are girls.

            Believe it or not.

            So, there are women in nerd culture. Take this website (Nycea, Sofie Liv, Sursum Ursa), take TGWTG (Nostalgia Chick, Obscurus Lupa, Diamanda Hagan), take Felicia Day (The Guild), take the allegedly only real geek in the main cast of TBBT (Kaley Cuoco) – and now take into consideration that “this womenfolk” is (conservatively seen) the other half of this planets population.

            And now think about it. Don’t you think, that they should get better representation in video games, than being reduced to “a price to be won”?

            I mean – granted, we have two iconic female playable video game characters: Lara Croft and Samus Aran.

            Now let’s count the male video game characters you can play, that are iconic: Mario, Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, Simon Belmont, Solid Snake.

            Heck, even if they make a game adaptation of a movie, that is pretty equal, having a strong female character (Disneys Aladdin), they manage to screw that up and give us a jump and run, where you just are able to control good old Al.

            I really don’t think, that it would destroy the video game industry or would take the fun of the games away, if they’d had more awesome female characters with high iconic value.

            Or – if they are not able to do THAT – at least stop using women as window dressing and background-fodder.

          • Jerry Nava

            “Whatever your plan is”

            Oh my god.

            Dude, this whole article is about having a reality check. Heck your comments have barely anything to do with it.

            I think you may need a reality check too, there’s no “plan” amigo.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Falkner is still going on?

            It’s quite fascinating.
            Either we’re talking to a parallel universe inhabitant – in which case, Mr. Mendo should get the Noble-Price, because, he managed to create a website in that you can talk to persons living in another dimension – OR this guy has the Pippi-Langstrumpf-Syndrom (Pippi-Longstocking-Syndrome) – he is creating the world around him as he sees it fit. (Reference to the german intro song, in which the protagonists sings “Ich mach mir die Welt widewide wie sie mir gefällt” – I create the world around me as I like it).

          • Muthsarah

            “You’ve certainly never cared about us before.”

            You wanna elaborate on this sentence a bit? I suspect this cuts very close to your main gripe with Magdalen and Sofie here. You feel underappreciated as an individual, therefore all women are b*tches. Or something.

            Women have been in nerd culture for some time. Buncha male Trekkers can’t exactly breed a Next Generation on their own, can they? But, seriously, look around. Got any guesses as to why women haven’t made themselves so noticeable (to you) until just recently, when all-of-a-sudden they were everywhere? Hint: They may not all be Janey-come-latelys. Could be they felt “nerd culture” was popularly treated as “a man’s world” and that they weren’t welcome there, so they kept the fandom, but kept it under wraps. Hence why many women didn’t make themselves and their fandom so conspicuous until, slowly, they came to realize that lots of other women are also fans, and shared their same interests, and concerns about not being accepted by “the boys”. And once enough of them realized the size of the female “nerd culture” fanbase, they decided to be more confident and public about it. Even if it means they still get abuse thrown at them regularly for not being “real nerds”, since they’d been hiding an’ all for all those years. Y’know, blaming the victims. Speaking from ignorance. As one does.

            Do you think you can understand this, or is all of this being successfully deflected by your perpetual-victim shield?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            To be honest – to me “nerd” was never “just a boys” thing. Because even back in the time and days of the Kindergarten, we (the boys and the girls) we’re not just talking about “Playing house” or so – no, we talked about the stuff that was on TV – Knight Rider, A-Team, that sorta thing, that today is more a nerd thing.

            The first time I visited a convention (in 2009) I saw tons of people – and a lot of women, cosplaying, having the time of their lives. So – no: Nerd is not just exclusively male – I guess, that’s something you could critizise Hollywood for, because they love their stereotype of the loose nerd, living in his parents basement.

            But – that’s just a stereotype.
            Same with the “fake geek girl”. That’d be a concept that would make little to no sense. A fake geek girl would be a girl or a woman pretending to be a geek. why would she do this? Why would anyone pretend to be something, that they are not?

          • Falkner

            Most trekkies don’t breed at all, you idiot. Some do, the more well-adjusted amongst them, but most don’t. Things like Sci-Fi and Fantasy endure because no matter the generation, there will always be people who never quite fit into the world we live in. They’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, don’t have the social skills to do it, whatever. Through stuff like Fantasy and Sci-Fi, they can momentarily escape from this world to a better one, or at least one that makes more sense to them.

            And, yes, these people are almost exclusively male because society demands so much more out of men than it does out of women. It’s very easy to be a woman in today’s society. If you’re a woman in Westen society today, you have to have some very deep-seated issues and disfunctionalities to experience the same kind of social alienation and ostracization the average male geek or nerd gets.

            There were some women in geekdom, but they were always a small, insignificant minority, and even then they only existed in certain sub-sects of geek culture. In stuff like gaming, they were virtually a non-entity. But then, thanks mostly to the success of Marvel’s superhero movies, geekdom suddenly started becoming more and more mainstream, and we got an influx of fake geek girls like the one who wrote this post, who have no real love for the culture and are just following the trends. And I wouldn’t even mind that so much, if they didn’t start acting like they own the place and making demands. I don’t care if you feel uncomfortable that games portray on unrealistic stereotype of female beauty. I like it that way, and these games were made for people like me, not you. I don’t care if you’re insecure, because you think you have small boobs or a small butt or you’re not pretty enough. It’s not my problem, take it outside. And for these women who have the world at the tip of their fingers (or some other part of their body) to demand people like us, outcasts with little to no social life or prospects, to view them as victims. I mean, that takes some real nerve on their part.

            So no. Fuck you. I don’t care what you think, I don’t care about your problems, and I’m certainly gonna make any accomodations for you. You don’t like the way things are around here, you can fuck off. End of story.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            “Fake geek girls” yeah? hm…. what would be their endgame? Why would someone pretend to be something, they are not?

            But why am I arguing – like I said: Falkner is from a parallel universe, where he is living in a matriarchy. That’s the only way, his drivel makes sense.

          • Muthsarah

            One thing’s for sure: Falkner should never, NEVER see “In Like Flint”. He might take it for a documentary.

          • Falkner

            You’re not even reading what I write, are you, Lancelot?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            You’re not even understanding what we’re writing, are you, Mordred?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            But I ask myself: What sense would being a “fake geek girl” make? Or in my case “being a fake geek boy”.
            Let me look at this dilemma from a different perspective.

            In my country “Fußball” (Soccer / football) is a big thing. We have Bavaria Munich, FC Schalke 04, BVB (Borussia Dortmund), VfL Bochum, FC Köln, Spielvereinigung Freiburg, Allemania Aachen, Herta BSC, Dynamo Dresden, Lokomotive Leipzig, Hamburger Spielvereinigung (HSV) – you get the gist – we have LOTS and LOTS of Soccerclubs.

            to me, soccer is a relatively boring concept. 22 men try to kick a soccer ball into a goal, one guy tries to prevent that from happening. It is not really that nerve-wrenching, once you see it as a concept.
            A couple of months ago we had the World Cup and – I have to admit – I found it quite fascinating. So – I can understand WHY people would like this sport.

            As I explained: Soccer is very popular in my part of the world.
            We have lots of fanclubs and whenever I go to another town per train and pass one of the cities that is either host to one soccergame or has a club fighting for their continuation to be in that league of soccer or something like that – you can see people wearing soccer jersey, scarfs in club colours, you can hear them yell songs meant to ridicule the opponent (our version of war-songs), like “Willste mal scheißen und hast kein Papier, ja dann nimm die Fahne von Schalke Null vier” (Need to take a shit and don’t have any toilet paper with you? Take the banner of Schalke 04 (the soccer club) or “Arbeitslos und homosexuell – scheiß VfL, scheiß VfL” (Jobless and gay – shit VfL, shit VfL (Soccerclub)) or (and that’s the most harmless I could find) “Zieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus” (take the lederhosen away from the Bavarians), “Einer geht noch, einer geht noch rein” (One more, one more) respectively.

            I agree, this is a fascinating topic – I can see, why people are into this. I’m not. Not as much as it is concerning the topic of the “Bundesliga” – which is what most of the games are relevant to.

            Could I become a fake soccer fan boy – of course. It’s not that hard.
            I choose a club, I pretend to like, dress me up and join the other boys and girls of all ages, when they are going to a soccer game to cheer on their favourite club.

            Now question is: Why would I?
            I have my own fandom to care about – I’m a trekkie, a warsian, a gater. Why would I pretend to be a part of that other group?

          • “Most trekkies don’t breed at all, you idiot.”

            This’ll be news to my parents. I wonder how I can break it to them that they in fact never had sex and I actually don’t exist.

            Seriously Falkner, are you trying to be the most hated person ever?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            No, but the most ridiculed one. ^^

          • Carlos Rivas

            Yeah wait till the movie, comes out and at least, maybe they can expose her lies a bit more, donate money if I could afford it but check out this patreon page.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      to quote you – just with another name in it – I’m sure if you keep telling stuff like that to yourself over and over again, you’ll eventually start to believe it, Mordred. Doesn’t mean I will though.

  • It is a bit surreal when you step back and realise that all of this only matters to a small number of people, almost all of whom you will never meet.

  • Is it comparable to politics on the internet (…if the comparison isn’t too insulting)? I mean, when someone is wrong on the internet, then I’m glad others are publicly offsetting their wrongness. But I periodically wonder what the average supporter is expected to do next after their awareness has been raised. What behavioral differences should result? It’s hard enough just to cajole someone to vote or to donate…unless the strategy harnesses conspicuous stunts that may or may not involve ice-water.

    • Magdalen

      Yeah, the idea of “raising awareness” does seem really nebulous. But awareness in itself can affect change. For example, Sarkeesian’s videos probably would have stayed in feminist social circles if it hadn’t been for the absolute meltdown that baby boy gamers had over it. What she was saying wasn’t nearly as shocking as the psychotic response she received. And in doing so, they actually raised a huge amount of awareness about sexism in video games. Since her first video, theres been a lot more discussion about how women are represented in games but also how women are treated in the industry. And except for the eternal war cry of the occasional online activists, most female gamers can agree things have been getting progressively better.

      • Wizkamridr

        I was laughed off of GameFaqs when I said I wanted a female version of Sega’s Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku).

  • MichaelANovelli

    My only negative experience with the Sarkeesian affair (sounds like a spy novel) is that once I said that while I agreed with what she had to say, I didn’t think she and I would get along if we ever met, and some people said that if I agreed with her I had to like her as a person.

    Other than that, AS is A-OK with me. ^_^

  • P-Sweets

    I’ve seen a lot of Sarkeesian videos and there’s been things I think she’s made some good points on and there is stuff I very much disagree with, but that’s it I just thought to myself I think you wrong or I think you missed the point. I’ve never understood people who threaten other online. To think she’s had leave her home because she’s dared to voice opinion, on video game of all things. People are scary and insane.

  • W.C. Wit

    With everything going on recently, this perspective on social media is very refreshing.

  • Gaming news is below movies in general cultural relevance, and in the basement of public consciousness. Most of this sexist shit is tertiary even by those standards, I still have no idea why that Gamer-gate thing is a story at all. Someone fucked around… whoop-de-do.

  • Ken Blythe

    I feel this way a lot too about social media. Even though I do feel stuff like this is important (let’s be honest, if you didn’t feel it was important you wouldn’t get so worked up about it) it has a tendency to consume you if you’re not careful. Like it starts to define your identity rather than just being a part of it. I think a lot of it is that it shines such a strong light on very basic issues you otherwise would have thought were long resolved. It also has a tendency to create some relationship rifts because this stuff tends to escalate quickly on the internet in a way that usually doesn’t happen in real life. I think part of this is because it’s so hard to convey tone in just a few sentences and most of what’s written isn’t thought through with those kind of concerns in mind, which you’d typically pick up on in real life.

    Quite a few social media providers aren’t helping matters either. They tend to display things that align with your own interests/preferences which means you often end up with a more isolated world view. For instance, couple weeks back I was looking into videos for the other side of the Gamer Gate thing, now my ques are filled with anti-feminism videos :( I actually try to keep a few Facebook friends whose opinions I actively dislike just so I can see another perspective sometimes….not sure it does me any good.

    What’s doubly ironic about the Sarkeesian thing is that if the people who really hated her just stopped bringing her up all the time, she likely wouldn’t be as relevant to gaming culture as she’s because. It’s a self-defeating cause.

  • Moppet

    Can one just ignore the negative elements of social media, while enjoying its perks? I find I can, but I don’t have your particular level of exposure either. That and I’d rather toss around countless temporary names, than stick to one permanent place. I think it’s one of the things I miss about the older internet days when putting up your real name was a nono and even a singular person had dozens of screen names across countless sites instead of a few, or even one.

    Social media is a powerful tool, and I think you’re right to put it aside if some of the people on it are bothering you. I simply feel like the tool can still be of use, while avoiding the nastier elements, but again, that’s me, and I don’t have your level of exposure – which I imagine makes quite the difference.

    Regardless, best of days to you, more of the happy home life, less of the negative.

    • Cristiona

      It’s pretty easy, actually. It just requires aggressive use of the various mute functions provided. Avoiding Tumblr and Reddit like the plague probably helps, too.

      The risk, of course, is that it’s very easy to build yourself an echo chamber. Which is why, personally, I try to mute topics instead of people.

      Topics like “gamergate” (of course, I have a long standing policy of ignoring any controversy that appends “-gate”; I always wanted a scandal at the Greenwich Village nightclub so we could have Village Gategate) strike me as a tempest in a teapot. Then again, lately I’ve been obsessed with Crimzon Clover. It’s a shmup, so I can’t say the gender of my spaceship is particularly important. I also tend to avoid games that people seem to be complaining about. All of the games I play are either RPGs where I can pick my character’s gender or games where it really doesn’t matter because there isn’t really a character involved (eg: Crimzon Clover or Civilization).

      • Moppet

        I always liked custom character games, but fixed female or male character games never really bothered me either. I do enjoy making my own though, there’s something fun about that for me, especially if the game then lets me make choices and define that character somewhat within whatever reasonable limitations. I’ll tack, “I’m fine with pure text dialogues or voice acted dialogues equally” on to that, with a note that I can do without for all manner of reasons ranging from budget concerns for smaller teams to bad voice acting giving me a headache.

  • Cameron Vale

    “Much like religious beliefs, political beliefs are so deeply held—and so often for completely illogical reasons—that they can form the core of a person’s identity. But unlike religious beliefs, it’s somehow become okay to call someone an idiot and a moron for their political leanings. And that’s why I tend to stay away from all discussion of politics, either online or off.” -Dr. Winston O’Boogie

    • jokmank

      Nice sentiment, but this is not a political issue, it’s an ethical one. Believing things like being gay isn’t normal and that women should stay at home raising kids is a political opinion. Insulting and threatening people who disagree with you on those matters is being a bully and an asshole.

  • Zack_Dolan

    This. ALL of this. Thank you, madam. I love it. I love every word. I have been BESIEGED on all sides by exactly this kind of lunacy online. my facebook is clogged from top to bottom with people on one end of the extremist spectrum or other posting outlandish alarmist (and in many cases patently false) troll baiting memes, and the ensuing flame wars in their comments. friends are unfriending and blocking eachother over where they stand on a particular social issue. it would be hilarious if it wasn’t a brain melting hurdle i had to jump every time i just want to check my msgs. and this right here, they ALL need to read this. there is a real world still out there and they need to come back to it. it’s not to say that some of these issues aren’t important, many of them are really incredibly vital things that need to be discussed, but only on social media will you find people threatening eachother like keyboard Clubber Lang’s and whipping out the racial/gender/homophobic slurs like it’s thunderdome over the stupidest goddamn thing, or something that they don’t even understand, when none of these people would ever consider doing this in real life. I have a rule. I would never say anything on line i wouldn’t say to your face. if you think it would get you bashed in the face with a brick if you said it to someone in front of you, don’t put it in the comment section.

    • Magdalen

      That’s a good rule.

  • Wizkamridr

    I honestly never heard of her until angry joe talked about her on youtube. FYI: I’m not a real geek.
    I don’t care about game of thrones
    Not a fan of the batman
    Mainly watch Asian cinema: hk flicks, super sentai, etc.

    • Magdalen

      It’s okay, I’m a geek and even I don’t care about Game of Thrones.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Oh, I’m a geek and I don’t care that much about Hulk. ^^ GoT is a neat show, though. Sometimes… Not every time…

  • Alexa

    So that’s why I didn’t see you on twitter. Well I wish you luck, and I hope you come back, your tweets were fun. But yeah sometimes I need to take a break from social media, but when it comes to recent events like with Mike Brown and Net neutrality I feel like social media is a good thing. As for Anita Sarkeesian I really like what she’s doing. Whether or not you like how she presents her points, she does make some solid and good points, and calling out bullshit when it comes to misogyny and sexism in any form of media, is always good IMO. Of course life isn’t always horrible, and everyone deserves to live a life filled with happiness, but there are just somethings that you can’t overlook.

  • Danielle Osgan

    I just want to say that I was shocked at the number of comments on this article. Here I was thinking that it would all be “YAY! Maggie’s back! I know she has been feeling down so I will tell her how much I appreciate her presence.” Why can’t my rainbow and sunshine Scrubs fantasy ever be real?

    I started reading the comments, 1 part horrified at the genuine misogyny and 1 part delighted by the unintentional comedy. And because I want to add my 2 cents to the tangent that made over 100 comments, as well as comment on the actual article I will start my own post. With Blackjack. And hookers…

    As both a lady and a carrier of two X chromosomes who was introduced to gaming and comic books by my mother, I disagree that women are invading the geek community. I started going to cons a little over a decade ago and have met many an avid female enthusiast. I worked at a comic store for a time, and half of the staff were women. (Sadly, I was still the most nerdy. Most of the employees just read comics and played video games, whereas I did that and ventured into the dark world known as D&D, MTG and anime). And my personal philo can be summed up with this tumblr post

    Actual article:
    Social media is a odd duck. Part of me hates it because I want to believe the best in people but twitter and tumblr always make me want to hulk out and smash my laptop. But I also like to know what is happening in the world and even if I only get half a story I have the resources to get a (more) complete picture. I feel weirdly personally responsible if I ignore ignorant assholes but I know that responding to them will only encourage them. It’s like what adults try to tell you about bullies. If you ignore them, they will go away. But that only works half the time. The other half things get worse because no one is doing anything. And it is frustrating.

    In conclusion:
    I’m glad you are writing again Magdalen. You are a wonderfully creative and insightful person and you inspire me to function better with PTSD. Keep being awesome.

  • E-Bon

    This is why I try and limit my social media exposure as much as possible. I deal with enough headaches as it is.
    As far as Anita herself goes, I may disagree with the views she expresses in her videos, but she has every right to express them.

  • Quit Speaking

    No doubt there are issues faced by women, but there are issues faced by men too. But you know what, there are those of us that aren’t part of internet culture, like older family members, that know nothing about any of this, and if they did, might not or when made aware of it, DO NOT care about a lot of this.

    It isn’t because the women are traitors or the men are rapists or all these acronyms. It’s because for people that aren’t professional college students, or work exclusively in social media or gaming – people who sling burgers or stock shelves or work as attendants at laundromats – they’ve got issues that trump gender issues. They’ve got paying-bills-and-feeding-my-family issues. They’ve got “What’s a vacation?” and “I can’t get 40 hours a week” issues.

    I know extremely hard-working, responsible, loving, independent, family-minded but successful (in one way or another) women that I am proud to know and would point at as examples of people who I have tons of respect for, both family members and wives of friends, and various other acquaintances. They understand the way the world is, they understand some of the issues bandied about, they’ve met sexism and deal with it on an absolutely hourly basis, day-in and day-out, and have done it since they were young, and they don’t hate men or decry their lot in life or march on Washington.

    Because they can’t take off work, they can’t “get a sitter” for the kids, they also have no extreme complaints about the men in their lives, because the men and women work together as a team, and both know that both genders face hellacious hardships just to keep utilities turned on and kids clothed. It’s not that these people don’t care about feminism or egalitarianism – it’s because they care about their families first, and have no ability (time or money) to make any difference in an issue that is so remote from them, due to it being overshadowed by much more pressing things.

    My aunt owned her own salon, and then shared one with another lady, then did her own embroidery and screenprinting business, then worked with her husband running a restaurant, now he’s a security guard. I have another aunt that works with the developmentally disabled, but has been a grocery story clerk, also a security guard, a casino floor worker, a paper deliverer and a hotel clerk. A friend of mine’s wife was raised on a farm and they have a small backyard farm now with goats and chickens, and she’s worked in Dept. of Human Services for decades, she cleaned houses, she took care of elderly people, she worked at a fast food restaurant. These women aren’t feminists, nor are their family members. They’re just people doing what regular people have to do because they don’t have the luxury to impotently rail at the gods.These types of women and men are marginalized, ignored, and probably not even thought of during the pseudo-intellectual sparring that goes on, ostensibly “for them”.

    • Jonathan Campbell

      What is your point?

      And why did you create an account to comment on this post and call that account “Quit Speaking”?

      • Dave

        What’s YOUR point?

        • Quit Speaking

          QuitSpeaking is my Facebook account name, I logged in to this forum thing with it. In retrospect, given this topic, that was probably not a good plan, hah. My point though, which more or less tied in to my end point about some people being marginalized, was essentially another aspect of the main gist of Magdalen’s post about a lot of people simply having no knowledge of these issues because they aren’t even aware of them.

          To some extent, ignorance is bliss and as noted, life is a lot less stressful without finding new things to get all caught up in – and additionally, some people simply don’t even GET to the point where they have a lot more pressing issues that also keep them from being worried about something that’s like a layer above anything they’ll ever come in contact with, due to their other concerns. People only have so much energy and so much space in a day or their mind to be bombarded by so many problems or injustices before there is simply an overflow or off switch where indeed, in viewed in a certain light, some issues or at least some interpretations of them are very much a problem of privileged people, if you want to word it like that. Not “first world problems” exactly, though not exactly a huge distance removed, either.

          Thank you for your time, I hope I clarified my point, whether the resulting opinion of that point is well or poorly received. Also I’ve very much enjoyed all of Magdalen’s stuff a lot and appreciate her content and creativity, since I forgot to add that earlier. Thank you for that.

          I’m sure you can find people who SAY they “can’t afford” or “don’t have time” to complain about issues but still do, but that sort of drives the point home doesn’t it, about who actually IS in that category, and who clearly isn’t.

          It isn’t an argument though, just a first-hand observation from the lives of these people – obviously I don’t speak for them, but I do speak for the way I see them carry out their lives, no doubt with a good amount of potential for error, misunderstanding and overlooking as any outsider, no matter how close, has, when describing someone else.

      • Magdalen

        I have to agree. I’m kind of lost. I think what he/she is saying is that ideals like Feminism are for like…privileged people? Like working class women don’t have time to worry about sexism? There’s… a lot wrong with that argument but I don’t have the time or the energy.

        • Jonathan Campbell

          Yes, I was kind of hoping that he / she would clarify their position a bit.
          Because its pretty easy to find people who “can’t afford” or “don’t have time” to complain about these issues (or, any issue really)….but do anyway.

    • buckybone

      Absolutely. Even within the games business, the inequality is so extreme as to make this whole Gamergate business an exercise in futility, no matter which side “wins”. The big publishers will keep spitting out their generic shooters and action games and Maddens for as long as people keep buying them, and more people are buying them than ever…not exactly an environment where real change is going to happen.

      Multiply that inequality by about 10, and you get close to the average person’s distance from anyone who can actually change anything…except the latter person won’t, because they’re entirely dependent on the system staying as it is. People who don’t spend their lives on the Internet know this, so they just put their head down and make the best life they can and accept that they can’t do a damned thing to change anything. We’ve deluded ourselves into thinking we can do more than the average person…when in reality, all we’re doing is yelling at our computer screens.

  • Guest

    It’s dangerous to scroll further…..without taking this.

  • Jay_Bay

    It’s dangerous to scroll further…..without taking this

    • Jerry Nava

      Perfect xD

  • MichaelANovelli

    Magdalen, I must applaud you. Not only for the well-written article, but for your grace in this comment section. We haven’t seen the likes of this guy since the last time a random newbie discovered I was a Scientologist tried to rally the comment section into getting me fired. This seems more unpleasant, so you’re officially more awesome than me. ^_^

    • Magdalen

      Like I said on Facebook, this guy is running up the clicks on my article like mad and has been for over 24 hours. He’s financially supporting the people who he’s freaking out at and can’t seem to stop himself. Also, he’s a perfect example of what the articles talking about.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Hey, whatever works. ^_^

  • Magdalen

    Below you will see an example of this very issue, displayed so perfectly I don’t even… I just don’t even. In the amount of time, literally over 24 hours, Falkner has spent camping out on this comment thread, the rest of the world went on without him. We’ve all gone to work, gone to school, we’ve hugged our loved ones and just generally lived our lives. But to someone whose gotten lost in the black hole of social media, the arguments raised here today are personal affronts. How dare [blank] disagree with me? I must insert hilarious bullshit accusations of reverse sexism! Red pill! Something something Anita Sarkeesian! I don’t understand the basic issues and yet demand to be included and taken seriously! ARGHABLARGABLARGA.

    Be warned my friends… this could be you one day.

    • Alexa

      *Shudders* Perish the thought…

      • Sofie Liv

        Can you get talismans or something for this?
        Would it help to put up garlic in the window? Come on I need some sort of security! D:

        Oh wait, I god a life, phew. Bullet dodged!

        • MichaelANovelli

          It would probably be more helpful to put the tasty garlic in a delicious spaghetti sauce! ^_^

          • Carlos Rivas

            I trust Sarkeesian about as far as I can throw MichaelANovelli however she does iat times make good points, too bad she is a con artist.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Well, that’s hardly fair. I am, after all, a burly mountain of a man. ;)

    • bastardjackyll

      Or maybe Faulkner did all of those things, took part in this discussion, and will move on with his life as well; all without writing a bitter article about how bad social media is, embellishing PTSD, or making a video about quitting the internet (and coming back two days later)?

      • Magdalen

        I could say I’m not bitter, but that’s definitely what you’ve got your heart set on. The part of PTSD is very specifically cheap shot to get me to lose my cool, and I didn’t “quit the internet” I stopped making a regularly scheduled program. So… I don’t know, try harder?

        • bastardjackyll

          You are not a happy person, and you are desperate to make excuses for that instead of looking within. It comes across in your videos, and that’s why your “regularly scheduled program” is coming to an end. Who wants to watch someone so insincere and uncommitted? I watched your “This Channel is Closed” video, and it was particularly distasteful how you whined about how little money you made off of Youtube; a real slap in the face to the people who watch your videos or worse, donate money to keep you going. You really come off as spoiled and entitled.

          In any case, this article has received a ton of comments, which I guess will result in compensation/attention/validation for you, so I’m sure several more comments, articles, and videos will follow. Cheers.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            You live up to your name, I see.

        • Falkner

          Jackyll really hit the nail on the head there, didn’t he? You never really wanted to do this, did you? You don’t even like being here. I find this article really revealing actually, it shows how little you think of the people who actually come to this website and how much contempt you have for them, calling them “useless neckbeards” and whatnot.

          For once in your life, why don’t you just have the ovaries to stand up and tell the truth? You don’t care that you’re a poor writer (even though you are), you don’t care that you’re a poor entertainer (again, even though you are), you don’t even care about the products you reviewed (namely Sailor Moon).

          None of that has anything to do with you quitting, the only you’re reason you’re quitting is because you’re not making the money you hoped you would by doing this. That’s all this ever was to you: a money-making scheme. You thought you could shit out a couple of half-assed videos, that the dumb neckbeards would eat them up, and that you could use the advertising money to settle your college debt and who knows? Maybe there’d even be some of it left for a holiday trip or something.

          Honestly, I’m glad you failed. Maybe now you’ll understand that us “useless neckbeards” aren’t as dumb as we seem.

      • Danielle Osgan

        The article didn’t feel bitter though. I read it as “social media can be good but can effect you personally if you take it personally.” It felt more cautionary tale than rant. And as far as PTSD goes, how was she embellishing? I have PTSD and nothing she has said in her vlogs has been an exaggeration. Periods of numbness, anxiety, and repetition compulsion are real and exist in other behavioral health problems like depression and OCD, which is why PTSD is hard to diagnose. Furthermore, what does that have to do with this article other than to prove that you are indeed a Bastard?

  • Danielle Osgan

    Magdalen you just reached 200 comments on one article, what are you going to do next?

  • Guest

    Corruption is the rust of our society and if not careful it can destroy our society.
    What does this have to do with Sarkeesian, no idea?

    • Magdalen

      Literally nothing. It’s just an example of a conversation I had once. I think the majority of shit I’m getting on this is because they saw the picture and didn’t read the article.

      • I don’t doubt that. The out and out misogynists are bad enough, but I’ve also run into people who seem to suffer some bizarre syndrome where the stuff they write about normally implies that they actually agree with many if not most of Sarkeesian’s points, but mention her name her to them and they lose their goddamn minds. I wish I was kidding. It’s like those people who say they hate Nickelback, but can’t name a single Nickelback song, they just heard someone else say they sucked and are just going along to get along.

        Well maybe that’s a bad example, Nickelback actually is pretty bad…