Snuff (1976) (part 9 of 9)

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed the story of Satahn and his all-girl cult. Not that the movie’s over yet, of course. There’s still ten more minutes left. But everything we’ve seen up to this point will now be completely forgotten. That’s right, we’ve come to the most infamous scene in Snuff, the tacked-on ending that had law enforcement and women’s groups up in arms. Yes, a girl is about to be supposedly murdered on camera for our enjoyment.

And there will be a lot of enjoyment, trust me. Not because of any sick, morbid desire to see an actual murder, but because this attempt at faking a “snuff” film is so hopelessly inept that you’ll be laughing through the whole thing.

This being the “historically significant” part, I’ve loaded this page of the recap with lots of screen captures. But please be forewarned, some of these images will be gory. Of course, not realistically or convincingly gory, but gory nonetheless.

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Multi-Part Article: Snuff (1976)

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