Snuff (1976) (part 7 of 9)

We immediately return to the poorly-lit old mill where Satahn did Angelica like an animal. One of the women’s voices (doesn’t really matter who, they all sound the same, and it’s probably the same actress dubbing their lines, anyway) is heard telling Satahn that “Being your servant is, in a way, freedom!” Satahn tells her, “I demand more than anyone else could!” But if you look at our benefits package and 401K plan, I think you’ll like working for this cult.

Satahn asks, “How can you call that freedom?” It turns out to be Angelica he’s talking to as she replies, “I’ve chosen it, and I’m happy!” Ten seconds later, Satahn asks, “You are happy, then, in bondage?” Well, hello, Mr. Short Term Memory. What did she just say?

“Ever since I was a little girl,” Angelica says, “I’ve always been in bondage.” We then get a wild, spinning pan around the mill as space-age sound effects are dubbed in. As it turns out, banging on your Moog as you twirl the camera around on a tripod is the really cheap, incompetent way of leading us into a flashback.

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Multi-Part Article: Snuff (1976)

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