Snuff (1976) (part 6 of 9)

Once we recover from all that heavy philosophy, it’s back to the “Born to be Wild” rip-off as Satahn and Angelica cruise through grassy fields on his chopper. This is one great band, man. I hear they’re called “Weppenstolf”. After about a minute of this, the two reach some abandoned buildings, and it looks exactly like the place where they “sliced” Ana’s toes earlier. So, um, where do these guys live, anyway? Do they just kind of hang out around that big pipe, like it’s their god Manos or something?

Satahn takes off his big mirrored cult-leader/CHiPs sunglasses and calls out, “Susana! Carmela!” Dinner’s ready! After a while, he says, “They’re gone. But they’ll be back.” They always come back for another slice o’ Satahn. He tells Angelica that they’ll “wait ’til dark”.

Then we hear a woman screaming, and abruptly cut to a sideways shot of the dim interior of an old mill. Eventually, the camera rights itself and the woman continues to scream.

Over in the distance, we see two of Satahn’s girls holding a woman down on a table. The woman shouts, “Lousy bastards, let me up for Christ’s sake!” Then Susana, still wearing her blue headband, comes over with a knife. It then turns out to be Angelica on the table [??]. What? Let’s back up here. Angelica rides up with Satahn on his bike, and now she’s suddenly being held down on a table? Did I miss something? Did I black out for a few minutes back there? Or does this movie just suck?

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Multi-Part Article: Snuff (1976)

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