Snuff (1976) (part 2 of 9)

There’s a cut and everyone’s gone except for Blonde Smoker Chick and Ana, who’s still lying in the grass. Blondie hands Ana a syringe and begins to tie off her arm. She tells Ana that she was lucky, and “if it wasn’t for Satahn”, they would have killed her today. With “Satahn” being the actual name of Koresh-Lite. Hey, there’s a clever name for an evil cult leader, huh? I think I was being more subtle when I called him “Koresh-Lite”.

Blondie says, “Don’t worry, in a few weeks you’ll be back to normal!” See, it’s just a normal day at your local HMO. Blondie says they really need Ana around, because no one else takes “the chances you do, to get the Stuff!” I’m not really hip to all the lingo, but I think this refers to drugs.

Blondie ties a loose knot around Ana’s arm and Ana injects herself. The actress playing Ana communicates getting “high” with the same accuracy seen in afterschool specials and ineffective PSAs. Finally, she lies back and passes out.

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Multi-Part Article: Snuff (1976)

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