Snuff (1976) (part 1 of 9)

The Cast of Characters:
The Victim AKA Julia Stiles Look-a-LikeThe Victim AKA Julia Stiles Look-a-Like. The rumor is that this actress was actually killed on camera. Was she? Well, no. She wasn’t. Or… was she? Sorry, but the answer is still no.
SatahnSatahn. An evil Charles Manson-wannabe who orders his “girls” to murder a pregnant actress. You know he’s evil because no matter where he goes, his voice echoes.
AngelicaAngelica. Of all the girls in Satahn’s cult, Angelica is his favoritest. Satahn is kind enough to have rough sex with her, then put her in charge of stalking and killing the pregnant actress.
Terry LondonTerry London. Supposedly a famous American actress. Comes to South America to make a movie, but ends up getting pregnant by Horst (below), then stabbed by Angelica. After spending time with Horst, we’re unsure as to which is the worse fate.
Maximillian MarshMaximillian Marsh. Terry’s manager, a scumbag who’s on a never-ending quest to screw her. Thankfully, he ends up gets stabbed by Angelica in a brief interlude between stock footage clips.
Horst FrankHorst Frank. A really horny guy who’s also on a never-ending quest to screw Terry. Geeky and pimply-faced, he gets the only opportunity of his life to make out with a hot woman before getting castrated [!] by Angelica. But for him, it was probably worth it.
Horst's DadHorst’s Dad. An arms dealer and all-around Big-Shot Business Man. Engages in half-assed rhetoric with Satahn about butchers and jackals before being shot by Ana.
Laughing Biker ChickLaughing Biker Chick. Another girl in Satahn’s cult. I didn’t catch her name, but she sure does find everything funny. Until she gets shot, which isn’t so funny. To her, at least. To us, it’s hilarious!
AnaAna. Another cult member. Kept around because she knows how to get “the Stuff”, which doesn’t make much sense, considering all she does is bogart it, and snort it through a Pixie Stick.
SusanaSusana. Also in Satahn’s cult. From what I can tell, the one thing that really makes her stand out from the other girls is that she wears a headband. Let’s hear it for individuality!
Carmela AKA Blonde Smoker ChickCarmela AKA Blonde Smoker Chick. Yet another girl in the cult. She doesn’t do very much but smoke. And smoke. And smoke. I swear, I caught emphysema just from watching her.
Vida Es Muerte GuyVida Es Muerte Guy. When you see his shirt you’ll understand the name. The story of Satahn’s cult abruptly ends so we can watch this “actor” as he “kills” a “girl” on the “set” of this “movie”.

Per tradition in these parts, it’s time for another Halloween special! One year ago, I chilled you to the bone with a horrifying tale of Confederate ghosts! Well… not really. But still, I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats in anticipation, wondering what horrors the Booth has in store for you this year. This time, my pretties, it’s a wicked, bloody tale of a homicidal Satanic cult and an actual murder caught on camera!

Well… not really.

This being the time of year when our most disturbing urban legends return to life and start to make the email rounds, I figured Snuff was a logical choice. See, just like the munchkin who hung himself on the set of The Wizard of Oz, or all the people who died as a result of the Poltergeist curse, this movie is responsible for one of pop culture’s most enduring urban legends.

No, it’s not the one where neighborhood psychopaths plant razor blades in candy apples or lace Twix bars with cyanide before handing them out to kids. But you’re close.

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Multi-Part Article: Snuff (1976)

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