SNL Gave Us Gay John Boehner And Sexy Michele Bachmann And We Don't Feel Good

Omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Miley Cyrus showed up on “Saturday Night Live” on, well, Saturday as both musical guest and special guest star. Ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines to discuss any of the following:

1) SNL sucks now and no one should ever watch it.
2) Justin Timberlake is the only person that should do the music guest/special guest thing.
3) I hate Miley Cyrus just ’cause.


Haha please do not talk about those things because the whole internet is already talking about them for you. Talk, instead, about how disturbed you are by the thought of a gay John Boehner and a sexy Michele Bachmann:

Miley Cyrus really brought the solid crazy AND the disturbing tongue there, but it actually falls far short of Bachmann’s stalker-fan performance with George W:

or the terrifying eyes askew State of the Union speech:


Then again, who could actually match the real life mix of frightening and barmy that Bachmann brings to the table? Good on you for trying, SNL.

TV Show: Saturday Night Live

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