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SNL Has Gall To Hire Funny Black Lady Sasheer Zamata Without Consulting The Daily Caller First

SNL Has Gall To Hire Funny Black Lady Sasheer Zamata Without Consulting The Daily Caller First

After not having a female cast member of color on the show since 2007, Saturday Night Live got its act together and is bringing Sasheer Zamata on as the first female comedian of color since Maya Rudolph left.

A few months back, there was a brouhaha when Saturday Night Live announced new cast members, and there was nary a woman of color among them. And then Kenan Thompson dumped gasoline on the fire by sorta saying that black ladies maybe weren’t just funny enough.

But Zamata, she is funny! We went and checked, because after years of having our hearts broken, we do not really trust SNL’s life choices.

Does she talk about race in her humor sometimes? Yes she does, much to the dismay of mouth-breathers like Daily Caller’s Patrick Howley, who is convinced that because she has ladyparts, she is probably not funny. Also black.

Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels has admirably done his duty to progressive America and hired an unfunny black woman.

Michaels, who announced last month that he was going to hire a black female cast member and held segregated auditions, has signed “Upright Citizens Brigade” performer Sasheer Zamata. […]

Zamata’s apparent inability to be funny is just one of numerous obstacles that she has bravely overcome in her quest to fill a token quota on the vaunted Saturday Night Live cast. She is also a woman, meaning that she is physically and culturally averse to being funny according to a brilliant essay by the late Christopher Hitchens.

We think that Howley is maybe trying to make a sarcastic reference with the Hitchens reference, but probably absolutely not, because Patrick Howley is not funny. Patrick Howley is where funny goes to die. This is not true, however, of Sasheer Zamata! Yay! There are many other bits of funny from her on the internet, and since she has been actually factually employed as a comedian for quite some time now, the tokenism accusation kinda only makes sense if you start from the premise that black women are not funny or the equally stupid premise that women generally are not funny, or the blindingly dumb premise that a television show that mocks a bunch of different types of people — some of whom are black ladies! like Michelle Obama! — might find it appealing to have a black lady person play these characters rather than dumping Kenan Thompson in drag yet again.

Also, did we mention she is funny? SHE IS FUNNY.

See that there thing? We would much rather watch that sketch than many SNL sketches from this year. The unillustrious Mr. Howley may also be troubled by this video, in which Zamata dresses as a dude for much of the bit AND calls out dudes for doing random weird harassy things like where they just whip their dick out for no reason on the street.

Since Patrick Howley is the guy that thinks drag queens should be closeted and flamboyant and live without equal rights, because that is what Patrick Howley likes, no homo, we’re not sure that he has a great sense of humor as far as talking about gender stereotypes. Scratch that, we are sure he does not have a great sense of humor. Full stop.

Howley isn’t the only right-wing comedian wannabe coming up with real zingers about this hiring decision:


That is a thigh-slapper, John Nolte! You are like the racist uncle we ignore at the holidays! Also, you straight up stoled your bit from former Secretary of the Interior James Watt:

[referring to his staff] I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.

In short, welcome aboard, Sasheer Zamata. Even if your star does not burn brightly on SNL, you will have already brought us the infinite joy of calling out Patrick Howley and John Nolte, which is a good day’s work.

[Daily Caller/Daily Beast]

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  • msanthropesmr

    I feel sorry for this person. To be saddled with the stink that is the current Saturday Night Live…

  • Enfant Terrible

    Watched the videos – Sasheer will do just fine.

  • zb77

    John Nolte – What’s the deal with Conservative Comedians? They’re not funny. And their politics are ignorant.Sorry, there’s no Seinfeld punchline. Seriously, WTF, Conservative Comedians?

    • msanthropesmr

      Take my conservative comedian – Please!

  • Farb

    First off, James Watt WAS a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. But he wasn’t funny. Second off, if SNL was trying to be reflective of American society they would have hired at least 1/ 312,000,000 of ME! And I’m not funny, too! Third off, SNL has done the world a favor not hiring someone named after a horn material or a red nosed reindeer, or threatening us with Steve Martin’s banjo! Good on ’em. Also,Sasheer Zamata is a more mellifluous name than Imamu Kabota Ube, who was the unfunny runner up in the Unfunny Auditions which consisted mainly in plain genealogical vetting to insure SNL was not duped by Sun Your Buns season ticket holders. .

  • DL

    I’m really getting sick of sexists and racists citing that Hitchens article, as Hitchens was neither. Hitchens was just being a troll when he wrote that thing and was not taking it anywhere near as seriously as the people he offended with it were.

    • Farb

      Hitchens was always being a troll. When asked what he had done the night before he often said, Crossed swords with a fuckwit on telly again. Well, not really. Actually he grunted and went back to eating children.

  • Jay B.

    So long as the crippled Injun is funny, or can fart in tune, or has a voice box whose robot logic produces any words at all, she or he will be funnier than John Nolte. Their crutches would be funnier.

  • el_chupacabra

    John Nolte has not earned the right to use that avatar.

  • guest

    I wonder if Christopher Hitchens would think Patrick Howley is funny?

  • Morsigh

    I’m not sure. Have we seen her Matthew McConaughey?

  • Esteban Rey

    SNL hires black female cast member. Totally not racist not sexist conservatives explode with outrage.

  • Lazy Media

    OK, I’m adding her to my list of hot, funny, young black women that I will restrain from creeping on. Jessica Williams says welcome aboard!

  • jillelswick

    Hitchens’ essay didn’t claim that women *couldn’t* be funny. It did, however, make the bizarre claim that, from an evolutionary perspective, men were more likely to be funny because they needed to attract mates. I can think of a lot of other qualities besides humor a cave man would need to attract a mate. But we all know Hitchens wrote while heavily drunk. I look forward to seeing what Sasheer Zamata does with SNL. I hope she steals the show.

    • msanthropesmr

      Because, judging from adolescent males, nothing attracts mates more than stuffing things in or out of nasal appendages.

    • Fault_and_Fracture

      Actually, Hitchens is right when he states that psychological research indicates that in our evolutionary context, women valued humour in their mates more than men valued humour in their mates — and thus it was more important for men to be funny in our environment of evolutionary adaptedness. (I’d recommend reading David Buss on divergent evolution between the sexes). However, what the geniuses at the Daily Caller/MRA-types seem to conclude from this evolutionary quirk (which they don’t believe in anyway because “science”) is that in the modern context women can’t be funny ever, under any circumstances. And as our Mommyblog(s)/ comedians/ media/ actual conversations with real-life women every day of our lives would indicate, that is basically the opposite of true (obvi).

      • Swampgas_Man

        Cuz mens don’t like to be laughed at, or joked about?

        • Fault_and_Fracture

          Nah, basically men could almost exclusively judge their ideal mates by their physical appearance (i.e. ability to reproduce), while women needed more information about their mates before sex than “what does he look like.” Which is just so typical of womyn. mirite?

      • Farb

        But…but…aren’t we devo now?

    • rebecca

      As I recall, but it’s been years, his point was only fat, gay, or Jewish women could be funny.I guess because men weren’t distracted by wanting to fuck us.

  • The Oracle

    1.) Hitchens’s famous article is wrong. There are many hilarious, non-butch women. I know quite a few myself;2.) The stand-up clips of Sasheer Zamata are not funny. Their inclusion undermines the article’s whole point;3.) Lisa Needham needs to learn basic English grammar. “Stoled”? “Weren’t just” (instead of “just weren’t”)?

    • peteywheats

      New here?

      • msanthropesmr

        IKR? – very earnest.

    • Craig Thom

      I am new here, too, and I have not read anything by Lisa Needham before, but I get it.

  • LesBontemps

    Wait, Maya Rudolph is black?

    • Marissa Pherson
      • yep-sorry, article should have referred to Rudolph as female comedian of color (and is now fixed) and also too Minnie Riperton is the bomb, except I somehow never knew, the entire time I watched SNL, that Rudolph was her daughter. Let’s all help me do my penance by listening to Riperton sing “Les Fluers,” which remains one of the greatest songs of the 1970s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1kDd6yBQZ4

    • Marissa Pherson

      She’s mixed. Her mom was Minnie Riperton, known for singing “Lovin’ You.” (Lovvvin’ you, is eazy cuz you’re beautiful”) Google for a pic.

      • LesBontemps

        The jokes, we make them, but sometimes maybe not so funny. See also too, e.g., “Wait, Barack Obama is black?”

        • Marissa Pherson

          Jokes on internet are less apparent than jokes made in person with things like vocal intonation, body language… none of which are available on the interwebz. Also, the sheer volume of stupid people on the internet makes any “possibly joking” comment more likely to be “actually dumb and serious.” I’ve just given up.

          • LesBontemps

            Ah, then you must come and snark with us at HappyNiceTime’s slutty sister site, teh Wonkette.

      • Craig Thom

        To me her mother was known for singing with Rotary Connection, and amazing psychedelic funk band.

    • mixed race (and fixed in the post) – see comment downstream with longer apology!

  • Swampgas_Man

    You muffed it by not referring to Nolte as Moynihan’s “Drunk Uncle” character.

  • glennisw

    The answer to John Nolte’s question is “before they’d ever consider hiring you.”

  • Ok…. I did TWO standup gigs. Fucking hard as hell. I took classes from a great teacher in LA. But while he took my money and a lot of other women’s money, he stood by his belief that women just weren’t funny. We gave him shit about it but he didn’t budge. Some of my fellow female classmates are living and working as comedians in LA right now, due, in part, to his teaching. So…? I don’t think it’s evolution or science. It’s just prejudice.

  • Run2Live

    Patrick Howley and John Nolte are just two poster children illustrating where funny goes to die.So, this horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Hey, why the long face?”

  • Run2Live

    Jessica Williams from The Daily Show would add some serious fire power to SNL, but I doubt she would take the demotion.

  • DrShitferbrains

    Two words: Amy Poehler. Two more words: Sarah Palin. Still don’t think women can be funny?