SNL'S Fake Ad For 'CNN Pregnancy Test' Not Quite As Bad As Actual CNN

Saturday Night Live has a pretty creative take on CNN’s constant, terrible coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner: What if CNN made a pregnancy test? You’d get constant updates, but no real information. It’s a cute fake ad, even if it’s no Happy Fun Ball, but it might have been funnier if instead of the constant “still searching for pregnancy” updates it had thrown a few more jabs at the substance of CNN’s lack of substance, like asking if the pregnancy could be detected by a psychic or showing a hologram of a uterus, complete with Wolf Blitzer turning off the lights in the studio to demonstrate how dark it is inside a lady’s mommyparts. And is it unreasonable to ask if your baby could have two heads? For what it’s doing, it’s a cute enough ad, but we miss the classic SNL fake ads, maybe even the Love Toilet.


TV Show: Saturday Night Live

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