Smelly Cats Gonna Smell, Smell, Smell, Smell, Smell


Taylor Swift was just eight-years-old when Ross famously declared “We were on a break!” and a mere 14 when Friends broke its promise to always be there for us (unless you count reruns and Netflix), but the pop starlet and her fan base remain as devoted to the iconic sitcom as ever.


She even invited Lisa Kudrow on stage at a recent concert in L.A. for a moving rendition of “Smelly Cat”…

The show feels quintessentially 1990s to those of us who watched us at the time—and thus associate it with a specific period of our own lives. But we’re dead wrong. As the years wear on, Friends is slowly proving itself timeless in a way that its contemporaries like Seinfeld and Frasier aren’t.

Today’s 14-year-olds may like Jerry, Kramer, and crew well enough, but those characters belong to their parents. Not so with Monica, Chandler, and pals. As young teens get old enough to understand the complexities and insights of Friends, and as they get even older and experience some of the same romantic travails in their own lives, they’re making the show their own.

Later this month in London, Comedy Central UK is hosting “FriendsFest,” where you can shell out five pounds to wander around a replica of Monica and (Rachel/Chandler)’s apartment and drink coffee at shop vaguely resembling Central Perk. Actually, you can’t. The damn thing sold out in 13 minutes.

Comedy Central UK is currently airing six and a half hours of Friends every day. Now. In 2015. And they just shelled out big bucks to ensure they can keep air it through 2019. Netflix went even further last year and bought the rights to the entire series at $500,000 an episode.

It may well turn out to be the bargain of the day, the week, the month, or even the year.


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