VIDEO: Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

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The Horror Guru tackles the rockabilly sequel to the infamous ’80s slasher classic Slumber Party Massacre, simply titled Slumber Party Massacre II. Hold on to your butts, kids, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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  • $36060516

    Great fun. The shot of you with the pie was probably my favorite moment.

    In the first shot you showed of the boyfriend in slow motion at 2:36, I thought it was Jim Carrey (until I got another look at him later)!

    • The Horror Guru

      Glad you have fun, dude! =)

      • $36060516

        I party like a rock star!

  • Alexa

    Man the actress that played the terrible mom also played the terrible grandma from Charmed. Man that is some sucky type casting right there.

    • The Horror Guru

      That she did! I at one point had a bit where I mentioned her role in both Charmed and Night of the Demons 2, but it got cut for pacing. =)

  • Endorenna

    Is…is it just me, or does the killer in this one look an awful lot like Shane from The Walking Dead? o_0

    • The Horror Guru

      I can see it. O_O