VIDEO: Slob & Joey watch Shrek Forever After

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While at MAGFest, the Cinema Slob met up with our own Joey Tedesco to watch Shrek Forever After, the fourth film in the highly successful Shrek franchise. What they got instead was a lot more than they expected.

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  • MichaelANovelli

    I liked the part with me in it!

    • Joseph Tedesco

       Gee… I wonder why?! ;-)

  • Wait wait…why is Joey playing the Slob character too? D:

  • Nevermind, this is hilarious xD

  • Cinema_Slob

    I totally just realized I goofed and left a massive gap after the end credits before the blooper. I can either change this and re-upload, or leave it as is. And since it’s 3:30am I think you know which one I’m choosing. 

    • danbreunig

       It’s okay, Slob–just think of it as that hidden track at the end of your (video version of a) CD.

  • Sofie Liv

    Okay.. This was bloody hillarious! I loved it, and I laughed out loud, it really put a smile on my face!

    That was one good drunken rant! I want in next year! 

    • Cinema_Slob

       You’ve got it Sofie! We’ll all drink and watch something together.

      • Sofie Liv

        careful! My honest thought when I saw you pull that hip flask out of your pocket.. my thoughts were that if it was me sitting there next to you, you wouldn’t have gotten a chance to drink from it. I would just have taken it from you, drunk from it myself, and then stuffed it into my own pocket… or alternatively.. taken it from you, drunk it all in one go, and then hand the empty hip flask back to you.

        • Joseph Tedesco

           If we’re going to watch something drunk together, it’s going to be Rowdy Rathore! Yep, still hung up on that one!

          • MichaelANovelli

            Yes!  We must show Sofie this movie!

  • I was half expecting to see a PSA warning about drugs at the end of this episode.

  • MephLord

    I like a site that encourages alcohol consumption.  Because a lot of the movies are unwatchable while sober.

  • Mikey

    This video is a reminder that I need to make sure I lock my hotel room’s door when I’m not in.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Yeah, you never know *who* might come in!  ;-)

  • Torgeaux

    Joey, you must be only 1 out of 5,000,000 Americans that know about Guy Fawkes Day.  

    I remember my first beer too.

    • Joseph Tedesco

      Remember, remember… ;-)