VIDEO: Slither (2006)

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This movie about crawling slugs that turn the local townsfolk into mindless space zombies is the latest review from the Horror Guru! Or… is it?

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  • $36060516

    I actually stopped watching this after the aliens appeared because it looks like a movie I’d like to see and don’t want it all spoiled. But I did enjoy your over-the-top wink after the Nathan Fillion Castle joke!

  • Alexa

    Too many dead dogs and cats…Can’t handle it… :'(

    But besides that it looks like a good horror film. 🙂

  • Thomas Stockel

    If the movie’s intention was to both fascinate and disgust me…then mission accomplished.

  • Hey Horror Guru! You suck! This site needs more Joey Tedesco and less you!

    • Joey Tedesco?! That kid can suck eggs for all I care! He owes me money!

      …wait, April Fools is over?

  • edharris1178

    I love this movie, it deserved the kind of push Snakes on a Plane got the same year.

  • Sand Ripper

    I liked this movie, but it took way too much time setting up its simple premise. By the time everything got into full swing, the movie was nearly over.