Sleepy Hollow: The Sleepiest Sleepy Hollow Ever (S3 E5 RECAP)

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After enjoying what arguably was Sleepy Hollow’s strongest Season 3 episode last week (I’m still thinking about that creepy tooth fairy), the special BonesSleepy Hollow crossover Halloween episode was a major disappointment. I was expecting the writers to bring their “A” game to attract new viewers.  Instead, the episode put this long time Sleepy Head to sleep each time I tried to watch it. This is a very short recap because the episode did nothing to move the overarching plot forward and the monster of the week was just a rehash of prior monsters.. Also, we’ll be posting an extensive meta-commentary about Sleepy Hollow’s third season later this week.


General Howe, the skeleton examined in the Bones half of the crossover event, a former British general in the Revolutionary War and an EOC (Enemy of Crane), is reanimated by Pandora during the opening scene of the Sleepy Hollow episode. Howe then raises his army of “Draugr,” which we’re told are zombie warriors. Howe and his zombie soldiers attempt to open fire on Halloween trick or treaters, but Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny, and Joe defeat the zombies using weaponized “Greek fire.” (Sleepy Hollow films in Atlanta now. Would have been nice if they’d shared some of that weaponized Greek fire with our buddy, Glen from The Walking Dead!)

We’re five episodes in and we still have no idea why Pandora is targeting Abbie and Ichabod and what any of it has to do with the rest of us.   There have been a few lines saying she’s trying to create fear, but that’s pretty vague. This week, she paused to steal Halloween candy from a little girl dressed up as Cookie Lyon from Empire. Other than that, she’s still the creepy gardener in a hood who speaks in riddles. Each week, the witnesses defeat the monsters she raises, but she’s unperturbed and her blossoms continue to bloom. Without the apocalypse that loomed over us in the first and second seasons, I want to like Pandora, but her schtick still feels too random to pique my interest.

Jenny and Joe’s recurring subplot…

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