Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Who's Your Daddy? (S2:E11)

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With Moloch now manifest on this plane and the apocalypse drawing near, an epic battle between good and evil is coming to a head, and it’s not entirely clear which side everyone is on.

It’s a dark and stormy night. Abby and Ichy drive to Frederick Manor to try to catch up with Moloch. He’s nowhere to be seen, but they do find something else: Katrina and the Headless Horseman engaged in a “binding” ritual designed to officially make them husband and wife, no Justice of the Peace required.

But gay marriage, now that's an abomination

But gay marriage, now that’s an abomination

Ichabod attacks the Horseman and frees Katrina. He demands that the Horseman tell him where Moloch is, but again, there is the problem of the Horseman having no mouth. Katrina casts a spell to extend the powers of her magic necklace so that Ichabod can see the Horseman as Abraham. Abraham doesn’t spill the beans on Moloch’s whereabouts, but he does drop one other interesting tidbit: apparently, if you use the Sword of Enoch to kill, it also takes your soul.

Our heroes don’t know whether the Horseman is telling the truth, so they decide to do further research. In the meantime, they hold him captive to see what other info he drops. Katrina is to be the chief interrogator. According to Ichabod, “It is up to Katrina to gather more intelligence.” Well, she certainly does look smart.


Reading through Grace Dixon’s journal, Jenny finds information confirming the Horseman’s assertion. Abbie and Ichabod are willing to die in order to defeat Moloch, but Jenny has another idea.

"Who do we know who's already lost his soul?"

“Who do we know who’s already lost his soul?”

Yeah, they need Irving. Is anybody else reminded of the old “Blacks Without Soul” skit?

Anyway, they search for Irving and find him with surprising speed. He’s not a very good fugitive. After a certain amount of dickering, Irving agrees to help prevent the apocalypse. It was either that or staying in and watching TV.

Back in his holding cell, the Horseman finally gives up the goods: Moloch is at the same damn place in the woods where every other thing on this show has always happened. He’s burning the four white trees black. When the first was burned, it brought lightning; the second will bring blood; with the third, a demon army will rise; and when the fourth is burned, Purgatory and Earth will be completely merged, which will suck indeed.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Katrina find time to talk over their personal issues. Ichabod doesn’t trust her and thinks she’s been altogether too chummy with the Horseman. He isn’t sure about the strength of their marriage since he just interrupted her marrying another dude. They agree to be “on a break.” By the way, it’s hailing blood, so the second tree must have burned.

At last, everybody gets going to confront Moloch in the woods. The third tree burns, and the demon army rises. Irving slays multiple demons with the Sword of Enoch and finally comes face to face with Henry’s armored Horseman of War avatar.

"Thank God I'm wearing my enchanted hoodie"

“Thank God I’m wearing my enchanted hoodie”

Irving destroys the avatar but is also fatally wounded. He’s dead. Abbie takes it especially hard, but Ichabod comforts her.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Who's Your Daddy? (S2:E11)

This is awkward

Our group still hasn’t reached Moloch, who’s standing at a safe distance, saying abusive things to Henry, who regards him as something of a father figure.

Father of the Year

Father of the Year

Moloch tells Henry to go fight, now that the avatar has been destroyed, but Henry doesn’t want to face the Sword of Enoch wearing only a sweater vest. Moloch insists that Henry sacrifice himself. (And Lord of the Rings movie fans wet themselves over how ironic this all is.)

"That was totally not our deal."

“So this is what Faramir felt like.”

Henry finally agrees and goes to confront our heroes. When he arrives, everyone struggles over the sword. For a time Ichabod has it. He points it at Henry’s throat but tells Henry he’ll spare him because his real target is Moloch. Henry snatches the sword away from Ichabod, and everybody proceeds to Moloch’s favorite spot in the woods.

There, Moloch commands Henry to kill Katrina, but Ichabod pulls the whole “kill me instead” deal. Henry points the sword at Ichabod but then swings around and stabs Moloch, opting to save his real father. This is truly the end of an era.



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