Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Who Raised You? (S2:E14)

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Have you ever wondered what the deal with Hawley is? Like, what’s his story? Well, in this episode, you’re going to find out. Plus, we’ll take a trip to Fort Knox (not the real one in Kentucky, but another one in Sleepy Hollow), process Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship, and fight a new demon.

Four heroes walk into a bar. Namely, Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny, and Hawley–and they’re there to sing karaoke. Soon, Hawley makes an excuse to leave.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Who Raised You? (S2:E14)

“No, no, your singing’s great. I just have to see a broker about an artifact”

He goes to meet the broker and is surprised to find Carmilla, the woman who raised him after his parents died. One gets the feeling that they are not on good terms. Carmilla wants Hawley help her rob the mansion of Theodore Knox, of the Fort Knox Knoxes, which will be tough, since it’s probably locked down like Fort Knox. When Hawley says he doesn’t want to go along, Carmilla shows him her fangs.



Back at the bar, Jenny is getting anxious that Hawley hasn’t returned (he said he would be “right back”) and isn’t answering his phone. Abbie, who has apparently installed an alarm system at the archives, gets a notice that they have been broken into. Our heroes leave to investigate.

At the archives, Jenny spots Hawley, who seems to be stealing something. She starts chasing him, but Carmilla jumps out and attacks her. When Ichabod shoots Carmilla with an arrow, her true nature is revealed. (Surprise, she’s a demon!) Not for the first time on this show, Abbie says, “What the hell was that?”

Let’s check in with the B plot. At a court hearing, the judge reveals that all charges against Frank Irving are being dropped. Irving is psyched, but his semi-estranged wife Cynthia, who is acting as his lawyer, isn’t so sure.

"Hey, just because you’re back from the dead doesn’t mean we aren’t broken up"

“Hey, just because you’re back from the dead doesn’t mean we aren’t broken up”

Back in the main storyline, Hawley and the demon get away. Ichabod does minimal research and finds out what kind of demon Carmilla is–a Vitala, which is a creature that serves Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. Ichabod suggests that the team split up. Abbie and Jenny will go find the guy Hawley supposedly met earlier about an artifact; Ichabod will go get Katrina and pursue Hawley directly.

Abbie and Jenny find Hawley’s contact, one Patrick McKenna, at the pawn shop McKenna owns and they interrogate him.

Jenny is good at “bad cop,” well, except for the “cop” part

Jenny is good at “bad cop,” well, except for the “cop” part

McKenna tells them a woman named Carmilla Pines paid him to set Hawley up. Jenny recognizes the name of Hawley’s godmother, who is a shady treasure-hunter type.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Katrina are at the archives, trying to figure out what it was that Hawley stole. The place is quite a mess, and it’s hard to say what has gone missing. As they’re sorting through things, Ichabod comes across the sigil that the angel Orion gave Abbie. He realizes what the object must be (a means of contacting Orion) and that Abbie didn’t tell him about it.

It’s kind of like finding a guy’s phone number in your girlfriend’s pocket while your wife is standing right there

It’s kind of like finding a guy’s phone number in your girlfriend’s pocket while your wife is standing right there

Eventually, Ichabod figures out that what Hawley took was architectural designs belonging to Henry Knox, the Knox for whom the famous fort was named. Ichabod remembers Knox as being obsessed with locks and puzzles. Basically, he was a colonial-era geek. Ichabod shares this info with Abbie and Jenny when they return to tell him what they found out about Carmilla.

Speaking of Carmilla, Hawley is delivering the blueprints to her. He shows her the plans for the Knox house, which is an intricate labyrinth of puzzles and locked corridors. Carmilla tells Hawley that she was turned into a demon against her will. She tells him that she needs an artifact from the Knox house in order to be turned human again. Hawley doesn’t trust her (he originally ran away from her after witnessing her commit a murder–and she wasn’t even a demon then!), but he eventually agrees to help.

Jenny has knowledge of Theodore Knox, the current owner of the Knox house. He is a collector of mystical artifacts, like so many folks on this show. He hosts these fancy swap meets at the mansion where people in the biz trade their strange prizes. Abbie and Ichabod agree that they should totally go. They grab a few choice items from the archives to trade and head that way.

In the secondary plot, Irving is back living with Cynthia, but the arrangement is making her distinctly uncomfortable. She wants to have Katrina check him out to make sure he’s okay and not somehow still creepily tied to the Horseman of War.

Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod arrive at the party and split up to work the crowd. Abbie and Ichabod spot Carmilla and go after her. Ichabod is soon derailed by the party host himself, who is intrigued by the crossbow Ichabod is carrying, but Abbie keeps pursuing her.

Meanwhile, Jenny is looking around for Hawley. She catches up with him just as he is breaking into one of the Knox house’s intricate vaults.

With this Netbook, I shall rule the world!

With this Netbook, I shall rule the world!

He won’t tell Jenny what he’s up to and to add insult to injury, he takes away her cell phone and locks her in a closet. Hawley opens the vault for Carmilla, who is still being followed by Abbie. Abbie attracts attention to herself by shooting at Carmilla, who grabs her by the throat and lifts her off her feet. Ichabod catches up to them and points his crossbow at Carmilla, who says she’ll kill Abbie if he shoots. Hawley arrives and talks everybody down. He tells Carmilla he’ll stay with her if she lets his friends go. She agrees and they leave together, locking our heroes in the vault so they can’t follow.

Alone at last

Alone at last

Being locked in a vault together gives Abbie and Ichabod ample time to work through their issues. They talk about how they need to communicate better, and Ichabod confronts Abbie about not telling him about Orion’s sigil. She apologizes for that but confronts Ichabod about letting the Headless Horseman live without giving her a vote.

Next, we see what is happening with Carmilla and Hawley. She is drugging him and telling him that they can “be a family again.” This can’t be good.

Having finished their 50-minute therapy hour, Ichabod and Abbie turn their attention to the matter at hand–getting out of the vault. Ichabod pushes a promising button with the alchemic symbol for iron on it, but it only makes matters worse. Spikes shoot out of the walls, which start closing in on them. Ichabod isn’t sure which button to push next, so Abbie asks what Henry Knox loved. Ichabod puches the button with the symbol for gold, and the vault opens. Now that’s teamwork! And logic! And problem solving!

Jenny, too, has escaped from her closet. Our heroes meet up and they are able to track the whereabouts of Jenny’s phone, still in Hawley’s possession.

Carmilla is using the artifact she stole from the Knox house, a statue of the goddess Kali, not to turn herself human, as she claimed, but to turn Hawley into a Vitali. As the process is starting, our heroes burst in and attack. Ichabod stabs Carmilla with a crossbow bolt, and Jenny frees Hawley. Carmilla isn’t dead though, and she’s fast; she escapes and disappears into the night.

The next day, Hawley returns the items he stole to the archives. While he’s there, he bids Jenny goodbye; he’s going to track down Carmilla.

Having achieved that closure, we must now resolve the B plot. Katrina performs a spell to see inside Irving’s soul. She looks and basically reports that no news is good news. She doesn’t think he has any remaining ties to the Horseman of War. She has no idea why he’s alive instead of dead, but she thinks it’s probably cool. Upon hearing this news, Irving hugs Cynthia, but take a look at what he doesn’t see reflected in the cabin window:

Oh crap

Oh crap

Apparently, no one noticed this until now.

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