Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Quite the Hellish gain (S2:E3)

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This week we find Sleepy Hollow taking a look at the financial industry and how evil is using it to corrupt the innocent and win their war. Hard to believe they’re going to try and connect Wall Street with Sleepy Hollow, but OK, I’ll bite. There’s no shortage of evil scum there and the show could run for ages. Like Spooky Gunsmoke. Oh wait, they’re not? Shit.


Actually the story revolves around the lovable Henry Parrish (aka Ichabod Crane’s long lost son aka The Horseman of War) using a tainted Tyrian shekel to turn the town of Sleepy Hollow into jealousy-fueled chaos. It’s a fine return to the standalone, but still connected format that takes us away from the greater narrative and allows us to just spend some time with the devious entities on the side of this conflict. Monster of the week returns, X-Files fans!

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The story picks up with a direct reference to last week’s conclusion. Crane and Abbie Mills attempt to visit the now “insane” Captain Irving in the mental hospital, only to find that they are barred by his new lawyer, Henry Parrish. Turned away, they end up responding to a situation at a local bank, with shots fired and everything. Mills rushes inside to assess the situation and finds the kindly, nice bank teller holding everyone hostage and trying to take what she feels is hers. She’s clearly out of it, but the dark shadows that appear around her eyes tell a more sinister story. Before Mills can talk her down, Reyes enters and shoots the teller dead. This is the first of Reyes’ no-nonsense, dimwitted actions in this episode.

This is when the investigation begins, and we’re informed of the shekel’s involvement into the bank incident. Crane goes into his history lesson and how it connects to the plot, revealing that the Tyrian shekel now floating around Sleepy Hollow is the result of British “shovers” during the Revolutionary War. The coin comes from the blood money paid to Judas in the Bible, hence evil. The same coin corrupted Benedict Arnold back in the day, explaining his betrayal within the history of the show. Crane was involved of course, but it wouldn’t be proper if he wasn’t. Also Ben Franklin pops up again and why wouldn’t he? He’s awesome.

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With this batch of revelations and the Judas/Jesus connection established, we know what we are dealing with and what the stakes are for the episode. This leads to a cutaway of another coin-possessed individual building a bomb and cursing his father. Quite the way to spend an evening, I guess? I usually just choose to read a book and damn my family that way.

In the meantime, Crane and Mills head off to find bounty hunter Nick Hawley for more information on the evil coin. The now free Jennifer Mills gives them the hot tip and reveals that she’s got a sweet community service gig to get out from behind bars. Will she come into play later in the episode? Yeah, of course. She’s the whipping girl of the show. If she isn’t being threatened or possessed at least once an episode, something is wrong.

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Hawley is a complete rip-off of Dirk Pitt/Matthew McConaughey, although I’m not sure why a bounty hunter would instantly know everything about coins without some sort of reference. Of course, if that’s all I have to worry about in an episode of Sleepy Hollow, they’re not doing their damn job.


He gives them a taste of information, but wants something in return: the accursed coin. A request Crane and Mills aren’t ready to concede to, leaving him behind for the moment. He’ll be back too, in more than one episode I assume, but definitely this one. They created an instant rivalry between him and Crane that is too good to pass up in future episodes.

The bomb from earlier finally explodes, pushing the story forward a bit. Parrish manages to collect the coin later at the police evidence lockup and flips it on towards the new community service worker Jenny Mills. Note to self: always pick up random coins you find on the street, even if you can’t spend them. It’s perfectly normal to find Roman money in a 21st century town in New York. Nothing crazy about it at all, even if demons are running around trying to destroy the planet. I’ll just pick up this random coin and pocket it for later, so I can buy a Kit Kat or something.

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The coin instantly corrupts Jenny, sending her on a mission to ruin her sister’s life that eventually leads her to want to kill Sheriff Reyes. This creates a chase, something this show is always good at maintaining and executes well. The only drawback here is that it shows just how unaware Reyes is about anything around her. You have more than one person telling you that crazy shit is happening, including demons, monsters, and Hessian secret societies invading small American towns. All crazy shit. Yet here she is, still talking about cartels and treating things like a stonewall skeptic. She almost deserves to be possessed or something. Hopefully that’s something that is revealed later in the season, like shes the third Horseman. Total redemption at that point, no doubt about it.

All this time, over in the B-plot of the show, Katrina is playing her goody housewife spy in the Headless Horseman’s love cottage. She’s needling at the Horseman’s desires and playing with Henry Parrish’s anger at being rejected as her son, showing she knows where he is living and why he’s living there. Burning beds and emotional issues follow, but it’s all there to just keep the pot simmering. They exchange some scary talk, but it is clear that Katrina has the upper hand at the moment. At least I think she does. She’s not dead and she’s not sacrificed to Moloch, so that’s a plus.

And not to go off the recap path here, but is The Kindred still running around out there? I mean he was basically just a passing mention at the end of the last episode and I jokingly said he was heading to Hardee’s or something. Is he though? No one seems to care this episode. It’s like it is normal to have a two hundred year old zombie warrior walking around in your town with an axe and a taste for vengeance. Sorry, but that sort of thing bothers me. At least tie up some of the loose ends.

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Mills and Crane get back in contact with Hawley before heading out on the trail of Jenny and managing to track her to a wooded hunting area. Here is where Reyes is taking some time off from being a dingus to shoot at some helpless animals. Jenny Mills is out to shoot her and chooses the most effective, obvious hiding spot in the history of television, which Reyes doesn’t notice because she’s a fool. Reyes doesn’t see her or any of the characters, but Crane, Mills and Hawley run off to stop Jenny from taking her shot right there in the middle of the woods.


What follows is a standoff right there, and a completely oblivious Reyes a mere hundred yards away. She could be ten feet away and I think she’d still miss what was going on. Abbie and Jennifer fight for a moment before Crane runs on the scene and knocks the coin and rifle away from Jenny’s possession. It lands near Abbie for a moment, almost capturing her with its devious power, but Crane manages to kick it towards Hawley and capture it in between some conveniently placed stained glass.

Crisis is averted and evil is contained. Crane talks with Abbie and Jenny about what just transpired, Reyes walks away without ever knowing anything happened, and Hawley runs off with the coin like the tweener scoundrel he is meant to be. Bro didn’t even know that Crane was about to extend the olive branch of friendship to him. All he cares about is that cash money.

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And so we’ve come to the end of the episode. Next week looks like another single episode story, this time revolving around the mythical Pied Piper. Instead of a dainty fop with a flute leading the rats out of town, this Pied Piper means business and is out to assassinate anyone who gets in his way. I think I’d be too busy laughing at the insanity of it all if this were on any other show. Sleepy Hollow just manages to do it well and have a lot of fun with it. The hammy dialogue and wealth of exposition only add to my enjoyment.

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