Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Mommy Dearest (S2:E9)

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Police captain Leena Reyes (Irving’s replacement) assigns Abbie to a new case involving three mysterious recent suicides at Tarrytown Psychiatric Institution. Presumably, Reyes enjoys screwing with Abbie’s head because she knows that Abbie’s mother killed herself while imprisoned there 15 years ago.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Mommy Dearest (S2:E9)

Abbie and Jenny’s mom did not have a good time at Tarrytown Psychiatric

Never one to miss a beat, Abbie pays the favor forward and asks Jenny to help (Tarrytown was also the site of some of Jenny’s darkest days).

Ichabod would like to join the fun, but he has a cold!

Ichy is feeling icky

Ichy is feeling icky

I’m thinking maybe actor Tom Mison just wanted to sit one out because I kept waiting for Ichabod’s illness would figure into the plot and it doesn’t. It just functions as an explanation for why he’s not in most of this episode’s scenes.

Abbie and Jenny head over to Tarrytown. Irving is being held there because ever since he started saying it was a demon who killed that priest and those policemen, people think he’s crazy. Go figure. Abbie and Jenny ask Irving about one of the patients who committed suicide, a guy named Nelson. Irving was apparently in group therapy with Nelson and says he was improving and definitely not suicidal.


The gals review surveillance video of the patients’ rooms, looking for clues. They see the video of Nelson killing himself, and they see that a ghost was present in his room at the time. That ghost looks just like… wait for it… their mom.

You know how I said Katrina was absolutely going to snuggle Baby Moloch? Well, she does, and it turns her neck green. That’s what’s going on at Frederick Manor.

Katrina can't believe her necklace isn't real gold

Katrina can’t believe her necklace isn’t real gold

Later on, Hawley joins the Mills sisters at Tarrytown, and they all watch the monitors of patients’ rooms to see if they can figure out what’s going on in real time. They see a patient getting ready to kill himself with a shard of glass from a broken mirror. It seems like there’s no way our heroes can get to the patient’s room in time to stop the suicide attempt, but they do. When our trio arrives in the patient’s room, they see the ghost of Lori Mills there. Then, Abbie and Mama Mills both disappear.

Abbie and the ghost of her mother end up in an abandoned wing of the hospital and are just about to have a heart-to-heart when a nurse (her nametag says “Gina Lambert”) shows up and tells Abbie she can’t trespass in a closed wing. Abbie agrees to go but takes her time leaving.  Jenny finds her. Together, they notice a message Mama Mills left for Abbie.

This is ghost for "WASH ME"

This is ghost for “WASH ME”

Abbie recognizes the string of letters and numbers as a code used to label psychiatric treatment sessions. She and Jenny find the tape of that session and see 15-year-old video of their mom telling a psychiatrist that a nurse–one Nurse Lambert, that is–told her to kill herself. The psychiatrist counters that there is no Nurse Lambert, that it’s all in her head.

In the present day, Nurse Lambert is giving Captain Irving some pills and talking up the merits of suicide. Of course, Abbie and Hawley arrive just in time to stop Irving from going through with this suggestion. Irving tells them what happened, and everyone’s suspicions are confirmed when they find record of a Nurse Gina Lambert who was executed in the 1950s, having been linked to the deaths of 21 psychiatric patients. Her MO was to give them drugs to make them suggestible and then talk them into committing suicide. Ah hah! Mama Mills isn’t there to cause suicides; she’s there to fight Nurse Lambert and prevent them.

Later, Mama Mills appears to them again, this time telling them to look for the diary of their ancestor, Grace Dixon. It contains the words of a spell that can stop Nurse Lambert. Cue Nurse Lambert. She arrives and takes off with Abbie, spiriting her back to the abandoned wing. Mama Mills follows. Nurse Lambert straps Abbie to a hospital chair and tries to force her to take some pills.

This is good for you! The government says ketchup is a vegetable!

This is good for you! The government says ketchup is a vegetable!

Meanwhile, Jenny and Hawley have found Grace Dixon’s journal and are reciting the spell. When they are done, Nurse Lambert disappears, but so does Mama Mills. Apparently, this was an all-purpose ghost-dissipating spell.

Everybody, including Ichabod, who is feeling better, meets up at Tarrytown in the creepy room where Lori Mills was held in solitary confinement. They perform a séance because the girls want to see their mom one last time.


Couldn’t we have lined up boy, girl, boy, girl?

Mama Mills appears to say her goodbyes and to tell them that Grace Dixon’s diary contains another weapon in the war against Moloch, a war she is convinced they will win. She has been watching over them since her death, but her spirit is now free.

Driving away from Tarrytown, Abbie, Jenny, Hawley, and Ichabod see Irving, who is making his escape. He hops into the back of their car.

This is becoming one crowded SUV

This is becoming one crowded SUV

Back at Frederick Manor, Katrina approaches Moloch’s crib with a potion she has made to kill him. Finding the crib empty, she goes looking for Moloch and finds that he has grown into a young boy who calls her “Mama.”

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