Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Just kill her already, will you?! (S2:E7)

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Just kill her already, will you?! (S2:E7)

Unlike other viewers of Sleepy Hollow, I dislike Katrina quite a lot as a character. If I needed some sort of damsel in distress or deus ex machina, I’ve got plenty of that uber-networker Ichabod Crane. He knows almost everyone from history, is familiar with every evil spell and creature that pops up, and seems more than able to find solutions to unsolvable issues by the end of every episode.


Katrina is supposed to provide some sort of emotional resonance to the story, but all she’s done is play a device that can be used to motivate our heroes for action and cause unnecessary trouble in the form of being a cog in multiple evil plots. She could be just as spiritually relevant if she were dead. She could even talk to Crane from beyond the grave, it certainly hasn’t stopped Moloch.

She’s infuriating to me and the complete opposite of Mills in every way, a female character that actually seems to have a role in the fight against evil in this show. This particular episode really presses this issue forward because it features another wild plot with dire consequences that this show is known for, but none of it comes to pass.

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The evil poison spider enters Katrina’s body and turns out to not be so poisonous after all. The Headless Horseman is perplexed by her sickness, but Henry Parrish soon shows up with some Hessian doctors and tries to take her away for “care.” The Horseman is not a fan of this idea and he tries to fight back, feeling the wrath of Henry and sunlight in the process. This allows Katrina to bust away from her captors for a moment and make her way to a nearby hospital.

Crane and Mills find out about Katrina’s escape while at their local polling location, a sly bit of public service to ensure that people know they need get out and vote or they’re shaming their ancestors. They rush off to the hospital to tend to the sickly Katrina, only to find that she’s not too sickly and can walk out of the hospital. A small run-in with the Hessians splits the team, with Ichabod taking Katrina back to the Sleepy Hollow “batcave” and Mills following the Hessians to their weird birthing lab/morgue.

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Through some sly sleuthing, a.k.a. seeing a bed with stirrups and reading a book, we come to find that Katrina is actually just pregnant with the poison spider’s evil demon spawn. Bully, bully!

This sets into motion a race against time, which is a recurring thing on this show. If they didn’t have to race to stop evil, I don’t think they’d know what to do with themselves. Mills returns to stick around with Katrina, while Crane does the running this time and uses Irving to coax Parrish out to have a chat. The scenery gets a good chewing here, and we find out exactly what type of demon is brewing inside of Katrina’s belly: Moloch himself.

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The “king” of evil is coming into this world via cesarean, and there’s little it seems our heroes can do to stop it. At least that’s what Henry Parrish would have us believe via some super hammy evil dialogue. Turns out that Crane has a special connection to a possible solution, featuring a ripe connection to Benjamin Franklin. He is fully clothed this time around, but he is leaving codes and putting out plenty of special hints to defeat evil.


Turns out he found out the Hellfire Club had a tablet they could use to summon demons, namely Moloch, through the birth canal of a young maiden. This is the very same tablet that Abbie Mills noticed in the Hessians birthing villa from earlier in the episode, except a lot cleaner in the flashbacks.

Ol’ Franklin double crossed the Hellfire Club once he found out their plan and hid an aurora borealis stone within the tablet itself. This would create the famous sky phenomenon at will and trap whatever demon was being summoned before it breathed life in this world. What a pleasant and nicely organized solution! It’s almost like the writers of the show know they’ve only got one episode to do all of this crap in and need to rush through. God forbid we get a two-parter.

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Mills and Crane manage to talk Reyes into leading a raid into the Hessians birthing sanctuary (I’m running out of names for it), showing her some evidence of what they doing inside and how it’s going to hurt the town of Sleepy Hollow. She finally agrees to help them, thus allowing them their chance to get the tablet at the same time. Hessians go boom, Reyes says thanks, and the dynamic duo races back to save the lovely Katrina from her demon birthing fate.

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It’s just in time too because this baby is roaring to escape. So much that it is attempting to claw through Katrina’s stomach to enter the world. Mills hold her down and Crane busts out some wood panels to give a little light to the situation. He then thrusts the amulet/crystal/plot device into the sunshine and captures the essence of Moloch at precisely the right moment. Television, you wonderful creature, never change!

All is well at the end it seems, again, and Katrina is now free from the clutches of evil, again. The “shocking” twist at the end is Henry Parrish pulling a little Ben Franklin magic of his own and literally capturing lightning in a bottle. Red lightning. The kind of red lightning that we saw when Moloch was expelled from Katrina’s body and into the aurora. That or it is just next week’s major villain weapon and we’re in a never-ending cycle of silly evil plots.

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At least Hawley wasn’t around to just pop in this week, although he looks to be getting a full piece of the plot next week. I like him well enough, but he just seems like someone they plopped into this setting from another show. Like he was a throwaway from Lost that managed to make his way to the East Coast for some treasure hunting. Get an apartment, dude!

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