Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Hell's Angel (S2:E12)

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It’s been six weeks in Sleepy Hollow time since Henry dramatically switched sides and killed Moloch, and things are looking grim. Henry is nowhere to be found, Katrina and Ichabod are separated, our heroes are still holding the Headless Horseman captive, and now they’re bored, bored, bored. Still, something tells me this town won’t stay “sleepy” for long.


Abbie and Ichabod are killing some time at the local farmers market. Picking through the fruit, Ichabod finds a worm-infested apple.

Certified organic

Certified organic

Ichabod thinks the fruit is, I don’t know, possessed by a demon or something, but Abbie thinks that’s a stretch, because sometimes a rotten apple is just a rotten apple. Still, she eventually agrees to go to the farm the apple came from to check things out.

They arrive at the farm in the dead of night, just to make sure that anything they do find will be extra spooky. They look around for a while, but they don’t see anything suspicious. It seems that maybe they really have stopped the Apocalypse and that maybe the epic battle between good and evil is over and they won. It’s anticlimactic. They’re going to have to just live regular lives as regular people. Abbie says Ichabod should maybe get a job and a mortgage (with Katrina staying at the cabin, Ichabod has set up a sad bachelor pad in the archives) and Ichabod says Abbie should maybe get a husband.


“Are you seriously calling me an old maid?”

Just in time to save them from the aforementioned horrible fates, our heroes hear some evil chanting and catch sight of this:

Thank God!

Thank God!

They spy some demons casting a spell. Our heroes start the fight they’ve been itching for all along. Just when the action starts getting good, an angel swoops down from the sky and chases the demons off.


Is this outfit regulation for the heavenly host?

The angel introduces himself as Orion, and he already knows all about Abbie and Ichabod. He explains that he has been in Purgatory as a captive of Moloch for the last 200 years and that he’s tracking down and killing some stray demons who escaped from Purgatory when he did.

All of this is very interesting, but Ichabod is distracted. He just got a text from Katrina, who has apparently adapted rather quickly to modern technology. She hasn’t said a word to him in weeks, so he’s eager to find out what she wants. He heads out to see her, leaving Abbie alone with Orion.

Katrina tells Ichabod she has found a way to separate Abraham the man from the Horseman of Death role. Ichabod doesn’t give a damn because he is so over Abraham right now, but Katrina says something like, “It was our love that drove Abraham to become the horseman. Maybe our love can save him,” so Ichabod goes along with it because he is still in love with her.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Hell's Angel (S2:E12)

“Wait, what kind of sense does that even make?”

Back at the farm, Abbie texts Jenny to say the war on evil is back on. Orion tells Abbie that now that Moloch is dead, the demons have selected a new master–the Headless Horseman. Since Abbie knows where the Horseman is and Orion is powerful enough to kill him, Abbie and the angel seem like a match made in heaven. They decide to meet up with Ichabod and Katrina and then take out the Horseman.

Meanwhile, Jenny meets up with Hawley. He’s pulled another magical artifact out of his curio shop. It’s a rock that supposedly can locate demons.


Abbie and Orion join Ichabod and Katrina and are quite surprised to find them less than enthusiastic about the “kill the Horseman” idea. Orion introduces himself to Katrina and Katrina realizes that she has seen him before, hundreds of years ago.

"Weren't we in the same graduating class at Purgatory ?"

“Weren’t we in the same graduating class at Purgatory U?”

Abbie pulls Ichabod aside and tells him it’s not a good idea to let Katrina work her magic on Abraham because, if it fails, it will leave them all vulnerable to the Horseman. While they are talking, Katrina somehow manages to slip away to go see Abraham.

Abraham agrees to let Katrina try to separate him from the Horseman. (They don’t go into the specifics, but apparently, it’s a long process.) He tells her he’d like to be free and promises not to kill anyone. Stupidly, she lets him go. When Abbie, Ichabod, and Orion arrive at the cell, they find the Horseman gone.

What the...?

What the…?

Everyone is mad at Katrina for releasing the Horseman, and Ichabod is double mad at her for using their marriage to manipulate him. Our heroes part ways with Orion, but Orion has given Abbie an amulet in the same shape as the weapon he uses (a sort of bladed throwing disc). The amulet can be used to summon him at any time. Abbie thinks Orion is pretty neat, but Ichabod says he doesn’t trust him–and you have to admit the dude has crazy eyes.

"Call me when there's killing to be done."

“Call me when there’s killing to be done.”

Later, Jenny and Hawley are having a hard time getting their demon-seeking rock to work.

"I can't get reception on this thing"

“I can’t get reception on this thing”

They eventually smash it apart and find a small orb inside. Then, they are able to see that all the demons are meeting up with the Headless Horseman at a carriage house. Jenny calls Abbie with this info, and she calls Orion for help.

Meanwhile, Ichabod has been digging up some dirt on Ole Mister Crazy Eyes. He’s found reference to Orion in the Apocryphal texts, and it seems that Orion tends to show up right before huge natural disasters that kill lots of people. (If that’s what the Apocrypha has on him, Lord only knows what incriminating evidence could be found on his old MySpace page.)

Abbie and Orion meet up, and Orion can’t wait to kill the Horseman. He mentions how doing so will make him more powerful and put him in a position to bring judgment upon the entire human race. He also notes that he’d like to kill Katrina, a prime example of humanity’s evil. While Abbie’s no fan of Katrina, she doesn’t literally want her dead. Abbie realizes she messed up, but she puts on a fake smile and pretends to go along with Orion’s plan.


Everyone converges at the carriage house for this episode’s melee. Orion and the Horseman face off.

I felt obligated to put a picture of the fight scene here

I felt obligated to put a picture of the fight scene here

It seems like the Horseman is coming out on top, but then Orion’s disc boomerangs and lodges in the Horseman’s back. Ichabod pulls the disc out and uses the Horseman’s axe to smash it. Orion seems to be losing his power (his eyes tone down, too) and he flies away. The Horseman takes off, a free man for now.

The last scene of the episode has nothing to do with what’s come before. We see a shoeless, dirty man walk into a convenience store, ignore the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” sign, and start slurping down milk he hasn’t paid for. It’s Captain Irving.


I don’t know if he’s dead or alive, but either way, he looks like shit.

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