Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me (S2:E10)

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In the previous episode, Abbie and Ichabod found the journal of Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon, and they were assured that it contains a weapon crucial to defeating Moloch. Now, our heroes are hanging out at the archives, scouring through the diary. So far, they’ve found nothing of interest.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me (S2:E10)

This is Washington’s Bible all over again

Next, they catch sight of Katrina in a mirror. Yes, she’s communicating with them magically, but what is she saying? Not much, really.

"I just called to say I haven't killed Moloch yet"

“I just called to say I haven’t killed Moloch yet”

Not only has she not killed Moloch, but the demon boy is growing rapidly. Later in the episode, we see Moloch in his current form as a teenager.


Of course, who can really tell they difference between a demon and a regular skulking teenager?

Apparently, talking to Katrina cleared Ichabod’s head because he soon has a breakthrough with the diary. He comes across the phrase “chosen word” and realizes that it is an anagram of “Enoch sword.” Going to the book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish text, Ichabod reads the tale of Methusalah, who killed a thousand demons with his sword. Now, Ichabod wants that sword for himself.

Next, Abbie gets a text alert that Captain Reyes has put out an ABP for Irving, currently on the lam with Jenny, who is driving him to the Canadian border. Abbie texts her a warning.


Back at the archives, more clues emerge. Grace Dixon’s diary contains a picture of Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Join or Die” editorial cartoon, and the snake’s body is curled in precisely the same shape as a river in Sleepy Hollow. Our heroes figure the snake’s “tongue” points at the spot where the sword will be.

Tongue marks the spot

Tongue marks the spot

They also find a prophecy that says, “Know yourself completely or perish when you try to see.”

“Know yourself completely” sounds kinda dirty to me, but Abbie and Ichy decide to go search for the sword without stopping to further explore themselves.

Katrina’s magic mirror also allows Henry to spy on Abbie and Ichabod, so he has followed all of this. He sends the Headless Horseman to the same spot to retrieve the sword.

On the road, Jenny and Irving see a road block. Irving gets out of the car. The plan is for him to travel through the woods on foot and hook up with Jenny on the other side.

Abbie, Ichy, and the Horseman all arrive at the tongue of the snake. It looks like there’s going to be a fight, but the sun is coming up. As the sun’s rays hit him, the Horseman starts to smolder. He is forced to ride off. Abbie wants to go get the sword, but Ichabod wants to explore himself, and not in the fun way.

Ichabod says that he is afraid that if he doesn’t really know himself, he’ll perish, just like the prophesy says, and how can he really know himself when all of the major decisions in his life were made by other people? Abraham was the one who decided that he should come to America in the first place (this revelation is accompanied by a long flashback) and Katrina was the one who decided to send him into the future, etcetera, etcetera. Ichabod goes on and on about how all of this is really all about him. Then Abbie says, “That’s going a little far, isn’t it?” which is right on, except then she starts going on and on about how Grace Dixon’s journal is her destiny, etcetera, etcetera.

"Actually, this is all about me"

“Actually, this is all about me”

Lord, these two are tedious in this episode. Let’s find the dang sword already.

Abbie and Ichy find a hidden staircase leading down into the earth. Entering the cavern, they see what appear to be statues of people of all different nationalities, from all different time periods. We the viewers see a creature with snakes for hair lurking around, and our heroes eventually realize that those statues aren’t statues, but people who have been turned to stone. Abbie and Ichy run up the stairs without looking back. (Yes! The creature of the week is a gorgon, like Medusa. I love it when the monster is something I’ve actually heard of.) Since Abbie and Ichabod can’t look at the gorgon without turning to stone, they think maybe someone else should fight it, like someone with no eyes, like someone with no head. They wait for the Horseman to come back.


At Frederick Manor, Henry tells Katrina about the plans for the evening. He shows her the horn he will blow to signal Moloch’s rise and describes how there will be a ceremony and then all hell will break loose.

"We are totally gonna jam tonight"

“We are totally gonna jam tonight”

Meanwhile, up near the Canadian border, Jenny gets a message from Irving, who is saying he will not be joining her. He’d rather live as a fugitive in America than as a free man in Canada, which is about right.

(Why he thinks Canada is safe harbor for mentally ill copkillers is left unexplored; it’s not like he’s running from the Vietnam War here, but whatever.)

"I guess I'll just go get some maple syrup or something..."

“I guess I’ll just go get some maple syrup or something…”

Right on cue, the Horseman returns, enters the cavern, and begins tussling with the gorgon.

Multiple heads are better than none

Multiple heads are better than none

Abbie and Ichabod follow, but they bypass the fight and head off into another chamber. In this one, multiple swords surround what appears to be a basin of water. Not sure which sword is the right one, Ichabod leaves Abbie to figure it out. He’ll battle the Horseman, who should be just about done with that pesky gorgon by now.

Due to some malarkey also related to self-knowledge, Ichabod sees the Horseman as its most true self, Abraham. Abraham accuses Ichabod of driving him to be evil by stealing his fiancee, outshining him at work, etcetera, but Ichabod insists that Abraham chose his own way. Ichabod yells for Abbie to give him Enoch’s sword, but she still isn’t sure which one to pick, so she just grabs one at random. It and all the others turn into snakes. (Did she not see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? She chose… poorly.)

I hate it when this happens

I hate it when this happens

Just then, the horn sounds, signaling that it is time for Moloch’s rise. The party has started, and Abraham has to go. Ichabod laughs at him for being so beholden to Moloch, but then Abraham embraces his identity as the Horseman of Death and rides off.

Abbie and Ichy would still like to have that sword. Ichabod isn’t done navel gazing, so he looks into the basin of “water,” attempting to use it as a mirror. He can’t help but notice that the water isn’t very watery because it’s oil. He sticks a torch in it for no discernible reason other than that he wants to get himself killed.

And the Darwin award goes to...

And the Darwin award goes to…

The torch goes out. Then, Abbie says, referring to the previous explorers of this cabin, “What do we have that they didn’t?” The answer is not iPhones, it’s “each other.” She and Ichabod both stick torches in the oil this time, again for no discernible reason. The oil burns away to reveal the Sword of Enoch. So it’s not so much “know yourself” as “bring a friend.” Triumphant, Ichabod says, “We shall not witness the apocalypse on this night. Moloch shall not rise,” but we the viewers see that the worst has already happened.

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