Sleepy Hollow RECAP: Date Night, Bloody Date Night (S2:E13)

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Warning: This is a very Katrina-heavy episode. It’s the Katrina-est episode that every Katrina-ed, so if that’s not your thing, well, you’ve been warned. Speaking of Katrina, she and Ichabod are going on a date.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RECAP: Date Night, Bloody Date Night (S2:E13)

She looks hot, but she’s still wearing the Horseman’s necklace

They’re going to a dinner at the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society, which is showcasing a collection of items from the home of John and Abigail Adams. One of the items is a strange unfinished painting by the artist James Colby depicting the artist James Colby painting an unfinished painting.

It's meta, I guess

It’s meta, I guess

Grant Hollister, the art restorer who has been working on the painting, approaches Ichabod and asks him if he believes in spirits. He seems highly agitated, but the curator of the show calls him away to discuss business.

Meanwhile, our Abigail, Lieutenant Abbie Mills, is at the police precinct when who should stumble in but Captain Irving? Abbie is shocked since she thinks of him as a dead guy, a dead guy that she buried with her own hands. The other officers are a little less shocked since they only think of him as a fugitive and a cop killer. They reckon he is turning himself in and take him into custody.



Katrina used to be good friends with the other Abigail, Abigail Adams, and being around her stuff is bringing back memories. We see a flashback of Katrina, still up for Mother of the Year, drinking while pregnant and generally carousing with Mrs. Adams, who is played by Buffy‘s Michelle Trachtenburg.

It appears that Sleepy Hollow will not stop at stealing Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s plotlines and general atmosphere; it must have the actors as well

It appears that Sleepy Hollow will not stop at stealing Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s plot lines and general atmosphere; it must have the actors as well

While Katrina, Ichabod, and the other guests are in the dining room, a scream rings out. Everyone rushes into the other room and sees this:

This date just got a whole lot more romantic

This date just got a whole lot more romantic

Grant Hollister has been killed, and the body is arranged to look like the Hanged Man tarot card, a symbol of death and rebirth.

Abbie calls Ichabod and the conversation goes like this:


“Hey, what’s up? I just thought I should tell you that Captain Irving just walked in here.”

“Um, isn’t he dead?”

“Yeah, I sure thought so. Pretty weird, right? How’s your dinner going?”

“Not bad. This art restorer I know got gruesomely murdered, so we’ll probably skip dessert.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll let you get back to it then.”

“Cool. Talk to you later.”

Captain Reyes arrives to poke around at the murder scene, but it’s Katrina who does most of the sleuthing. It turns out that Katrina’s friend Abigail Adams was something of a colonial Jessica Fletcher and she had told Katrina about a series of murders back in 1781 that resembled the current killing. Looking at the strange unfinished painting Hollister was working on, Katrina and Ichabod notice that there have been some additions. It’s… bloodier than it used to be. And then the artist in the painting turns to look at them.

Back at the police station, Abbie talk to Jenny and explains that she is afraid she is living the plot of Pet Cemetery, only with a dead police captain instead of a dead cat. Irving is back, but what if he’s not right? Jenny agrees to find a weapon that can kill zombies, just in case.

Ichabod and Katrina are afraid that anyone who has touched the painting is in danger. Ichabod goes to find the curator and warn him, while Katrina stays behind to stop others from coming in contact with the painting. However, she soon gets distracted by another object, Abigail Adams’ desk. Rifling through the desk drawers (as any historical society welcomes you to do), she finds some of Mrs. Adams’ written notes. It appears that old Abigail did solve the case and James Colby was guilty of those old murders. Back in the day, members of Katrina’s coven put a spell on him to trap him in the painting. Soon, Katrina is distracted from her reading by a bloody man, who is apparently James Colby.

Following Hawley’s instructions, Jenny goes to the woods to retrieve some zombie-killing bullets. The only problem is that they are within a dead body.

Eww! If I had known this was gonna be my day, I would not have bothered with the manicure!

Eww! If I had known this was gonna be my day, I would not have bothered with the manicure!

Back at the historical society, the curator has blown off Ichabod’s warning, but Colby is pursuing him. Ichabod chases the curator, Katrina chases Colby, and they converge just in time to see Colby pull the curator into the painting. They want to follow, so Katrina says a spell that involves repeating the Latin word “penetratus” until they’re inside. (And that’s the closest to sex anyone will come on this date.)

Jenny returns to the police station to give the magic bullets to Abbie. Abbie is still worried about Irving, but she thinks of an idea: maybe Katrina can magically discern whether Irving is good or bad. She wants to run this by Ichabod, so she calls him, but he doesn’t pick up.


Phone reception isn’t the only thing that’s bad inside the painting. Ichabod says it’s “the mind of a serial killer.” He and Katrina find the curator, hung upside down and bleeding, but still alive. They manage to rescue him, but Colby has acquired enough blood to finish his painting. Katrina is saying the spell to get them out of there, just as Colby is manifesting as a sort of blood creature.

This never happened with my paint-by-numbers!

This never happened with my paint-by-numbers!

Ichabod, Katrina, and the curator exit the painting. Ichabod tries to destroy it, but when he touches it, Colby comes out. Abbie shows up and uses her newly acquired magic bullets to kill Colby and save Ichabod. How did she know to come? Because he didn’t answer his phone. He might be on a date with another girl, but she sure does have him on a short leash.

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