Sleepy Hollow: You Can Ring My Bell, Ring My Bell

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It the season’s penultimate episode, and Sleepy Hollow finally gets a story arc. The plot involves the Liberty Bell, more witches than you can shake a broomstick at, and the Crane family going all Greek tragedy. 


In downtown Sleepy Hollow, a woman sits at an outdoor café listening to her husband explain that he has gambled away everything they have. At the same time, a young man riding a bike crashes into an SUV, and a girl sits inside a funeral parlor at her father’s memorial service. In the town square, a large bell begins to toll. For whom? we all ask. For the wife, the biker, and the daughter apparently, because their eyes turn completely white and all three angrily lash out at the people around them. We see that Henry is standing by the bell, uttering some mumbo jumbo. Somehow, I am not surprised.


Abbie and Ichabod are at the police station. Jenny comes by and tells them that Frank is evil, but she doesn’t want to kill him because there’s a chance he might become good again. Typical chick, always thinks she can change a man. Abbie and Ichabod are of one mind on this one: obviously the best course of action will be to use this Gorgon’s head they have lying around to turn Frank to stone. Later, when they figure out how to make him good again, they’ll also figure out how to make him not a statue.

Abbie and Ichabod hear about the incidents that occurred downtown. They go to investigate and soon implicate the suspicious bell.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: You Can Ring My Bell, Ring My Bell

It was just hanging around, up to no good!

Ichabod recognizes it as being cast from the same mold as the Liberty Bell. This brings back a memory. Back in the day, Washington asked Ichabod to destroy the Liberty Bell, and his botched attempt resulted in that bell’s famous crack, because of course it did. Now, he suspects that Washington asked him to destroy it because it was involved in witchcraft. Did he not even bother to ask why before? Was this just the sort of shit Washington usually asked him to do? “Ichy, travel 200 miles on horseback to blow up the Liberty Bell for me, and on the way back, steal Betsy Ross’s thimble and kick Paul Revere’s horse in the shin.” “Right away, General Washington, sir!”

Abbie says they should ask Katrina about it, but Ichabod is reluctant. He says Katrina has been acting even weirder than usual lately.

I’ll say. Back at the cabin, Katrina is experimenting with blood magic, which she uses to summon Henry. Unlike most sons, Henry is pleased to get a call from his Mom.

Somehow, when your son looks older than you, this kind of canoodling takes on a sinister cast

Somehow, when your son looks older than you, this kind of canoodling takes on a sinister cast

He gives her John Dee’s grimoire and tells her that he tried to use a spell in it to awaken all the people in Sleepy Hollow with “witch blood,” but it was only partially effective because he is not a full-blooded witch. He says that if Katrina casts the spell, it will totally work.

Ichabod and Abbie go to the hardware store and gather the ingredients for a homemade bomb. That night, they go get Jenny, and the three of them start to move the bell down into an underground tunnel so they can blow it up. But before they can, Frank shows up and starts shooting a gun at them. Jenny chases Frank while Abbie and Ichabod continue moving the bell.

Jenny confronts Frank, who has apparently been sent by Henry to protect the bell. Frank wants to know where his wife and daughter are, even though he previously warned Jenny to protect them from him. Now, Jenny is fed up and ready to kill Frank. She shoots him at point-blank range three times, but he doesn’t die. Instead, his eyes turn totally black. He’s evil AND immortal.

This is not a good look for you

This is not a good look for you

Still struggling with the bell, Ichabod and Abbie are stunned to see Katrina and Henry walking by, arm in arm. Katrina calmly explains that she has switched sides and that she never should have married a muggle anyway. She and Henry cast a spell that traps Ichabod and Abbie inside the tunnels. Henry and Katrina grab the bell and take it to the old town hall.

Ichabod and Abbie soon find a way out of the tunnels. Ichabod shows up outside the town hall and starts yelling at Henry. Henry comes outside to yell back. Ichabod shoots at him, but Henry magically deflects the bullet. Then, Abbie’s SUV pulls up. Katrina shoots a magical fireball at it, and the car explodes. As you can imagine, Ichabod is pissed, but curiously not heartbroken over his dead partner. That’s because Abbie wasn’t in the car. Henry looks and sees that it was rigged to drive on its own.


Abbie’s in the town hall with the bell. Before she can detonate the bomb she and Ichabod planted on it, Henry catches her and pushes her away.

Meanwhile, Jenny is running from Frank and leading him into the tunnels so she can retrieve the Gorgon’s head. For no particular reason, Frank is continuing to tell her every step of the whole evil plan. When the big bell rings, his family will “know what’s in their blood.”

At the town hall, Henry and Katrina have Ichabod and Abbie tied to a post, but they still haven’t noticed that there’s a bomb planted on the bell. Nor have they checked their captives’ pockets. Abbie has a blade, and Ichabod has two guns. Henry and Katrina start the spell, and the bell begins to ring, making people all over town totally witch out. Abbie cuts herself and Ichabod free, and Ichabod hands Abbie a gun.

When Ichabod shoots at the bell, Henry stops the bullet, but he is so distracted that he doesn’t notice Abbie is shooting at him. A bullet lands and Henry dies, his body turning to ash and blowing away.

No one on this show ever just festers and rots

No one on this show ever just festers and rots

With Henry’s death, the dark spirit seems to come out of Frank as well. He coughs of some black smoke and then looks around, confused. He seems like his old self again (i.e., not too smart but not too evil, either).

Katrina’s pissed and blames Ichabod for Henry’s death. She says she should have let Ichabod die the first time, back when he was originally killed by the Horseman. With that, she opens up a magical portal and steps into it, with Abbie close on her heels.

Katrina and Abbie have traveled back to Revolutionary War times. Katrina is her old self, a nurse tending to wounded soldiers. She’s also newly pregnant with Henry. This time, she vows, she’ll never leave him. Abbie, on the other hand, is still an uppity black woman in modern clothes. It takes her about two seconds to get arrested.

They really don't like her kind around here

They really don’t like her kind around here

But Abbie’s always thinking. She tells her captors she knows something that will help them win the war. When they show interest, she asks to speak to Captain Ichabod Crane.

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