Sleepy Hollow: It’s Bloody Magic, I Tell Ya!

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John Dee. The Salem Witch Trials. An appearance by Henry the Sin Eater. This Sleepy Hollow is all that and a bucket of blood!


Workers at an auction house in Sleepy Hollow are going through their inventory when they come across the journal (a.k.a. grand grimoire of spells) of the infamous John Dee, occult philosopher and advisor to Elizabeth I. They promptly put it in a case for safekeeping, and it is just promptly stolen by a mysterious man who smashes the case and kills the workers with a magical spell involving the use of his own blood.


Abbie learns of the crime and meets up with Ichabod to tell him about it. One detail she mentions is that the workers’ blood boiled within their bodies. “Boiled blood” sounds like a Scottish main dish, but it also sounds like evil magic, so the pair go to consult with Katrina, who is the local expert on all things magical. When they find her, she is occupying herself usefully by practicing her skills.

Most impressive, but you are not a jedi yet

Most impressive, but you are not a Jedi yet

Meanwhile, Henry is holed up in a motel room watching the news about the auction theft and murder on TV.

The police have run some tests on the blood found at the crime scene, and the murderer’s blood is full of jimson weed. Katrina recognizes jimson weed as a substance that some magicians use to enhance their powers. She also tells them that blood magic is bad, real bad, but duh. I hope they’re not paying her much for this kind of info. Finally, the three of them look at the crime scene surveillance footage and bingo! Katrina recognizes the murderer.

The perpetrator is one Solomon Kent, a warlock who was also the town minister in Salem, Massachusetts, during the witch trials. Here’s how it went down: Kent fell in love with a girl, but she didn’t like him back, that bitch. One day, when he was giving her a very romantic gift of a sharp knife, things went awry and he accidentally stabbed her to death. To cover his tracks, he said she was possessed by a demon. Then, Katrina’s grandmother, a member of Kent’s coven, confronted him and said he should own up to his wrongdoings, so he accused her of being a witch as well, which, while technically true, was taken out of context, starting the whole Salem witch thing. So, that’s this episode’s dose of revisionist history. Eventually, the surviving coven members who hadn’t been hanged managed to send Kent to Purgatory, from which he recently escaped.

Now that he’s in Sleepy Hollow, Kent is still up to no good. We see him dripping blood on the grimoire and chanting a mantra that sounds like “hey nah nah bow wow.” He’s trying to make something happen, but we don’t yet know what.

Nice manscaping, by the way

Nice manscaping, by the way

Our investigators head to the crime scene to look around and soon realize that the book Kent stole was incomplete. It has missing pages that were shipped separately. Because it serves the plot for it to be this way, John Dee had cast a spell on the grimoire so that the spells within it will only work if the book is intact. Our heroes need to find those pages. And so does Solomon Kent.

Later, Abbie is being followed by someone. She turns around to point her gun at… none other than Frank Irving. He makes a plea for her to trust him again, and she says she’ll consider it.


Abbie figures out where the auction house warehouses its incoming items, and she and Ichabod head there. Katrina uses magic to track Kent, who is also headed to the warehouse, so they all end up at the same place. When our heroes confront Kent, he cuts open his wrist and unleashes an army of what are either blood demons or a bunch of dudes in red spandex bodysuits.

From the upciming film Sleepy Hollow: Men in Tights

From the upcoming film Sleepy Hollow: Men in Tights

While Abbie and Ichabod take on the blood minions, Katrina goes after Kent. She casts a spell that slows him down, and he admits that she is powerful…but tells her she’d be even stronger if she joined the dark side. Cookies are not mentioned, but she pauses to consider it anyway…and lets him get away with his life and the missing pages. (Damn you, Katrina!)

Meanwhile, Henry is still hanging out at the motel. He hears a commotion outside and comes out on the balcony to see some thugs hassling the nice lady who takes care of the place.

Back at Ichabod’s cabin, Katina says she’s worn out from all the magicking and heads to bed. Ichabod and Abbie talk over the events of the day, and Ichabod says he heard Kent say “I am the traveler” in Aramaic. Consulting Grace Dixon’s journal, an all-purpose book if ever there was one, they figure out that there is a time-travelling spell that can send a person back to the past.

So, that’s what Kent’s up to. He’s trying to return to his own time and do things differently with that girl he liked. Frankly, it sounds like a good idea to me. I mean, he could not have made a bigger mess of things the first time around. But no, Abbie and Ichabod like the past the way it is, dead witches and all. They must stop Kent.

Abbie and Ichabod figure out where Kent is likely to perform the spell (at some lines of mystical convergence in the woods) and when (at midnight). With Katrina out of the mix, they feel they should find a way to replace her magic, which was sort of effective against Kent or would have been if Katrina wasn’t such a colossal screw-up. Ichabod says Katrina draws her power from the forces of nature, like wind, rain, and lightning. (Hmmm… it sounds like Katrina is a hurricane.) Anyway, they decide they need to bring a generator to make their own lightning. They also order up some atropine (the active ingredient in jimson weed) from the lab. Plus, Abbie asks Frank to come along because I guess she’s giving him a shot. This should be interesting.

Our heroes find Kent out in the woods and he is, indeed, opening a portal to the past. Frank shoots him with a dart full of atropine, which causes him to overdose and hallucinate. He steps into a puddle and falls to his knees, and then Abbie turns on the generator and electrocutes him. And then Ichabod punches him repeatedly.

I am pretty sure this qualifies as police brutality

I am pretty sure this qualifies as police brutality

Abbie and Ichabod leave Kent lying there and go to look for Frank, who has disappeared. Frank’s waiting nearby, though, and once Abbie and Ichabod have left, he goes to where Kent is lying and snaps his neck. Kent’s body disintegrates, and Frank grabs the grimoire and hides it under his jacket. When Abbie and Ichabod find him, he just says Kent disappeared and it looks like they won.

At the cabin later, Abbie and Ichabod decide to go out for a beer to celebrate their win. Katrina has made it known that she is still resting and does not want to go, so they head out. With those two out of the house, Katrina decides to practice her magic once more, but with a little extra oomph this time.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: It’s Bloody Magic, I Tell Ya!

Oh no

In the motel parking lot, Henry confronts and kills those horrible thugs, which is good, but not before making a speech about how some people are sheep and some people are wolves and he is a wolf, so I guess it’s bad. Wolves are bad, right? Then, Henry goes to meet up with Frank, who promptly hands over the magic book to the man who owns his soul.

This is the coolest Trapper Keeper ever!

This is the coolest Trapper Keeper ever!

Uh oh. Henry is evil and Frank is evil and Katrina might be evil too.

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