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It’s the season finale of Sleepy Hollow! With Katrina and Abbie sucked back into Revolutionary War times, can Ichabod survive the Horseman on his own? And more importantly, will there be a Season 3?


We open with Ichabod on a Revolutionary War battlefield. A messenger comes to tell him that a woman, one Abigail Mills, is saying she has important info that she can share only with him. Having never heard of Abigail Mills, Ichabod is reluctant to be pulled away, but he eventually goes to see her.

"This had better be good..."

“This had better be good…”

When Ichabod gets to the jail, Abbie tells him that the Horseman he faces has an ally, but she won’t say who.

Meanwhile, Katrina, still holding onto the magical Trapper Keeper, is at the medical tent, expecting Ichabod to arrive amongst the freshly wounded any minute. To her great disappointment, though, he has not been mortally wounded because Abbie called him away from his fateful battle with the Horseman just in time.


Ichabod is intrigued by Abbie, even though she is talking crazy and telling him that they’ll meet in 200 years and save the world together. He convinces his commanding officer to let him take her to an encampment for runaway slaves, which is what everyone assumes Abbie is. On the ride over, Abbie tells him about the nature of their future work. She accurately characterizes it as looking through old books for magical solutions to ill-defined problems. She happens to mention that some of these old books were written by people like Benjamin Franklin. Ichabod says they might as well just go and visit old Ben, then, and see what he has to say about all of this.

Meanwhile, Katrina isn’t the only one sorry that Ichabod isn’t dead. The Horseman is also pretty bummed. He keeps searching for Ichabod on the battlefield, but eventually finds Katrina instead. She suggests an alliance.

"With this magical Trapper Keeper, we shall rule the world!"

“With this magical Trapper Keeper, we shall rule the world!”

Ichabod and Abbie show up at Benjamin Franklin’s house. When he finds out who Abbie is, he’s elated and corroborates her story. Then, he asks about the matter of the Horseman’s new ally. Abbie says it’s a woman and a witch. Franklin senses she’s not saying everything, so he asks Ichabod to get him something from another room and then asks Abbie about it again. She tells him the ally is Ichabod’s wife, Katrina. Franklin advises against telling this to Ichabod. Rather than fight Katrina and the Horseman, maybe they should just press the “undo” button. And maybe they should enlist Grace Dixon’s help. Really, that makes as much sense as anything. Ichabod returns and they brief him on the plan without really telling him anything.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: Back to the Future

“Everse-ray atrina’s-kay ell-spay”

Just then, the Horseman bursts in. In the ensuing melee, Benjamin Franklin is decapitated (is a sentence I thought I’d never write). As is pointed out in the Back to the Future movies, you can’t go back in time to fix one thing without messing up some other stuff. Abbie and Ichabod manage to escape the Horseman, but Ichabod is pissed because he thinks Abbie deliberately led the Horseman there to kill Franklin. (First, an uppity black woman from the future shows up, which never happened before. Then, Benjamin Franklin is decapitated, which also never happened before. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.) He takes her back to jail pronto. Then, she tells him that Katrina is the Horseman’s ally – and that she is a witch and pregnant to boot. Desperately, Abbie tells him that if he can manage to work her cell phone, he’ll find all the proof of her good intentions she needs. He walks away and leaves her behind bars.

The commanding officer has found out that Ichabod didn’t take Abbie where he said he would, so Ichabod is relieved of his post, a fitting end to what, by any standard, was a truly horrible work day for Ichabod, who goes home to more drama. The wife is mixing up the kind of herbs pregnant women take, but when he asks her about it, Katrina lies and says they are for a neighbor. Meanwhile, she is planning to stab him in the back.



This exchange is interrupted when messengers arrive to tell Ichabod that General George Washington is requesting his presence. Ichabod heads that way but decides to stop by the jail first. Enough of Abbie’s story is checking out that he decides he will fiddle around with the cell phone to see what’s on it. Lo and behold! He manages to get it to work and sees all of Abbie’s pics and vids of them together in the future. They leave the jail together and head to Frederick’s Manor to see Grace Dixon.

When they get there, it’s a kick for Abbie to get to see her ancestor and for Grace to get to see her descendant in the flesh.

"So... how's your mom and them?"

“So… how’s your mom and them?”

But there’s scant time to get acquainted because the Horseman shows up outside and Ichabod goes out to fight him. Grace and Abbie get to work reciting words that sound like “Tempus Fugit Tempura,” which means they are either reversing the time travel spell or ordering dinner from a Japanese restaurant.

Just as the Horseman is swinging his axe at Ichabod’s neck, the spell takes and Abbie and Katrina are back in present-day Sleepy Hollow, in the old town hall with Ichabod. Realizing what has happened, Katrina uses magic to choke Abbie. And then Ichabod stabs Katrina to death with a knife (is also I sentence I thought I’d never write). “You had no choice,” Abbie says, all too lightly. Frank and Jenny show up, and Season 2 draws to a semi-happy conclusion.

The gang's all here...

The gang’s all here…

But will there be a Season 3? Grace Dixon seems to think so. During their brief encounter, she told Abbie that the most important battles were yet to be fought. And she’s right. FOX just announced the decision to renew Sleepy Hollow for a third season.

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