Sleepy Hollow: Of Bugs and Future Battles (S3 E6 RECAP)

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This week’s episode was not the equivalent of Ambien in high definition, like last week, but there’s no getting around what’s obvious to any long-time fan, Sleepy Hollow has abandoned or destroyed everything that made it unique and fun and replaced those elements with things we’ve seen a million times before, but done better.


While not a complete disaster like Season 2, the Sleepy Heads who have not abandoned the show are bored like me, but we are holding out hope that the Pandora storyline has an exciting, unexpected payoff. Even if there’s a mind-blowing mid-season finale, the journey through the various monster of the week episodes has been only tolerable with sporadic moments of amusement – it’s a hard knock life for Sleepy Heads.

This week’s episode, The Red Lady of Caribee, had some interesting moments. So, let’s focus on those . . . Or, to paraphrase Nikki Minaj, the most famous Trinidadian on the pop culture scene, Sleepy Hollow, what’s good?

Monster of the Week – The Red Lady of Caribee

This week’s monster wasn’t Tooth Fairy from Hell great, but it was good.

Our lovely riddle-speaking gardener, Pandora, brings the Red Lady of Caribee to Sleepy Hollow by reciting one of her ominous nursery rhymes:

“There is a Red Lady from Caribee whose sting brings the nightmare of insanity. One kiss and you’ll flee most all you can see. This comely Red Lady of Caribee.

The Red Lady of Caribee appears out of a swarm of bugs to stand before Pandora, looking a little like Jenny in a bug costume. Pandora instructs the Red Lady to bring her the final type of fear she needs for her fear tree, which they describe as fear of fear itself, but the episode presents it as paranoia. Those aren’t the same things, but okay.

We’re first able to see the monster’s handiwork when we meet the judge handling Ichabod’s immigration proceedings. The normally reasonable judge launches into a series of paranoid rants, sending people running from his courtroom, before he collapses, covered in a rash. He later dies of a brain aneurysm.

Abbie and Icahbod’s research leads them to figure out the monster of the week is a soucouyant, of Trinidadian origin. The bugs’ venom causes people to become feverish and paranoid before killing them.

Abbie learns more about the monster from Grace Dixon’s journal, which leads us to a completely unnecessary Sexy Betsy flashback. The clue to the tonic Abbie and Ichabod use to help victims of the Red Lady is right there in Grace Dixon’s journal. But, you know, one can never get enough of Sexy Betsy, she’s the ultimate woman, dontcha know.

In the midst of their research…

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