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This week’s episode was easily the best of the season. Sleepy Hollow’s writers seem to be working from a checklist of what Sleepy Heads enjoy (e.g., Abbie-Ichabod rapport, Mills Sister Moments, Ichabod vs. 21st Century). And for that we say, thank you!

If only the writers could overcome their addiction to a few creative elements that add nothing to the show:

  • Sexualized White Ladies in Corsets
  • Everybody Loves Crane

Ah well. For now, this Sleepy Head is rolling with Sexy Betsy and all the crazy Crane Love, because there are hints the Pandora plot could have a decent payoff to make up for the eye strain I’ve suffered due to some pretty extensive eye rolling when a Sexy Betsy scene or unrealistic instance of Crane Thirst detracts from an otherwise good episode.


Ichabod, a Junk Food-Eating Slacker With Bad Teeth, Still Wants You To Get Off His Lawn!

Ichabod and Abbie are still playing house. The newness of their arrangement has clearly worn off. Instead of keeping up with his Mary Poppins game — cleaning and cooking, while singing — this episode opens with Ichabod eating junk food and playing video games rather than studying for his citizenship test. Ichabod’s embrace of 21st Century comforts like smartphones and video games punctuated with periodic outbursts about all the ways the modern era disappoints him never fails to entertain. Mison makes it fresh and funny each time.

The one aspect of their living arrangement that could become tiresome would be if they descend into a bickering sitcom couple routine with Abbie in the role of nagging shrew and Ichabod as the hapless man-child. This week had Abbie nagging Ichabod about studying for his citizenship test and getting his teeth cleaned, before being pulled away to deal with the monster-of-the-week. A little of the Bickersons’ routine goes a long way.

Monster-of-the Week: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Tooth Fairy

You will regret ever putting a tooth under your pillow when you see Sleepy Hollow’s version of the Tooth Fairy enter the bedroom of two sisters, one of whom just lost her tooth. This is truly the Tooth Fairy from Hell.

It looks a little like the first version of Moloch we saw in Season 1 (thin, lanky, chalky white skin with odd jerky movements). It walks on all fours, but not like a mammal, more like a spider. And it has a long, lizard tongue and long, black, stringy hair (the wig left over from the Weeping Lady episode). It’s the kind of monster that had me feeling grateful I have all my big girl teeth.

The Tooth Fairy sucks the little girl’s lifeforce from her, leaving her in a coma as her sister watches in horror. Joe Corbin’s role as an EMT becomes quite useful in this episode. He’s the first responder on the scene. After taking the girl to the hospital, he calls Abbie to tell her there’s a new monster in town.

It’s a Sexy Betsy Flashback

As the team begins its research regarding the Tooth Fairy from Hell, Ichabod remembers that Sexy Betsy’s niece and other children in their community fell into a coma immediately after losing one of their baby teeth. Betsy called Paul Revere (a dentist and silversmith) for help, as Ichabod stood woodenly on the sidelines wanting to console Sexy Betsy. Kicked out of the room, Ichabod didn’t see exactly how Revere cured the niece (he’s aware it involved a silver coin and a tool Revere pulled from his dentist’s bag).

Their research reveals that the Sleepy Hollow Tooth Fairy is an Abyzou monster, visible only to children, repelled by silver, attracted by the open wound created by the lost tooth, and able to use that opening to suck the life force from the child, a process that takes 48 hours to complete. How convenient.


Welcome Back, Mr. Crane…

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