Sleepy Hollow: Dear Jesus, It’s Me Ichabod

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Falling ratings combined with an engaged, activist fandom that was not shy about using social media to make their virtual voices heard left Fox executives with two choices at the end of Sleepy Hollow’s second season, cancel it or shake things up dramatically.

Sleepy Hollow’s season 3 premiere makes clear, Fox chose to:

  • Ctrl (limit Crane Family Drama)
  • Alt (fire Executive Producer Mark Goffman)
  • Delete (kill Katrina)

It’s a Sleepy Hollow re-boot, y’all. As with any reboot, there’s the risk some things will be lost.

Goodbye, Headless Horseman; Hello, Pandora

The image of the Horseman of Death wielding an ax or machine gun depending upon his mood while terrorizing Sleepy Hollow on the white horse with the demon red eyes was electrifying . . . in Season 1. TV Juriste, along with fans and critics alike, complained bitterly about his transformation from a mesmerizing monster to a love-lorn dandy.


Time to get over him for good, Sleepy Heads. We briefly see the Headless Horseman in all his former headless glory, but then he evaporates into a haze of smoke and is absorbed into a large decorative box while a disembodied voice introduces us to Season 3’s new big bad, Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon).

Sometimes things we thought were lost are recovered in a reboot.

Agent Abbie Mills: You Know She’s Serious, Because She Now She Has a Bob!

Remember in the pilot episode when we learned that local Sleepy Hollow cop, Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), planned to leave Sleepy Hollow to enter an FBI training program at Quantico? But then a Headless Horseman killed her mentor, a charismatic 100+ year old gentleman who claimed an apocalypse was coming, yada, yada, yada . . . and Abbie put her dreams on hold.

A lowly “leftenant” no longer, when we first see Abbie, she’s a newly-minted FBI agent, running around in her little FBI suit, with her little FBI bob hair style, chasing down a confidential informant. The Season 3 reboot allowed Abbie to recover her FBI dream.

Some things may look a little different, but they’re essential the same.

Ichabod is the New Irving (i.e., Incarcerated), But With a Bob!

Abbie’s FBI action is interrupted by a call to pick up Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who’s sporting a very similar bob hairstyle as Abbie, but he’s clad in a much different suit – an orange jail jumpsuit. His first glance at Abbie shows him looking like a guilty six grader sorting out how to explain his detention to his mom.

Our queen of meaningful facial expressions and epic eye rolls took one look at jailbird Ichabod and shook her head with a facial expression that communicated equal parts affection and “what am I gonna do with this fool?”


Ichabod is a Rolling Stone

Ichabod is lucky Abbie agreed to pick him up. We learn that after Katrina’s and Henry’s deaths, Ichabod disappeared for 9 months after saying he was just going to take a walk. Abbie’s first contact with him was the call to pick his a$$ up from jail. Trifling! (using the urban dictionary definition of trifling, not Webster’s). To be fair, Ichabod wasn’t actually in jail. He was detained for trying to re-enter the U.S. with an unauthorized historical artifact.

Dear Jesus, It’s Me Ichabod

Ichabod pondered his purpose while detained:

“Is it my destiny to be naught but a ceaseless traveller inexorably slouching my way through this mortal coil. Do you hear me, Jesus?”

Lucky for Ichabod, Jesus responded immediately, from the bottom bunk, telling him “it’s a hard knock life for us.” (Very cute, Sleepy Hollow writers).

Perhaps. But, with Moloch eliminated, the apocalypse averted, and Crane still able to take a crack at living 100+ years after his peers, one would think things should be pretty easy for Ichy. Apparently, that’s the problem: Ichabod feels purposeless.

Crane on a Plane; Crane is a Pain…

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