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Johnny reviews the cult classic Z-grade slasher Sleepaway Camp! There’s a serial killer picking off campers one by one, and nothing (besides copious amounts of alcohol) will prepare you for the ending. On the plus side, there’s lots of hot pants and Daisy Dukes on display. On the minus side, they’re mostly worn by the guys.

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  • Cyvaris

    Ahh Sleepaway Camp, my favorite “hey guys have you ever seen THIS movie before?”
    People’s reactions are always amusing. It ranks right up there with Troll 2 for the perfect drinking party movie.

  • What the…Angela was a guy…and a werewolf? Or was that creative covering for the no nudity thing for the videos?

    • Haha. Okay, I’m a dumbass. The weird hissing thing and the censoring + many nights of no sleep lately = WTF moment. :p Good review.

  • The_Stig

    It was the 80’s, man. Short shorts and muscle shirts were manly. I love this movie. The kills are so creative, Jason Voorhees gives Angela a nod.

  • John Wilson

    Here an more in-dept review of the movie

  • Jack Shen

    Sleepaway Camp represents the first “…I’d still tap that” moment I remember having.

  • Muthsarah

    Holy ****! You reviewed Riki-Oh?! Where? Where?! Why isn’t THAT on this site?

    For those curious: (it’s 45 minutes, plan ahead)

    This movie is so beautiful. Riki-Oh, I mean. Please. Please watch it. And maybe the review afterwards.

    Never seen Sleepaway Camp, FWIW. Had it spoiled a long, long time ago, so I feel I know it even when I technically don’t. I gotta agree that those half-shirts and short-shorts were pretty damn creepy on those 80s guys. At least they kept in shape, though, if you GOTTA wear ’em. Nice that they’re being fairly gender-balanced with the skin, though; horror films should be so considerate.

    Johnny, would Sleepaway Camp be one of the better B-list horror flicks, or more of a cheesy, “laugh-at” nostalgia trip? Between this and the latest Jackula/Guru offering, I’m once again reminded that I desperately need to catch up on my old-school horror. But I’m assuming there’s far better out there…right?

    • John Sco

      Oh god….my review of Riki-Oh is such a trainwreck. I made that years and years ago and had no idea what I was doing. Embarrassing Im glad you liked it though. Hell, even this review of Sleep Away Camp is embarrassing for me to watch now.

      And yeah, there’s definitely some great oldschool horror out there man. I watched one last night called Night of the Creeps that was pretty fuckin’ great. There’s a cop character in it that makes the entire movie. If you see it, you’ll know who I mean. But check it out. You can find it on the ol’ internets pretty easy, and it’s a fun watch. It’s about….alien slugs that turn college kids into zombies. Yup. :)