Sinead O’Connor Owns ‘Mother’ At The Berlin Wall (Video)

Sinead Happy
To celebrate Germany’s victory a few days ago in the Foreignball Cup or whatever, let’s enjoy something from German Pop Cultural History. Oh look, here is Sinead O’Connor SLAYING “Mother” live at the Berlin Wall in 1990. Ugh, she is amazing. Also, Roger Waters is there, okay, that is a big deal also, BUT SINEAD. THE PASSION. The power. The feeling. The emotion. The Berlin Wall! Get into it.

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  • goonemeritus

    Even with the loss of our last precious Romone this weekendthere are still many vomit soaked punkers we could be listening to instead.

  • Force Crater

    I never paid attention to her work until recently (I thought it was just more mindless pop) but now that I have listened to Sinead the only reason I can deduce that she is not Queen of the Universe is that there are too many minions of Ming the Merciless populating this planet. For a similar voice (from my time) try Annie Haslam of the band Renaissance.

  • HabsFan29

    Rip up just one picture of the pope and your blackballed for life.For completeness’ sake I feel I should point out that more of a big deal than Roger Waters is 3 members of The Band – Rick Danko and Levon Helm are singing and Garth Hudson is playing the accordion.