VIDEO: The Sifl & Olly Show: A Tribute

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Phil and Trever put on sock puppets and present sketches and music videos as a tribute to The Sifl & Olly Show, a series starring two puppets that aired for two seasons on MTV in the late 1990s. This episode might end on a cliffhanger, but don’t worry: check back in a few days for The Bunny Perspective‘s season two finale!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    Puppets?  On a review show?  Why, I’ve never heard of such a thing!  How droll…  :-)

  • This is still my favorite episode of yours, this stuff was hilarious.

  • Liam Barrett

    Sock Puppet Phil is fuckin’ adorable.

  • Torgeaux

    I remember this was the last show that I caught any cultural references before youth culture pulled away from me like a Saturn 5 rocket.