VIDEO: Shrek (2001) vs. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

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The Animated Heroine looks at Shrek and Monsters, Inc., two of the first films to be nominated for Best Animated Film at the 2002 Academy Awards. Spoiler alert: Shrek won the Oscar!

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  • The_Stig

    Monsters, Inc has more substance and a lot less dated pop culture references.

    • danbreunig

      Here here, my Good Sir!

    • docmagnus

      Monsters Inc *has* pop culture references?

  • Skylar Zenas Mullins

    I personally think that giving movies awards based on “how good they are” is pretty stupid. think about it, movies are just light and sound waves information stored on a medium and then replicated by your speakers and TV. none of it really means anything; you, an observer, take in this information and process, analyse, extrapolate, and synthesize a system of thought and ideas from it. there is no objective measure of “good” or “bad” there is just what you decide it to be.