VIDEO: Shrek (2001)

Time to get Shreked! …In the least obnoxious way possible. Here’s the film that started a crazy set of trends. See what Joey’s thoughts are!

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    It makes sense that Shrek thought she was talking about him because much as he tries to hide it, Shrek has an inferiority complex and honestly does believe that he is a hideous monster, just as the rest of the world said he was. Up to that point he’d been happy to just accept and live with it, but in truth all the pitchforks and insults over the years had got to him, and he lived alone by himself not just because he’s an introvert, but because he honestly believed that nobody would like him- either because he is the monster everyone says he is, or because he just assumes that everyone is as prejudiced against him as he thinks they are, probably both.

    Fiona and Donkey were the first real connections he had made with people in years, possibly ever, but those beliefs don’t just “go away” so when he heard her saying those things, it makes that he thought she was talking about him- because he pretty much expected her to think that about him before he even met her. After getting to know her he thought that he might have been wrong, but hearing those things just “proved” he was “right” all along.

    Oh, and Shrek 2 > Shrek 1. There, have at you!

  • maarvarq

    Whilst I agree with the Animated Heroine that Monsters Inc is an inherently better film than Shrek , at no point did the former make me laugh so hard that I thought I was going to die, i.e. the bluebird scene. I haven’t seen that many Dreamworks animated films, but given that it is technically one, my favourite is Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit… and yeah, the original Shrek is better than 2.