VIDEO: Should Disney make animated sequels?

In this editorial, Joey asks if Disney (not Pixar) should really be making animated sequels like the just announced Frozen 2.

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  • Greg

    great mouse detective
    robin hood

  • Ian Kacprzak

    Big Hero 6

    • Joel Schlosberg

      Big Hero 7?

      Or Big Hero Parts 1-5?

  • Gallen_Dugall

    all sequels need to be more than a cash in and there’s the problem as the people cutting the check generally don’t care about anything except the potential profit from coat tailing success

  • Sardu

    The sequels are’t produced for discerning grown-ups. They are produced as direct-to-video product that I can plop my 9 year old in front of and say “Don’t bug me!!” for 90 minutes. She will watch the exact same movie every day for 3 weeks. Seeing more or less the same movie but slightly different does not bother her; it thrills her. This is a market driven phenomena. Of course most of this stuff is blatant filthy lucre cash grabbing done up to 30 and 40 years after the originals appeared. Frozen 2, being made in a timely fashion and presumably having a proper budget, has a chance of being decent.

  • V

    Big Hero 6 was made of sequel bait. It was Hiro’s story, now we need other movies to explore the other characters. That’s one thing about super heroes especially, there are always new stories to be told.

  • Dennis Fischer

    I do think most Disney classics would be better being one-offs rather than having a sequel. However, I would make one exception for an underperforming picture which could have been so much better, and that is THE BLACK CAULDRON. There is already a novel sequel that tells a great story for this tale for those who bothered to read it, and doing a good job on that might help polish the dimmed luster of the original.

  • danbreunig

    A Disney sequel appropriate to the story? Tron Legacy.