Shia LaBeouf Continues True Blue Dedication To Stealing, Jackassery

Time to face facts: we will never be free of the idiocy of Shia LaBoeuf, who clearly now imagines himself a sort of high-profile celebrity Lawrence Lessig. If you’d like some petulant explanations of why all your art belongs to Shia and some more taunting of Daniel Clowes, Shia’s Twitter feed is the place to be.


There’s one small blessing, we guess, which is that it is now a handy-dandy garbage dump for the limited and recycled contents of Shia’s mind, so you can get that shit all in one place. First, we had him sharing some grade school level thoughts about how not allowing Shia to steal other people’s work is wrecking our oral tradition or some nonsense like that:


Let’s first state the extremely painfully obvious. One Mr. Shia LaBoeuf did not seem to express these sentiments about how property is theft and culture just wants to be free when he made millions of dollars on his Michael Bay-helmed Transformers epics. Although, come to think of it, maybe that was a grand sociocultural experiment, since Michael Bay never really had an original thought, filmmaking-wise, because “let’s blow this up. No, bigger. No, BIGGER!” does not count as original.

Let’s also state the other painfully obvious thing, which is that

writing a few words
on a line
because it conveys
some sort of artistic intent

is something most of us stopped doing in 8th grade.

Oh, and one more blindingly obvious thing: Shia LaBoeuf, you are not telling and sharing and expanding upon stories in the grand tradition of oral storytelling. You stoled Daniel Clowes’ movie and tried to pass it off as your own. Your own copyrighted piece. For which you — and only you — would get monies and acclaim. You did not attribute the original underpinnings to Clowes. Nor did you attribute the entire screenplay, for which you lifted pretty much all the words. This, Shia LaBoeuf, is the very textbook definition of stealing, rather than remixing and expanding. Which is probably why your series of pissy stolen notpologies have failed to mollify Mr. Clowes or his lawyers, who rolled out a cease-and-desist letter (or a C&D, as all the cool law kids say) to LaBoeuf Tuesday.

The lawyers for Clowes point out that their client is rightfully unhappy that LaBoeuf actually hasn’t done anything about his original plagiarism except issue these increasingly appropriated apologies as part of his sort of meta commentary on art. They’re also sad about one of LaBeouf’s latest antics, which is to post comics from Clowes’ Daniel Boring


We’re not sure that last bit actually constitutes anything you can make someone cease or desist, since it’s moving much more into hyperbole/parody, but no matter what, it still remains firmly ensconced in dickishness.

LaBoeuf posted the entire C&D on his Twitter


…as another attempt at his shocking yet intensely interesting debate on property and theft, but the posting of C&D letters is a hoary internet tradition so old and large it has its own well-maintained website.

Tiny quibbling little side note: the Variety article says that it is unclear whether Clowes and LaBoeuf will settle the case out of court, but there is no case to settle. There is no lawsuit yet. There is just a lawyer throwing a C&D over the transom, which happens all the time, warranted or not. Please don’t take that, however, to mean that we will be sad if Shia LaBeouf gets his pants sued off, as long as we do not have to actually (SO MUCH NSFW AT THIS LINK CLICK AT YOUR OWN PERIL) see him pantless.



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