Shia LaBeouf Needs To Enter A 12-Step Program For Serial Plagiarizers

Remember before Christmas when Shia LaBeouf was stealing any words that weren’t nailed down? Looks like someone didn’t get enough attention from Santa for the holidays, though, so Shia had to come fauxpoloziging his way back into our consciousness with a skywritten apology and an incoherent but still semi-plagiarized interview.


First, the skywriting. LaBeouf hired a plane to etch for mere seconds in the clouds, but an eternity in our hearts, an apology to Daniel Clowes, whose comic Shia “repurposed” (coughSTOLEDcough) into his directing debut.


Wee problem: The skywriting occurred over beautiful Hollywood, which is not where Daniel Clowes actually lives.

Clowes’s editor Eric Reynolds told BuzzFeed: “I imagine airplane messaging is the norm in Hollywood, but someone really should have informed Mr. LaBeouf that Mr. Clowes lives in the Bay Area before he went to all that trouble.”

Details. How can Shia LaBeouf possibly be expected to keep track of such niceties when he has to conduct an email interview with Bleeding Cool, the asynchronous nature of which allowed Shia to — you guessed it — plagiarize parts of his responses while yammering on in high-school-lit-magazine-level prose about authorship and copyright. SPOILER ALERT: Shia does not believe you can copyright or own your precious art or words because he is highly evolved and because also Andy Warhol or something.

RJ: Do you believe art needs an audience? When they point and say “look at this” do they need to be speaking to anyone other than themselves?

[LaBeouf] Of course – art is not about itself, but the attention we bring to it.
Art is a lie the [sic] makes us realize the truth. (UPDATE – [stolen from] Picasso)
In the 21st century there is NO personal language.
Just personal selection of language.
We are products of editing.
Not authorship.
Appropriation has been the most influential theme in art sense [sic] the 70s.
If you look at Warhol’s work and say ” oh well he didn’t paint that – its just silk screens ”
Your [sic] missing the point.
Our notion of genius- a romantic – isolated figure – is fucking outdated
An updated notion of genius would have to center around ones mastery of information (UPDATE – [stolen from Uncreative Writing by Kenneth Goldsmith.])
And it’s dissemination
It’s the 21st century, thug life
It wants to be fee. [sic]

The UPDATES in the quote are things that were liberated from other creators and repurposed or edited or transmorgified by Shia. Intrepid internet sleuthing has already turned up that another portion of this uncarefully crafted nonsense was lifted from Lawrence Lessig. So, only three word thefts located thus far, but the day is young, so there’s plenty of time for more to turn up.

That is a metric fuckton of silliness to justify your inability to have an original thought. Also, “thug life?” What the fuck is that in there for? Is Shia tipping us off that he’s going to start stealing from Tupac?


You’d also think, since LaBeouf took the time to google and steal, that he would have maybe fixed his congenital spelling problem, but maybe the misspellings are just part of his meta-comment on authorship and cultural appropriation. We’re probably just not enlightened enough to understand it, but we’re cool with that.

[The Wire/Bleeding Cool]

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