RAW FEED: Sherlock the cat comes home from the vet!

Back in October my cat Sherlock went missing (for seven weeks!) and got himself a nasty injury due to his collar getting stuck around his leg. This is a vlog about how he’s doing!

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    7 weeks in cat years is about 2.5 in human years, I believe.

    In Doyle’s canon, Sherlock Holmes faked his death for 2.5-3 years between “The Final Problem” and “The Adventure of the Empty House”.

    So yes, it is fair to deduce that your cat ran off in order to go to Switzerland, fight and kill the Napoleon of Cat Crime, then fake his own death in order to take down the rest of his surviving criminal empire and protect his loved ones (you) from any reprisals.

    He gets no thanks for this. But he didn’t expect it- he did only what needed to be done.

    • danbreunig

      Holy awesome fan theory, Catman! [rimshot] There’s got to be more Holmes universe material in that comment than I can remember at the moment.

      Or maybe such injuries would allow Dr. Gregory Cat to justify his misanthropy?

      Jill/Ursa, glad to hear your cat’s doing better, especially considering the crap he’s been through.

    • For me at least I see cat and dog ages like this: 6 months = 12 human years as cats and dogs can get pregnant by 6 months, 2 years = 21 human years as they tend to be fully mature by 2 years and 4 years = 28 human years with 7 human years for each pet year after that.