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As it turns out, Ursa was wrong about the finale, and she’s kind of glad about it. Spoilers, y’all; we’re diving into the series 3 finale of Sherlock, before returning to our regularly scheduled hiatus. Let’s hope it’s less than two years this time.

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TV Show: Sherlock

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  • The_Stig

    What a doozy of an episode. Magnussen was just the right kind of creep, I loved Watson standing by his woman, I loved Molly, the twist with the vault and oh god, that cliffhanger.

    • Jill Bearup

      Both my mother and my friend Mat reportedly LEAPT out of their seats at the cliffhanger. I…was not quite so shocked. But still pretty pleased.

      • Sofie Liv

        Your friend Mat also known as Welshy Jill?

        I don’t think that’s really Moriaty.. like the first cliff-hanger in the first season, I don’t even think they have a specific plan with this yet <_<

        But yeah, LOVED this episode!
        And dude! Magnussen, that was Lars Mikkelsen playing him! Brother to Mads Mikkelsen.. erhm.. those two are pretty big here in Denmark.. yeah they are both Danish Actors.

        Mads Mikkelsen is the closest thing we have to a celeb, he even made it big enough to be a bond villain!

        • The_Stig

          Don’t forget that Mads is also killing it over here on this side of the ocean as Hannibal Lecter. But Sofie, what about Helena Christensen, Brigitte Nielsen and Lars Ulrich? Lars Von Trier? Aren’t they a big deal in Denmark?

          The cliffhanger pretty much confirmed my theory that Moriarty wasn’t really Moriarty. It takes me back to something The Joker said in the Dark Knight that I think applies to Sherlock. “You didn’t think I’d risk losing the fight for Gotham’s soul in a fist fight with you?:” No, I believe Moriarty, the REAL Moriarty (and it wouldn’t surprise me if this particular Moriarty were Moffat’s version Keyser Soze) has a much bigger endgame than defeating a single man in a battle of wits, even if that man is Sherlock Holmes. But that’s just a theory.

          Oh, and Jill, I have one question for you: How does one go about turning a hardcore Sherlock Holmes purist on to this show?

          • Sofie Liv

            Make the purist watch the show.. this show is actually more accurate than most Sherlock Holmes adaptations taking place in the real time-setting of late 80 hundred to early 90 hundred London.
            There are more references to the actual books and stories, than in ANY other sherlock holmes adaptaion ever made.
            As well as both visual and spoken references to the old Basil Rathbones movies, as well as the Granada Sherlock Holmes series.

            Oh yeah, and of cause those people are a big circle.. in the movie nerd circles..
            Susanne Bier is also a name the danish movie upper snob circle is very fond of.

            I am just talking regular celeb you know.. the name that every-day people know who is and reads about in magazins and what’s not.. and we do have a couple of those, but he is the only international one it seems.

          • E.Buzz Miller

            There was something strange to me about the image repeated of Moriarty being back at the end too. It didn’t look or sound like he was exactly alive to me.
            The video he used in Reichenbach Fall was chatty and more taunting, this was like a five second sound clip someone had looped with a still image to look like it was moving, as if someone was trying to fool people with it.

            So I guess I wonder if it is a front like you say for someone assuming the mantle of his criminal empire? It’d be interesting if they did a more proper take on Colonel Moran here. There was a Moran in Empty Hearse, but it would make sense for a number of reasons, mainly because I don’t quite see how Moriarty could fake sticking a gun in his mouth.
            There was some room for things to happen jumping off a building, but that? Just seems implausible that anyone could fake it to me, especially Scotland Yard MUST have examined the body.

          • Hitchmeister

            I don’t think it matters that it looks like someone could be faking the return of Moriarty. The fact is that someone knew they could push buttons by invoking Moriarty and the timing of “Moriarty” reappearing just as Sherlock is being exiled is extremely suspicious. These are things the public should not be aware of, so the appearance of a return of Moriarty at that moment is enough to set of alarms and put Sherlock back in the game.

  • The funny thing I find with the villain of this episode is that the whole media thing is pretty clearly inspired by Rupert Murdoch, so the message of the episode is ‘Rupert Murdoch should be killed’ which I can get behind. Overall, I liked this episode, definitely a lot more than the first one (which I still think was written by Tumblr). I didn’t like the cliffhanger though, as it ends up creating the same problem that comic books have of death being cheap. If they ever kill that character off again it will have no impact because we know he can just be brought back.

    The plot didn’t actually make much sense to me in the middle, though, for two reasons:
    1) There is absolutely no reason for Mary to leave Magnussen alive. The excuse given is that killing him will somehow implicate John, even though he is already implicated by being found in the penthouse that they broke into (which the police honestly don’t seem to care about as they never question anyone) and if it’s meant to come across as accidentally framing John for the murder the fact that he does not possess the murder weapon, has no powder burns on his hands and his gun is of a completely different make and caliber, not to mention the fact that everyone who knows him will testify that the odds of him shooting Sherlock were absolutely nil make Mary just look like an idiot.
    2) There is also no reason why Magnussen didn’t try to have Mary killed immediately afterwards. He just seems to be trying to blackmail her again, but blackmail only works when the victim’s response is to do what you say, not try to kill you.

    I think you’re right about the whole consequences thing, though, as there is now little reason why Sherlock can’t just murder people.

    • Jill Bearup

      I don’t think he’s going to, because murder is not a very Sherlock thing. But
      ‘how’s your exile?’
      ‘It’s only been 4 minutes’
      ‘Well I hope you’ve learned your lesson’
      entertained me enough that I don’t mind so much. Also, totally heartbroken John is awful. So I’m glad we’re not doing that again.

  • freddy

    Man, I want to watch this video. But PBS doesn’t even start airing season 3 of Sherlock ’til this weekend. Actually, come to think of it, it might be tonight. To the DVR!

    • E.Buzz Miller

      Pssst BBC website using Hola works.