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Sherlock Season Three Trailer Is Finally Here And Is Chock Full Of Brooding Benedict Cumberbatch

If you’re the least bit Anglophile in your teevee watching, you’ve been having a nervous breakdown as you’ve waited TWO YEARS for “Sherlock” to return. The modern reboot, starring the ethereal uglypretty Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and the not-at-all-Hobbity-here-thank-god Martin Freeman as Watson, is finally finally here.



Season Two ended with Sherlock faking his own death because Moriarty – oh, for fuck’s sake. Just go watch Seasons One and Two. It’s all of six episodes and then you’ll understand the whole death-fakery. Season Three starts two years later, and Sherlock pops back up not dead, just like Jesus, but is super dismayed and confused to find out that Watson has moved on with his life instead of just rending his garments and living alone in Baker Street in squalor. Watson did, however, grow that unfortunate moustache that Watson always had in the old movies.


Listen, BBC. This is a modern reboot. It is set now-ish. There is therefore no reason whatsoever to saddle Watson with that bushy caterpillar lip. But otherwise we are mighty grateful, BBC, that you’ve finally thrown us a bone with this trailer. There’s some foreboding music and some intimation that there’s a terror plot and there’s Sherlock being Sherlock and Martin Freeman being really mad, ostensibly about the death-faking but probably really about that awful moustache.

Photos and vid clips and other pictures of Martin Freeman with unfortunate facial hair over at BBC One. Get on it.

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