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In this episode, special guest hosts Sherlock Holmes (portrayed by Sofie Liv) and Dr. John Watson (portrayed by Sursum Ursa) work together on one final case: examining the 2009 Guy Ritchie movie based on their exploits, starring Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams. You may think you’ve seen it all, but have you ever seen a movie reviewed in the first-person? I think not!

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  • Michael A. Novelli

    Loved the shout-out to Keenan and Kel at the end!

    • Sofie Liv

      Who the devil is Keenan and Kel?

      Do I have magic.. I am able to put in references to shows I have never ever heard of.

      • CDiehl

        Kenan and Kel was a TV series that ran on Nickelodeon, a cable channel specializing in children’s programming here in the U.S., in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I don’t know much about it beyond its existence, but if I had to guess, the accidental reference was Holmes requesting Watson bring several random items to a meeting. I assume on the show, one of the main characters would call on the other to collect random, whimsical items to carry out some wacky scheme. However, I’d also assume that Holmes would actually have a use in mind for each item, being an eccentric genius, and it’s not just a humorous device.

        • Michael A. Novelli

          Exactly right!

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah, well the Joke here was just having Holmes ask Watson to bring a set of complete randomn objects hopefully to create a “What?” moment.

            And because it would completely in Holmes character to do this, what the hell these things are for… I am not entirely sure, actually I even think way more of this old film series called. “The olsen gang.” I watched all the time when I was a kid, where Egon Olsen would always say. “I am going to need -list of randomn objects- and then we start.” and then we will always see his scheme unfold while he use all of these objects in absurd yet brilliant plans planned down to the second, it was a brilliant danish film series, love it.

  • Mike

    I’ve never seen a Watson quite so… fetching!

    • Sofie Liv

      …. my fetching Watson.

      Seriously though, Jill was a delight to work with, I would love to do it again.

  • JamSanJose

    I think you two could probably go five minutes without getting in danger.

    • Sofie Liv

      That is putting an awful lot of faith in us….

      • Jill Bearup

        Maybe if we were asleep?

        • Sofie Liv

          njahh, even then some criminal mastermind will be standing outside the window and has downright waited for one of us to become vulnerable.

          Either that or some-one forget the experiment in the oven which of cause will explode when not attended to, which is difficult when you are sleeping.

  • John Lewis



    • Sofie Liv

      You heard that Jill, people now definitely find you more attractive than me, this is guy nr 2 calling you out.

      • MephLord

        Wait, who said she was more attractive? You both clearly have beauty in both looks and talent. Never stop making review videos!

        • Sofie Liv

          I did, cause I like to tease people, it was a very poor attempt on teasing Jill.

          Thank you thought, I am sure neither of us will stop any-time soon.

  • Nitpick: The correct Latin phrase is “in medias res”, not “in media res”.

    @Sofie Liv: Nice review, but the audio needs work. Not only are you speaking or yelling out very loudly at times, it appears the room corner you are standing in amplifies your voice and gives it a harsh echo, which hurt my ears. Especially whenever you yelled out.

    That effect didn’t happen whenever Sursum Ursa was speaking; her voice was much clearer and had no no echo. I guess her comments were recorded separately? Or she was sitting in a better spot. I don’t know. (On the other hand, her micro produced a hissing static background sound, while your’s didn’t.)

    I’m not a sound technician, but I’ve been in music recording studios where open surfaces were covered with foam and even paper cups to swallow bouncing sound, so I guess that’s the problem here.

    • Sofie Liv

      It has been pointed out before, and what I am going to try to do next time is to export the video with lower audio in general as to try and avoid hurting peoples ears.
      The idea being if I turn the audio down, you can turn your audio more down, we can may overlook these problems for now until I get some better equipment.

      There are three problems here you see.

      A; I have a very sharp voice in general, this is also a problem a genuine problem at choir practise where my voice is so naturally sharp and strong that if I am not careful, I can be heard over ever-body else (no shit.)

      B; there is indeed echo in my small apartment, but I don’t know what I can do with that, I only have this one small room, which is also where I sleep and do school work, I am not really prepared to cover that in paper cups.

      C; I only have the recording devices that I have, which is the in build mic in my camera and the in-build mic in my computer. I guess.. it’s the camera mic that hurts your ears as that is the one I tend to speak loudly to, please tell me if I am wrong, I genuinely don’t know which mic people complain about.

      I do all that I can to fix these problems, but there just isn’t that much that I can do… sorry.

      And thank you! for all the constructive criticism! I do appreciate it a lot, I do wish to just become better at this.

      • Vivi

        The problem is the bare walls and hardwood floor if you have one. You could hang up some tapestries (and lay out some carpet). Even just spreading a blanket over a clothes line temporarely while you’re recording could help. Not necessarily behind you, what’s important is that most of the walls and floor in the room are either broken up with something less uniformely planar (like for example filled book shelves) or covered with something soft that provides a micro-structure. There’s a reason people use woodchip wallpaper to avoid the tiled-bathroom-effect, but over large surfaces uninterupted by furniture, even that is not enough.

        • Sofie Liv

          Ohh, thank you!

          That is exactly what I have, mostly bare walls and a hard-wood floor.

          I’ll try that when I film the next video, i’ll try to spread out a blanket on the floor, maybe put my duvet on the floor to some-where to.. no I know i’ll be trying that.

          Dunno what more I can do about the walls though, I only have this square room and I am not about to hammer a lot of crap into the wall as I already know I am only going to life here for one and a half year.

    • Jill Bearup

      Any and all help with Latin is much appreciated! Punny name aside, I don’t really know that much. :)

      This review was recorded in two different countries on two different cameras with two different microphones, so differences were pretty inevitable, I’m afraid. (The hissing on my end is the lights, and sadly there’s only so much Noise Removal that Audacity can do. I will try and move the lights further from the mic in future, so thanks for pointing it out, and thank you for watching!)

  • I still can’t get over the fact that this movie (and its sequel) turns Holmes and Watson into action heroes who can survive an explosion to the face. And adds women in an attempt to plaster over the homoeroticism the script writers are toying with. At least they didn’t add actual magic into a Holmes movie.

    As for the “gothic Victorian steampunk look”, I have been a steampunk fan even way back in the early 1990s, long before it became mainstream, but the current crop of Blockbuster movies with a Steampunk aesthetic plastered over a historical setting is wearing my patience thin (worst offender: the 2011 The Three Musketeers remake). Not to mention the modern obsession with turning each and every story of swashbuckling musketeers or sandalwearing Greek heroes into a CGI-and-wireworks extravaganza, with combat moves usually only seen in Hong Kong kungfu action movies or computer games. Even the fantasy roleplaying games have this aesthetic nowadays. I guess it’s just the current taste. Sure, it can be fun. But if you run into it everywhere… eh.

    • Sofie Liv

      I do think the three musketeers is a much worse offender by this.

      The original Sherlock Holmes canon took place by the hundred shift, in 1890’s-1900’s
      Which is historically a time where machines and so on indeed started coming, the first auto-mobils (cars.) came, the first refined science devices, the first electricity uses, the first movie was made and played for audiences in 1903. It was an era of sudden changes.

      So it only makes sense that a Sherlock Holmes movie would use this at one point or another, and for the most part, it is pretty cool.
      Three musketeers takes place in the 17 century, which makes the use of these things kind of stupid and very silly. That movie is dumb.. this is decent.

      And Watson didn’t get unharmed out of the explosion, in the movie he actually laid in the hospital for quit a while, Holmes being deeply worried about him, going as far as dressing up just so he could get in and check on him without getting noticed.
      I do like it when-ever Holmes and Watson gets to chase some-one down in a exciting chase in any medium, Holmes is a character loving doing stuff like that, and as this is a Hollywood movie, it was over-blown, that is how they rule nowadays. And the fights, for the most part.. were good.

      So well, aside from the plastered on ladies, I have a really hard time saying to much bad about this movie, it’s be “Hollywooded.” as the be expected with a buddy cop formula applied and so on, it’s not “BBC’s Sherlock.” which is a series that is a big devoted love letter in itself and freaking brilliant at that.
      It didn’t screw up the cannon or chance Sherlock Holmes to the worse for-over, it even managed to introduce new people to the character in a charming way… so well…

  • Nuclearman

    You both were spot on about how forgettable this movie was. It wasn’t until I watched this review that I remembered Irene Adler was in the film.

    I’m sure Sofie will go down alongside Peter Cushing and Benedict Cumberbatch as one of the great Holmes.

    • Sofie Liv

      Lol wouldn’t I love that?

      First Female Sherlock Holmes among the greats… I like that.

      Sigh, Holmes is a bit like Bond isn’t he? We all have our favourites, you didn’t even mention Rathbone whom seem to be a great favourite among Holmesians, my personal favourite would actually be Jeremy Brent from the Granada Television serial, when I read Holmes now, that is the guy I see before me, for me he is Holmes.
      It’s just great the character have room enough for all of these different interpretations, there’s room for every-body.

      • Nuclearman

        Both Brent and Rathbone are very good but Cushing just happens to be my favourite Holmes (he’s also my favourite actor). It’s all just a matter of preference like with picking a favourite Bond or Doctor Who. Nobodys opinion wrong.

        • Sofie Liv

          And he is a really cool actor having played a lot of really cool parts. So nope, I don’t fault you for in in the slightest.
          In fact I am delighted you are a genuine Holmes fans, that’s just pure great :D

          • Nuclearman

            Why thanks you, hope you review more Holmes adaptations because I’ve seen what Sherlock is like when he is bored lol.

  • Cristiona

    Eh. I didn’t find it forgettable at all, and quite enjoyed it. I also liked that the fact that the action was used sparingly and enjoyed the… well… the trips into Holmes’ mind in the beginning and then again in the fighting pit. I also like the callback to that in the climax of the sequel.

    And, finally, I deeply adore the music used in both movies. It’s been at least a decade since I sought out a soundtrack (and even longer for a score) but I’ve been sorely tempted to do so for these movies.

    • Sofie Liv

      That’s fine, neither of us said there was any-thing wrong with the movie, you are not required to have the same opinion as site members, in fact having your own opinion is good. It was merely our take on it… mostly mine Actually.

      There was some cool things in the scare, I do think I was able to down right hear it was composed by the same guy whom composed the pirates of the Carribbean score, which is also, like it or not, a pretty damn good enjoyable score.

    • What makes me all the more amazed is that the sequel was written by an entirely different team of writers than the first one, yet they were able to do such successful call-backs to it… and, I think I enjoyed it even MORE! :-)

  • TheAnimatedHeroine

    Good review :) You guys did a good job and you looked like you had fun. I’ve not actually seen this movie yet, but I may check it out. And yeah, Kenan and Kel was a show on Nickelodeon. At the end of every episode Kenan would always tell Kel to bring random things to a random location.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. knowing Holmes I am sure he had a specific use for these items.
      And Trafalgar Square isn’t that random a place, it’s central London. Kind of the place Holmes roams.

      Thank you! I wont speak for Jill, but I personally had so much fun, thus far this was my favourite episode to create. I enjoyed writing it, enjoyed filming it and it is to date the video I have editted the fastest, which I guess means I had a lot of fun editing it :D

  • MephLord

    Upon rewatching this review, I notice that Dredger is never mentioned, and he is by far the most epic bad guy in the whole film. The way he shrugged off Holmes clever boxing moves added depth to how powerful he was. And like me, he’s Canadian so I had an interest to see how he was portrayed, and he was portrayed quite well, but never had a “death scene” so I wonder if he’d be brought back. It’s still a solid review and very enjoyable however. Sofie I do wonder at times you seemed to have trouble pronouncing some of the longer English words, was that you expanding your vocabulary or just tripping over trying to annunciate words that you don’t speak very often and the accent not helping?

    • Sofie Liv

      I stumble, some words are just very difficult for me, and they don’t even need to be long words.
      I had to take several takes saying “Visit.” and the final take even ended up being very forceful, but mostly I suppose I got rid of saying “Wisit.” ….

      I am trying to expand my vocabulary, and now as I have a proof reader to go through my script, he adds words which are smarter and more colourful but I wouldn’t have used because my English vocabulary is as limited as it is, Jill to added some words I wouldn’t have, so I was on a bit of unfamiliar terrain here.

      It is the accent and the fact that I don’t speak english every single day, it’s limited to Skype calls and recording reviews at current time. There are words I simply cannot pronounce and it doesn’t always make sense, like.. for the life of me I can’t pronounce “Refrigerator.” I just can’t! I tried, god did I try, but it always comes out weird.
      I hope that I am gradually improving, hopefully I can have another stay at an english speaking country soon enough to improve my language skills.

      Dredger was a really cool hench-man, I give you that, every-time he appeared you felt. “Oh damn…”
      A typical bond hench-man is all what he is though, the muscle doing Blackwoods bidding, he isn’t important. Really cool and have a good share of “fuck…” moments, but not important to the plot, just important to the sparse action.

      • MephLord

        The W and V thing is very Germanic, and I’m guessing Danish is derived from German. “Like velcome/welcome and walrus/valrus” in a lot of bad movies. It’s still a great review that I’ll continue to watch many times so it’s not a knock on the performance, and I’m glad you are willing to accept that it showed when you aren’t entirely happy with your performance, being a performing artist like you are. I’m uni-lingual so I’d never even try to do something even in French our second official language and am glad that you are brave enough to give reviews in English so I hope you don’t think I’m being rude to you or not. Jill being Irish should also have her own native language but I don’t know if it’s well spoken there or not, although I’m also half Irish/half French and speak neither French nor Gaelic so if she was unilingual I’d understand completely. And for the record I worked with a Danish man, he was super nice and a good worker, so I have a lot of respect for Danes.

        • Sofie Liv

          Actually Germanic branches from Danish.

          The original tongue is “old Nordic.” and the most direct descendent from that is the Scandinavian languages Danish, Norwegian and Sweden. From that branches Gaelic which divides up into French and German… It’s all pish posh technicalities, but yeas, German and Danish have a lot in common, especially in regard to pronunciation, I actually also speak German, I am required to.

          When I speak another languet shortly in this review I am saying. “Ich bin Sherlock Holmes, Ich Mache alles.” and that is german.. Ursa responded some-thing in Spain, I have no idea what she said.
          And as I have been lead to understand, Jill have family in Ireland but life in England, so she is only half Irish and speak english. Of cause we need to ask her to be clear, but I seem to re-call that was what she said.

          You are not being rude, not in the slightest, you are actually very encouraging :)

          I only want to become better, if I am not aware of my flaws I don’t see how I can possible improve them. There’s so much stuff I want to make but I still lack the skill, I hope to get it this way, it may only come slowly. But this trip is seriously its own reward. I just love doing it.

          • Jill Bearup

            I’m from Northern Ireland, and from a Protestant background to boot, so I know absolutely no Gaelic (wait, actually: TELEFON. That’s it.)

            Gaelic’s not generally taught in Northern Irish schools, (as opposed to the Republic of Ireland, where it’s compulsory until about 16, then generally dropped like a hot potato*) and so while I can cobble together a (badly pronounced) Spanish sentence like I did in this review, I’m pretty much unilingual too.

            Ah well. At least I’m pretty darn good at English.

            *Number of fluent Irish Gaelic speakers in Ireland? Er…maybe three hundred thousand, give or take. Just under half the population (1.5 million out of 4 million) say they can speak it (2002 census) but that’s not the same as fluency, or indeed using it in daily life. It’s sort of the endangered species of languages.

      • Nuclearman

        My advice would be if you can’t pronounce a word try and find another word for it that’s easier. For example it would probably be easier for you to say fridge instead of refridgerator.

        • Sofie Liv

          I do that quite often, it’s not uncommen when I film that I go entire that entire giant routine from Disney, you know the giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk.

          “It’s very Adequian– adeuqui— adeli… It’s fine!”

          I just think it’s a funny fact I can’t say refrigerator.. ever. I know what the word sounds like I just can’t say it. tried for years.

          it is also not that uncommen that I add-lib in my takes, like.. when Ursa says Hug the script merely said. “No.” I ad-libbed. “thank you for asking though.” so that happens to..

          And no, I am not going to release a blooper video any-time soon, lord knows I got the material for it -_-;

          • Jonathan Hunter

            eh, I think the accent is what makes it enjoyable. I never have any trouble understanding.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, i’m glad you people like the accent so much.
            But I am working on making it less and less noticeable.. It’s kind of a dream of mine to be able to convince some-one that I am a native britt.
            Cause Brits have awesome accents.

  • Sofie and Sursum, who is your favorite Holmes actor, and what is your favorite Holmes movie?

    • Sofie Liv

      Can’t answer for Ursa But.

      My favourite Holmes is the Holmes out of the Granada television serial, Jeremy Brent. When-ever I read a story where Holmes is involved, he is the man I see before me. The laugh I do at one point in this review is completely taken from him, that’s how he often laughs X)

      My favourite Moriarty is either Vincent Price out of the great mouse detective or Viktor Yevgrafov out of Russian Sherlock Holmes, I have to call that one a draw as the two are so different and yet so awesome I can’t decide.

      And my favourite Watson would have to be Martin Freeman he just.. stands out and is still so ever pleasant to be around.

      As for favourite movie.. I’ve seen a lot of Holmes movies around now, and it kind of kills me having to go that recent, it’s always cooler saying. “Basil Rathbones adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” or some shit like that.. but I honestly have to go with BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes serial it just… gets every single little thing right and genuinely managed to pull me so far that I forgot myself.
      Second favourite would be the Granada Serial or take your pick out of the Granada movies.

      • Jonathan Hunter

        Oh yes, Jeremy Brett is the best. To me he captured that manic Holmes that was santitized for our convinience. He seemed to be just short of crazy. I like how close to the character the BBC got. They didn’t just hand him a hunting cap and a magnifier, both items he never used. (Maybe in Hound of the Baskervilles?)

        • Sofie Liv

          Actually BBC Sherlock does have a magnifier and use it in almost all of his episodes.
          It’s just this smaller more handy magnifier. He uses it in his very first episode, and also uses it in “The Reichenbach fall.” when he examines the food prints of the children. Just pointing it out.
          But here, there’s actual an practical use for that thing.

          And Brent did use a deerstalker and the tweed-cape from time to time, but only in the country episodes, because guess what, those clothing items are designed to country walks, and the big bad British weather if you are out for hours!
          That being said.. That is the freaking most practical hat in the history of ever!
          Cumberbatch shouldn’t make so much fun of it, it’s no wonder Holmes the smartest man alive uses it.

          Seriously! I use that hat now when the weather is bad, it shields by my face and neck from rain and wind, it doesn’t inconveniently blow over my face like an ordinary water proof hood, if it’s cold there’s the ear flaps. AND IT WORKS!
          It’s the best hat ever. It’s unbelievable practical.
          I’m sure there’s some-thing ungodly practical about that tweed-cape to. I just didn’t manage to find one yet.

    • Jill Bearup

      Honestly? I haven’t really seen any of the old Holmes…es.

      I saw Sherlock the series, went,


      and went and read the books. And that’s pretty much as far as I got.

      So…Benedict Cumberbatch, pretty much by default. And because he was my first Sherlock Holmes, and my introduction to the whole world, he’ll probably always be my favourite.

      • Sofie Liv

        You are supposed to say me you fool! Sofie!

        Who am I kidding, Sherlock is after all.. THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!

        hm hm. It’s an amazingly good television serial on so many levels, people should go watch it, it’s a perfect introduction of Holmes to a new younger audience. I would whole heartedly recommend people to watch that thing first and then back-track later if the interest is there.
        Granada Televison serial is also awesome though, but in a different way.

  • Mr Shankly

    What are your opinions on the America version of Sherlock being made?

    • Sofie Liv

      This is completely my opinion, no one else has any-thing to do with it. Ursa probably have her own opinion.

      It’s a stupid idea! The reason why Sherlock works is because it’s a declaration of love from Moffat, Gratiss and every-body else involved, no one half asses any little detail in that show, it’s filled with passion. It was made because people wanted to make it and it can be felt every second of the show.

      The US version only happens because the show was as great an success as it was and now the US wanted to cash in. Like they tried with Red Dwarf before them, (which is a stupid test pilot, hilarious for it’s awfulness.) like the fact no one wanted to do pirates film ones because they thought there was no audience, and then there came tons of ass pirates film after Pirates of the Caribbean became such a success.

      It’s a cash project and that is what rings my alarm bells, was it a creation of love and devotion from some-one very badly wanting to give his thoughts upon Sherlock, I would be willing to give it a go, location of the character doesn’t matter to me, but thus far there has been nothing indicating that to me at all, I hate the idea I hate that it’s going to be made, and I hope the show dies with a failed test pilot so we can all move on and make movies people actually want to make with the character in future.
      Because on the other hand, Moffat and Gratiss made the best point ever that Sherlock Holmes was never about being a period piece, the story takes place in the time it was written, he is supposed to be contemporary character, and I love the idea that it will become more of a norm that Holmes simply is in recent time and merely exist there. Without the “Radical upgrade.” mentality, but just.. you know. Exist.

      It seems like such an obvious thought just to have such character exist now (that is even how Frankenstein 1931 and Dracula 1930 worked, plus all the other movies of that time.)
      Instead of having the “original Holmes.” some-how cryogenic frozen so he can wake up in recent time and meet one of Watsons descendent to go on adventures with.. and yep, that exist, and it even exist twice, in both cases Watson is a woman.
      For some reason that’s how all classic characters work now, some-one have to figure some bullshit explanation of how the skipped a century to get to our time, why not just let them exist in our time and tell the story? simple as that, without the “radical.” mentality which ruins all such stories and is the main reason most classic stories sat in modern times doesn’t work.

      • Thomas Stockel

        I heard about Lucy Liu being cast as Watson, but I did not hear about Holmes being thawed out. They did a pilot of this years ago and it was just as stupid looking then as this will be now.

        And I have no problem with swapping genders (my problem with Starbuck in the new Battlestar Galactica was not that she was a woman, it was she was a perfect Mary Sue who got to act badly all the time and everyone still loved her. I loved both Boomers, btw.), my problem is this will completely alter the dynamic between the two characters. Eventually Holmes and Watson will fall in love because that is what happens in American television. We saw it in Bones, saw it in House, are seeing it in Castle as Castle and Beckett do the entire “Will they or won’t they” dance. And that is not something new; go back to Moonlighting and you will see what I mean. When you have two principle leads who are male and female, it is going to happen.

        The US version is going to blow monkey chunks. Okay, rant over.

        By the way, a very enjoyable review from you two. I liked the movie but it did not blow me away. The sequel sucked, btw.

        • Sofie Liv

          I have no problem with Gender swapping.
          In fact, I am all for gender swapping, I want to do and see gender swapping. If I made it to Hollywood (in my dreams) I would do at least one movie interpreting a classic tale and gender swap the shit out of it.
          I would love to see a world where women also get a go of these great contemporary characters.

          What I don’t like how-ever is how the gender swap ends up working every single time.
          The character which was interesting and dynamic as a male always become dull and generic as a woman for some reason.
          For one thing, they will cast a beautiful young woman in the part.. often times a character is more interesting just when played by an interesting looking actor.
          And then all the most interesting things will be taken out of the part, to make her down to earth, beautiful, sexy, kind.. a role model.. and Role models are freaking dull!
          My favourite example is Jekyll and Hyde, there’s been a lot of movies made of that tale and a good number where Jekyll and Hyde is a woman, or Jekyll is a man turning into a woman.
          Now, in my opinion, the best Hyde is the Hyde whom becomes a wild catatonic beast, who’s just all over the place, staggers around while being childish, violent and maybe even monkey like. Some male Hydes are like that, and those are awesome.
          Female Hyde is never ever like that, she will always be this “Refined beauty ready to kill.” christ is that’s dull. All female villains are like that, just ones I would like some-one who is a ugly savage beast, that would be great.
          You know what I would like? A female Renfield! That poor creepy mentally unstable sod from Dracula whom eats flies, crawl around on the floor and say “maaaster.”
          Fuck, I want that part! I want to play it. Female Renfield.

          Sigh, yeah that’s the trouble, apparently a man and a woman can’t even share a scene without supposed “Sexual.” tension any longer, that’s freaking sad.
          But well hey, at least we are not in Britten, there a man and a man can no longer share a scene without it having sexual tension….

          Hehe, want to share this story with you now. There’s actually been theories out there that Holmes is a woman pretending to be a man.
          … I would LOVE to see that movie, I love the layers it add to the character, it actually makes sense why “she” would dress up as a man being the person “she” is.

          The sequel had some really cool things in it, but the bull shit scienes and logic ruined otherwise good ideas and cool use of soundtrack plus cinematographic.

          • Nuclearman

            No offense to Lucy Liu shes a beautiful woman and she was good in Kill Bill but I can’t see her and Sick Boy having good on screen chemistry.

            I don’t mind the idea of gender swapping characters though I’d personally like to see a female version of Moriaty done at some point.

          • Sofie Liv

            … I just found out they casted Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock in the US version.

            Why the hell him? Look at him, he is so boring and generic looking.
            As much as Robert Downey looks absolutely nothing like a Holmes, right down to his small seize (Watson now towering over Holmes, there’s some-thing wrong with that.)
            He manages to get away with it, just because he is so eccentric looking as he is, and walks in a eccentric way. Because of that eccentric air, I am able to buy him as a Holmes regardless.
            Cumberbatch is a very unique eccentric looking man in every aspect, he is perfect for the part that way. even old mr Brent was a very unique looking man you would remember, and that’s why he works. (Partially.)
            Lee Miller looks, sounds, walks and over-all just is so generic it hurts me. And he is the one to play Sherlock? dude, faiiiiiil.

            Man, it’s been a long time since I have been so sure I would hate some-thing. even before I have seen it.
            That project actually repels me on a deep personal level, wauw it’s weird having that happen to me.

          • Nuclearman

            I think Jonny was an ok choice to be honest, he can play an eccentric quite well.

            Coincidence that before he was cast Benedict and Jonny Lee Miller played Frankenstein on stage together.

          • Sofie Liv

            I am still at a big meh, but rest assured that it can’t be helped that I am going to watch that TV-pilot and then give a real opinion.

            I’m afraid I am currently suffering from the syndrome. “Fanisme.” which is the condition of me being a big fan of some-thing on the point of what is unhealthy and now have a constant need to bitch and mourn when some-one messes around with this item I care so much about.. even if it is just silly fiction… I guess this is how Star Wars fans felt about the prequel movies.

            Just out of curiosity, what did Cumberbatch play and what did Lee Miller play in that production?
            Whom was Doctor Frankenstein, I doubt either of them was Igor (Or Fritz, what-ever version you want to go with.) all though that is a interesting picture.

          • Nuclearman

            Well I’ve not seen it but from what I heared each night they swapped between playing the doctor and the monster.

          • Sofie Liv

            heh, nice!

          • MephLord

            I was thinking about Rampage from Justice League Unlimited, and she was portrayed as a beast woman with a bad temper, and I liked how she didn’t fit the mold of most female villains. If I were to make a Wonder Woman movie, I’d probably have her in it, in a “holy shit” kind of way to see how the crowd would react to seeing Wonder Woman fighting someone that could match her in strength and combat resolve, and to show just how kick-ass Wonder Woman could be. We get women fighting in mixed martial arts in cages no less, and it’s popular among both genders, so I still don’t get why Hollywood doesn’t accept women fighting on movie screens that doesn’t degenerate into silly scratching and hair pulling exchanges.

  • Goblinsoldier

    Please take a look at the BBC Sherlock. As a vet, I truly get John Watson.


    • Sofie Liv

      Urhm… we are both all ready humongus fans of BBC’s Sherlock….

      Just read the comments right below, or go to the comments of my “my little pony.” video where I discuss the heck out of Sherlock.

      If you go to Jill’s own blip account, she has made a whole bunch of videos cross-examining the show.

      We are both giant fans of it! And have been ever since the first season aired.
      Again as I said, Jill all ready has cross-examined it and is continuing cross-examining it. She is doing it so well that I don’t know if I am ever going to do it.
      But if I am, it’s first going to be when the show is completely over and done with so I can look at it as a whole creation.

      I think we all get John Watson, he is the relate-able one of the two.. and I am a animal friend just for the record.. I love my cat.

      • MephLord

        How can anyone hate on cats even with their diva-like attitudes they are still cute and cuddly and temperamental. But damn so cute!

        • Sofie Liv

          Try being waken six in the morning on a Saturday by having a very alive bird stuck in your face.
          Gift from beloved kitty, then when I was done screaming in sheer shock, there was a kitty and a very much alive bird playing tag across the room.

          First I had to capture the cat and throw her out of the window, and then I had the capture the bird and throw it out if the window.
          Then make a slow turn around… and just look at my before hand neat and clean room… so many feathers, so many papers. So much wanting to hurt that cat at that specific moment in time.
          (She was fine after this, only animal hurt being the bird which flew kind of zig-zaggyly when I threw it out the window.)

  • DrWheelz

    You should have added Mendo and Lohner in the review as Adler and Morstan, respectively.