VIDEO: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

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Sofie and Ursa (er, I mean Holmes and Watson…) follow up on their previous adventures together by taking on Guy Ritchie’s second great Holmesian blockbuster, A Game of Shadows: Now with even more explosions, fighting, cross-dressing, and really blue slo-mo! Featuring a special appearance by Full of Questions, I mean, Yulia. I mean, Lestrade.

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  • Patrick Walters

    Alright, this whole “Oh look at us, we’re Sherlock and Watson! And we’re in this movie! La-di-da-di-da!” thing gets annoying and old fast.

    • Carlos Rivas

      Really? why? because their women?

      • John Wilson

        No. He thought that could have been better handle:).

    • Sofie Liv

      We are honestly just having fun ourselves writing for characters we like, and playing characters we would like to play but knows very well no one would EVER hand to us in real life. Only way to make it happen is to make it happen for yourself dude.

      It was also a way for us to exsperiment with the old. “Reviewers formular.” and see how we could make it different and how far we could take this new direction.

      We are exsperimenting for our own sake and trying to mix it up, trying to write for such strong characters, is also a good way for us to develop our usual writing skills and do some-thing different.

      And well, it also stands as at least one feature we have unqiue to us.. beside.. we only made three of these thus far and there are MONTHS between each video, the last one was from last summer, over half a year ago. So well, it’s not dominating either of our shows is it?

      And again.. we are just doing this for fun. Cause it’s fun to us.

      • Thomas Stockel

        I had fun with it. I would say if anything good came out of Game of Shadows it was this review. :)

        • Sofie Liv

          thanks :)

  • freddy

    I’ll be honest: I’m not sure how Irene Adler needing to be rescued in the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie is taken as a betrayal of her strong character, but Adler needing to be rescued in the (excellent) BBC Sherlock isn’t.

    That said, while I agree that Game of Shadows isn’t great art by any means, it’s a movies I love. Popcorn entertainment? Sure, but incredibly well done entertainment, and Downey and Jude Law are perfect together.

    • Jill Bearup

      Frankly, I *did* think Irene being rescued in Sherlock was a betrayal of her character. But I’m really not keen on the Sherlock interpretation of Adler anyway.

      “What makes women strong?”
      “Er…sex as a weapon! Yeah! And asking Moriarty for help! And displaying no conscience! And falling in love with the hero! Woo!”

      Sure, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a character like that, but calling her Irene Adler is just…why?

      And I love Sherlock, and I *like* that episode fine, but Irene’s portrayal makes me twitchy.

      • fish eye no miko

        I hate BBC Irene (and BBC Moriarty–there’s really only one BBC villain I’ve liked at all, and he was killed in the first episode), and to me that episode is so much ABOUT her character that I can’t enjoy it. The only parts I like are the ones that aren’t about her at all (even the Christmas party is somewhat ruined by her), and that’s about 30 minutes out or 90 (if that).

      • Sofie Liv

        I do think there’s a difference between these two addlers though and how they are saved.

        In the Robert Downey movies, it’s like she is introduced as this “Strong independent woman.” without that ever really being used, and she is just instantly put in tight spots so the guys have some-thing to go safe, and we have a set-up for an action scene. That’s what it feels like.

        In BBC’s Sherlock, the skills it is established that Addler has, she uses! We see her use all of it, to actually trick Sherlock.

        And while the Robert Downey Addler was just an added feature to the movie, that was actually about the… lord dude I don’t remember the name off. The BBC episode was all about Addler, and it was all about beating her, in her own game. Then it ended on Sherlock saving her, but as a conclusion to the long game the two had against each other, and as I spoke to you about it earlier. In my opinion he did it, because Sherlock knew very well he had been the one sentencing Addler to death by beating her in her own game, and he didn’t want to have her death on his concious. That’s just my interpretation of it.

        Pfff.. honestly, BBC Addler is just.. yet another Moffat woman. It’s really a tendency I have started to notice with Moffat, he is only able to write ONE woman. Every single woman he writes, is the same woman with the same appeal and abilities, just in slightly different packagings. And that’s a definit big flaw in his writing, it’s a major flaw. Which is a pity since I am a fan of his writing.

        Molly Hooper is obviously a Mark Gatiss woman, if you listen to their audio commentary track, you can clearly hear it’s Mark Gatiss’s doing that Molly keeps getting the short end of the stick, and it’s because of him she stuck around as long as he did. Moffat would never write any woman as a door-mat, he just doesn’t know how.

        • Jill Bearup

          Ah, yes, that’s it exactly.

          I like original Adler. And I get how they have to change her up for the modern day.

          But turning her into TheOnlyWomanStevenMoffatWrites, Dominatrix Flavour, was…ah well.

          There’s still Molly. And Mrs Hudson. And Sally, all of whom are more regular characters and much more interesting to boot.

          So I won’t complain too much. :)

          • Sofie Liv

            It’s so healthy for Moffat to be collaborating with Gatiss, Sherlock is honestly only that good because of it. It feels like a traditionel Moffat script, but some-how polished. And Gatiss is the man behind the polishing. All of their scripts are definit collaborations, again if you listen to their audio tracks you can hear that, they influenced each other greately, fixed each others scripts and were a writing duo for this series. And that’s why it works so well.

            Moffat found his better half, god bless, and Gatiss can write women and comedy, he has no trouble poking fun at women or creating “Ugly.” women carricatures. (I’ve seen league of Gentlemen now.. Gatiss… you have no shame.. respect!)

            And yeah, this show is definetely one of the stronger shows in female present, it passed the Bechdel test half-ways through second episode, which is more than I can say about more shows.

            I love new TMNT, but dammit, we are sixteen episodes in, and it hasn’t passed the Bechdel test yet! … sigh..

          • Necroglobule

            The trade-off with Sherlock is that it causes Moffat to focus less attention on Doctor Who (and boy does it show)

          • Sofie Liv

            I don’t know.. to me it feels more like Moffat had a story he wanted to tell, he did indeed tell it and I thought it was great. But now all he can really do is to repeat himself..

            Personally.. I think it might soon should be time for Moffat to step aside and hand over the torch, the series needs fresh blood and a fresh perspective.

          • Necroglobule

            I think I agree, if you’re referring to Who.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah I were talking about Who.

          • fish eye no miko

            “And yeah, this show is definetely one of the stronger shows in female
            present, it passed the Bechdel test half-ways through second episode”

            How? The women never talk TO each other, much less about things other than men.

          • John Wilson

            Personally I think that test is a bit too black and white. If I ever did a T.V,/movie. I have this ideas of having the movie/tv show pass the test by, talking about crazy things(random facts or something) or have them talk about “big hot dogs”:).

          • Muthsarah

            The purpose of the Bechdel test isn’t to rate an individual work, to either “pass” or “fail” it; it’s to look at a large selection of films and TV shows in a genre, or the whole industry, and see just how very rarely something passes what isn’t an outlandish condition. That doesn’t mean that something that passes the test is good, or that something that fails is bad. It’s perfectly fine if a movie is either centered on male characters or on male/female relationships (neither of which would help it pass the test), just that female characters aren’t usually represented as anything but tokens or as passive romantic counterparts to a more prominent male character.

            Just compare it to how often you see two male characters talking about something other than a woman. Like the plot, or their shared past, or their friendship, or just some other guy they have an opinion on. The vast majority of female characters are never given even that level of depth, and that imbalance should be pretty striking.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Is April O’Neill so bad in this one?

            However – I kinda agree with John Wilson… the Test does not say anything.

            I am fairly sure that my Fanfics would pass the test here and there – not in every situation, but most of the time, I try to write “strong independent women” without them being branded as such – they are not all gritty and grim, I try to write them as fun characters (which in case of Princess Jasmine is very true to the character) and try not to let them be obsessed about boys and men in general. I try to bring out every aspect of a character, try to write them characters first and being female second.

            So – I do my best of passing said test. Is my fanfic good? Would not say so – it has sometimes plotholes, you could fly a goa’uld pyramid ship through.

      • Alexa

        It was kind of sad how they over sexualized the character, which is a huge trope of what many writers, male writers it seems, perceive that a “strong independent woman” is like. She’s tough but doesn’t mind using her sexual prowess to trick people, and if we make her smart and independent, people won’t mind a bunch of shots where she is half naked, or hell in the case of that episode, completely naked.

        It really would have made the episode, way more enjoyable, for me at least, if the character was just unassuming like the original. Not stupid obviously, just seemingly harmless but then pulled the rug right underneath everyone. And of course had no desire for Sherlock, but in turn he had grown a desire for her. And that would have made the episode even more poignant, because it would seem like he finally had found a woman that he can see himself with, but she is not interested in him at all. Now that would have made the episode way better, in my opinion.

      • Thomas Stockel

        I agree with you; I didn’t like the sexualized Irene Adler, either. And she was a villain, collaborating with Moriarty. Why all writers outside of Doyle see her as one I have no idea. I would say of all the Sherlock episodes hers is the one I liked the least.

  • Muthsarah

    Why is it always Moriarty in these things? For the same reason Pascal’s Triangle* is so prominently placed on the blackboard (and loose papers) of a man so outlandishly brilliant, he should already have the whole thing memorized to at least the 100th row by now. Moriarty is the superficial “smart” Holmes villain, even if he wasn’t the only one, and he’s instantly recognizable, as is Pascal’s Triangle; even if someone doesn’t know what it is, they’ve probably at least seen it somewhere and associate it with math or something smart. It superficially conveys intelligence to the audience, just as putting Moriarty in a movie superficially conveys to the audience that everything he does must be really complicated and smart, even if it only seems that way on the surface. If this is a pure popcorn movie, then it follows that it’s a “turn off your brain” movie. And with your brain turned off, then sure, any ludicrous plot twist would look pretty smart.

    * – Unless there’s an actual in-plot reason for it to be there. I saw the first movie, but not the second.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. it is Moriarty just because of the reason you said. He is the guy we all-ready know. He has become to Holmes what the Joker has become to Batman!

      The two has become inseperable in the publics mind, not because they started out like that, but because over time in different interpretations, they just became each others perfect foe.

      So, like every-one knows when the joker appears, there’ll be spectacles and insanity, every-one knows when Moriarty is there, he will be a thinking, and battle Sherlock with the mind.
      But most Holmes villains are about the thinking, as Holmes himself is about the thinking and his stories are about solving mysteries. And the best Holmes adversaries are the ones able to throw him for a loop for a while, so we can have that mystery going of. “Who did what, and why did they do it?” usual crime stuff.

      • Muthsarah

        With Moriarty now dead, what are they going to do with the third movie? They’ve already used up the one widely-known Holmes villain, and now they have to find some way to top him for the always-disappointing third movie. The first one always uses the basic premise and the hero as the selling point, the second movie always introduces (and kills off) the best-known villain, so the third has…what?

        My bet: they’re gonna go shamelessly off-topic and pick Jack the Ripper, just because people have heard of him (and it’s been about ten years or so since the last one of those movies). It’s not like fidelity to the source means anything to them.

        • Muthsarah

          Oh, they could also go with the Hound of the Baskervilles too, I suppose. Complete with Holmes and/or Watson gunning down a pack of spectral dogs with Maxim guns. From a zeppelin.

          • Sofie Liv

            No matter the case, it’s the BBC series I am looking forward to, not the movie. I can’t wait for John to just hit Sherlock in the face with his fist, sending Sherlock right into the ground while yelling.


            Freemans John Watson is really the one Watson with the biggest surpressed anger managements issue.. Jude Law comes on a nice second though. I guess that just comes with living with these more annoying Holmes’s… is that a modern thing, really just driving Watson up the wall for the heck of it?

        • danbreunig

          Maybe not. Just like the Nolan Batman trilogy, they could use up Villain #1 in the second movie and bring in a lesser known but just as formidable villain to fill out the third. And they can do that with Moran like Batman did with Bane. I’d sure like to see his airgun in action at least, which could well happen since this is now Action Holmes. That really could work, though–the Holmes universe didn’t just stop with Moriarty’s demise (even though that’s exactly what S.A.C. Doyle wanted, until he gave in to fan pressure), and would even prove the point that the criminal mind du jour isn’t always Moriarty, just like it isn’t always the Joker.

      • John Wilson

        Well since the frist miocie was about the Illuminati and the second was about the freemasons. The thrid one might be about the lizard people:).

  • drumstick00m

    Got to say this is my favorite review series out there. Watching Holmes and Watson review Holmes and Watson = awesome. Ever consider doing the routine for a review of House or the Great Mouse Detective?

    • danbreunig

      Now there would be an interesting twist. Sursam and Sofie and company working in other Holmes-based shows into their regular Bakerstreet Adventures series. I think I want to see Sursam play House, though–hobbling on the cane, callous smirk, loaded to the brim with smart-assery, giving Sofie’s Wilson crap and he/she just has to put up with it.

      Nice review, though, once again, just being as playful as insightful. Sursam, Sofie, I think your Holmes’ series is your best work as specifically a duo–keep it up!

      • Sofie Liv

        We have been thinking in a lot of different directions, now that we have established a status quo, the next thing to do is to see what we can actually do with it in within this formular.

        It’s about exsperimenting and trying new things.

        • drumstick00m

          Looking forward to it. Would also be interesting to see Elementary reviewed. I actually hear it gets quite good as the show goes on…

          • Sofie Liv

            I all-ready reviewed the pilot episode for that on my own independet show.

            And my judgement was that, as a Holmes adaptation it doesn’t hold up, it has nothing in common with any prior holmes interpretations, except some name recognision. It all honestly, the two main characters could be ANY two crime detectives, they just happen to have recognisable names.

            How-ever, as a crime show, it’s decent! it’s not bad, it’s not amazing, it’s just a crime-show exactly like all the other crime shows on US tely, and they have a lot of practise in that, there’s so many crime-shows exactly like it, so the US knows how to do it, but that’s just what it is.
            Nothing bad about it, nothing stand-out good.

          • drumstick00m

            I know, that was a well insightful review, another to show people in my list of proofs of why there is too much Batman in America.

            As I said, apparently it comes out in its own as the show goes on. Perhaps many like it because its feminism and genderpolitics (and race relations) are top notch.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        by the way – Ursa saying “If you do that ever again, I’ll kill you.” – I am calling it. I am sure, one of their reviews, as “Holmes and Watson” will be “Sherlock – the Reichenbach Fall” a.k.a. “How to really do it!”

        • Sofie Liv

          That’ll be a fun day.

  • Thomas Stockel

    I agree with Yulia; Holmes has other villains. And one of the reasons I liked the first film so much is that there was an original bad guy. Or a bad guy from the books I did not remember. It meant I was in for some surprises.

    I hated the second movie, and perhaps part of the reason why was with Moriarty I knew where it was headed. And I hated the fact they killed Adler. I had no problem with the performances, I just did not think much of the film overall.

    • Sofie Liv

      I didn’t hate it.. it just wasn’t as good as I could have hoped for, neither was the first really, they were both just.. merely decent, and strangely forgetful, you forget both of them as soon as they are over, even though just might had a fun time while watching. Which feels a bit odd.

      I don’t mind people using people Moriarty more in his original purpose, it does have the potential for an emotional climax, Sherlock almost dying and all of that.. but well, it was not delivered that well here, I thought it was delivered better in the great Mouse Detective where Basil and Ratigan fell down Big-ben together. (Has any-one else ever caught what a homage that is?)

      This certainly was not the best moriarty in television history, and he could have be utilized better.

      • Muthsarah

        (Has any-one else ever caught what a homage that is?)

        While I didn’t pick up on that as a child, it’s rather obvious today. Which reminds me, I need to watch that again. Still the best Sherlock Holmes film, BTW. And he’s in it, so it does count. :)

        • Sofie Liv

          What I meant was the the fact both Basil and Ratigan fell down from Big Ben fighting each other is actually a huge call-back to. “The final problem.” the actual Sherlock Holmes story where Holmes and Moriarty fights each other on top of a water-fall and both fall.

          Which actually makes Basil of Bakerstreet the first movie to do that plot! Even though as it is a cartoon Basil comes out of it okay immediately afterwards instead of going into hiding for three years.

      • fish eye no miko

        Castle of… Caligstogo?… dammit, I can’t recall the exact name. It was a Lupin III movie. I believe Hayao Miyazaki worked on it.

  • Oh my gosh Jill’s sad face :(

    • Sofie Liv


  • DavidWilmotLow

    i dont understand, are holmes and watson male or female? is holmes an american doing a british accent, or dane doing an impossible to identify accent?….stop messing with my head! lol;)

    • Sofie Liv

      oh shush.. I speak the way I speak.
      And we are the gender that we are… or maybe we are delibaretely trying to throw your brain in a loop.

    • FullofQuestions1

      Trust me, you don’t want to hear my English accent.

      • Sofie Liv

        You don’t want to hear my American accent.. that’s the point where people go. “You are not even trying are you?”

        • Necroglobule

          You don’t want to hear my Danish accent. Trust me on this. It’s for the best.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I can’t do accents to save my life. I mean, I don’t sound like a stereotypical German (at least I hope so), overly agressive etc. but of course I cannot hide that I am from Germany, even if I tried.

          • danbreunig

            Well, *I* sure didn’t know until you said something here about being a real German. Vielleicht koennten wir miteinander gesprochen haben.

            Sorry, I’m from the States, although I’m from nearly full German ancestory (maybe you can tell from my name). It’s my second language, but I’m still not fluent simply because, well, I’m in the States and there’s very little chance to practice it. So it’s on rare occasions like this that I can actually get to practice it. And by now I’m sure everyone here is already sick of me doing that, so….. I can’t do accents either, as much as I try, unless cartoonishly exaggerated. I’m mildly better with straight out impressions if I’m lucky.

            Sorry for getting so off topic, Sursam–just a bit chatty tonight.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Dan, while I am not an expert in “how to use a german accent” – that comes naturally – here is a hint, how NOT to do it. Have a look at all movies, that are using german stereotypes.
            For example: Die hard I.
            One of the german terrorists yells “Schieß dem Fenster” – and while “Shoot the window” would be the correct english term, we would say “Shoot at the window” (Schieß auf das Fenster).
            Or – have a look at TGWTGs Demo Reel. Listen to Carl Copenhagen and the usage of the language. I mean, I have my gripe with Carls Role in general – strictly by mathematic improbability of him being that young and yet being in the Service of the east-german “Staatssicherheit” (which was “Stasi” or as Doug said it “some lady named Stacy”). Plus I ask myself “should he not at least have more practice and not that thick of an accent?”.

            On the other hand – we definietely are not better. When we use an english or american Character in german TV-shows, we mostly show them “speaking German with a dialect”, which is basically the same thing they are doing with Carl in Demo reel. He speeks English “but wiss a dialekt”.

          • Sofie Liv

            Still gotta ask, why the hell is he called Carl “Copenhagen.” what the freak does that have to do with Germany? Are the Channel Awesome team even aware where Copenhagen is or you know… what country it is a capital of?

            I’ve been told my accent has a sort of “German vibe.” to it.. but it’s not really a german accent.

            Hah! our english characters actually speaks english, and it’s the Danish characters whom must speak english to them.. kind of tells about our culture and how we handle languets.

            We don’t ask other people to speak Danish, we just speak English to them.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Maybe they wanted to be á la Marvel or DC in which Heroes have alliterations.
            Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Carl Copenhagen. Okay, the real deal would have been “Benjamin Berlin”… but maybe the Channel Awesome team flunked in Geography? ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            They so flunked Geography, that’s the only real explanation. If I am ever going to meet Doug Walker again, I am going to hit him over the head for that one!

          • They flunked it so hard they call it Geometry! Have you not seen Game Grumps? :P

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            You’d Gibbs Doug Walker? I’d pay money to see that. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            I promise i’ll make some-one film it, plus the entire chase scene that is sure to follow….

            We just need to get the guy to Europe again, and this time with a decent warning.. and in a country that uses english on their web-site. That French con he went to this year had one sucky web-site. I send them three different mails very specifically saying.

            “Hallo, i’m from Denmark, I don’t understand one word of French, but I am interested in attending your con, do you have an english guide, or could you help me order tickets? I can’t read your bloody web-site!”

            They answered to NONE of my mails! not one of them. Vienna was much nicer, they gave me free entrance, and that was before I had even joined the Agony booth.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Hm… are you just going to those cons, which has hosts from TGWTG? If not – try to go to fedcon in Düsseldorf. ^^

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Strange – that is the post I tried to post earlier…
            *raises his eyebrow*

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Hmm… strange – just now apparently a hickup happened. I wanted to post and something didn’t work and… strange.

            Oh, and while we are at it – you know WHAT I’d like to see you, Ursa or Mendo review? NCIS… I think, Mr. Mendo would even be qualified, thinking of his military background. ^^

          • Muthsarah

            I assumed “Carl Copenhagen” was supposed to be an ex-Stasi or possibly underground Neo-Nazi who went into exile, and that his name was a rather shoddy alias he took that, nonetheless, none of the Americans he’s encountered has ever picked up on. It’s an old joke, and probably wasn’t very well thought-through, which means it could technically have been meta-humor (as much of the show was sloppy), but I doubt it.

            I hate to say it, but far too many Americans really are ignorant as f*** about geography, not just the ones Leno finds walking Burbank. It’s not taught in schools in any capacity where most students would actually remember it, you never see it brought up in pop culture (Wakko’s World notwithstanding), and the country is so big that you can “see the world” without ever getting a passport. Big countries are worlds unto themselves.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Carl Copenhagen WAS supposed to be an Ex-Stasi… however – and we don’t want to go much into mathematical details here – as we all know the GDR ended in 89. So – even if Carl would have been born around 70, he would have been 19 when the Wall fell.

            I doubt, that he would be that much of a “spy” (I.M.) in his young years from 10 on.

          • Sofie Liv

            Still doesn’t explain why the heck his last name is “Copenhagen.” It is the capital of my country you know.

            You don’t meet Scottish people called. “Liam London.” do you?

            Well yeah, the US is freaking huge, and have so many cultures in itself, I can understand just wanting to explore that ,there is enough to explore there for several life times, i’m just most sad there are people in the world never even leaving their birth town. I could never imagine living like that, I gotta get out and see stuff!

            More of the would should be brought up in Pop culture though, that’s just common sense. Japan is very popular because of Manga I suppose, but then that’s kind of it isn’t it?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Actually, I can imagine “never leaving my birth town”… which does not mean, I could not imagine going someplace else for a couple of days, weeks – maybe even months or years…
            But I think, I would want to return home, at least once in a while and see, how and if stuff has changed…

          • Sofie Liv

            yeah I meant people whom never leaves even for vacation, they just never step out of that town, not even ones, for their entire life.

            Those people exist. And well, when there are so many wonders to explore, that’s a bit sad to me.

            Of cause I am going to keep on returning to Silkeborg (My home town.) My parents and several of my friends are here and lifes here, they still go on vacation from time to time, but this is home-base.

            Wheter I am going to continue living here… probably not actually, I move with where I have oppertunities, and hopefully I will move again before this year is out. this is just temporary right now.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Hm – I can understand, why one would like to stay in one place, yes. But sometimes, every now and then, you gotta get out there, go on vacation.

            Silkeborg? Sounds like a nice place to live, from what I see in the reviews, when you are out there. Nice coastal city or so – I like the architecture. ^^

          • Muthsarah

            Again, I think it was a poorly thought-through joke. Now if the whole series was admitting up-front that it was TRYING to be a cheap-looking, tongue in cheek spoof, it would make sense, but I don’t think that jokes worked in the greater context of the show. It seemed like it was being random for randomness’ sake.

            Airfare to Europe is almost $1000, probably more in-season, at least if you’re stuck on the West Coast. Most Americans don’t know anyone in Europe to stay with, so they’d have to stay in expensive hotels in big cities (probably the only place someone thousands of miles from home would feel remotely comfortable). When Americans travel, they usually go by car, or visit family in other states, or visit big cities like New York and LA. It’s very expensive to leave the country, unless you live near the Canadian or Mexican borders.

            I would LOVE to visit Europe. There are SO many placed I want to see. However, I have no idea in hell how I would manage even a month there on less than $7000. And even if I stay for less, the airfare is the same flat rate, so I’m spending just as much money to travel to a place I’m going to see less of. I’m from Seattle, and the only places I’ve travelled to in my adult life (in other words, when no one else was footing the bill) are Vancouver, Victoria, Vegas, and San Francisco. Add Portland and that’s it for all the places I can visit on a budget. Going to Europe would be as expensive as going to Japan.

          • $36060516

            “You don’t meet Scottish people called ‘Liam London’ do you?”

            Off the top of my head, I can think of Americans with the names Jack London (author), Paris Hilton (rich girl), Tara Dublin (a DJ), Irving Berlin (songwriter) and Morey Amsterdam (TV actor).

          • danbreunig

            I remember you saying that quite a bit–Danes almost naturally speaking English just out of global necessity. Yes, I fully understand why, small country and all, universal language there and throughout Europe, but—even on my side I find the who thing rather unfair, although necessary. I figure if I were suddenly plopped down in your guys’ backyard, I would at least try *not* to speak English as long as I could (no matter how stupid I may sound), just to show that I’m at least making an effort to adapt to your rules, and not be some ignorant American who assumes the rest of the world should automatically understand. And we’ve officially completely stopped talking about Sherlock Holmes now.

          • Sofie Liv

            Erh well.. coming to this country you would not have a choice, the moment any-one figures you are not Danish, they will just start speaking English to you at ones, we are just that used to it being that way. We don’t demand that other people should understand Danish at all, the languets is far to obscure.

            How-ever! Go to French, those guys get insulted when you can’t speak French, I swear to god. They are such snuts when it comes to that, they are people just assuming that every-one in the world speaks french!

          • Muthsarah

            Now when you say France, do you mean Paris? In general, I’ve heard that French people are nice and understanding towards Anglophones, but Parisians, whether out of snobbery or just frustration at all the tourists, are another story.

          • Sofie Liv

            I mean any French person over the age of fourty! I had some run ins, elder French people.. they are rude!

            The younger genneration how-ever, that grew up with the enternet.. we all speak english no matter what European country you go to.

            If you want to go to a really nice place where people are incredible understanding towards… any-thing really. Germany! I swear, you will never find a nicer people.

            And it’s not like they are trying to show off or any-thing, they are just incredible nice, incredible humble and incredible orderly. Berlin is the cleanest nicest big city in the world I swear, it’s to clean to be a big city, it’s unnatural oO;

            There’s even to large spaces with to much air there, it’s a capital and a big city where you never get squashed on the street around four PM, it’s weird! and they always apologies if they bump into you.

            Oh germans, you are to nice for your own good.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I was in Berlin once – yeah, it is a nice city, of course, but… we are not as nice, as you might think we are.Ever heard about something we call “Berliner Schnauze” (roughly translates to “Berlin Big Mouth”) – they can be really mouthy. But then, they can be like that in other parts of Germany, too.

            Honestly, go to – say – Cologne and ask for direction.
            if you are nice, they explain, how you come to the Dome or whatever you wanna see there (by the way: go see it – it is a nice, monumental, awesome gothic cathedral right next to the Rhine. ) – but if you ask and appear in a not very nice way, the person, you asked for direction could say “Do I look like an information desk?!”.

            No, the colonians are real nice people – but here is a tip. Whenever you go to Cologne – never order an “Altbier”… that is a drink from the neighbour-town Düsseldorf, and they will teach you some manners. Same as if you would go in a Düsseldorfian Pub and order a “kölsch”…

            Oh, and something we apparently can take pride of – a german actor is in the newest comedy-movie with Steve Carell. He is called “Michael ‘Bully’ Herig”, and he has done various comedy-movies in germany, even had a show, called “The Bullyparade”, in which he spoofed the Enterprise-Crew to be gay or Winnetou to be incompetent. All out hilarious.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Thats right, they even have a law, that 80 Percent of the music, that is played in the radio, must be french songs. They have french words for things like “computer” (L’ordinateur), “Return/Enter” (Retour), type (tape)…

            that is pretty interesting.

          • danbreunig

            You know, I can’t think of one German character developed over here that’s not a stereotype. The closest non-stereotype in very recent memory was Christoph Waltz’ Dr. Schultz from Django Unchained–I didn’t even know he (both actor and character) were German until at least half way through! That’s how decent a job they *didn’t* stereotype him.

            Yeah, TGWTG. I’m just not that frequent there, sorry to say; AB is my go-to site for review shorts, as well as some pleasant online company. Not that I’m close-minded about it, it’s just that I don’t want to exert myself too much.

            When I was talking about accents, I was referring to just my own problems with accents altogether–German, French, Danish, Russian, Japanese, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Spanish, Australian, Texan, Dixie–just can’t do them and sound believable. Oddly enough the closest Germans I try to imitate are Harry Haller in Steppenwolf (Max Von Sydow–really a Swede) and Maximilian Schell.

  • Muthsarah

    I didn’t realize Denmark had forests. Or did you go up to Sweden to film that?


    • Sofie Liv

      It’s my parents Back-yard, I litterately life in a fresh-water, forest city. I life in a nature city filled with fresh-water and trees, they are every-where! meaning there’s a dusin of lakes and a river running straight through town.

      Heck, my city is known for its nature and we have tourists coming here just for the nature.

      • $36060516

        I thought they came there just to see the red suitcase!

        • Sofie Liv

          hardy hah.

          Denmark has a history! -_-;

          • $36060516


        • danbreunig

          That’s all it would take for me. Alas, the Red Suitcase is no more. The Movie Dork…Movie Dork has…has…it’s just….no…more…….. [sobbing and whimpering in the corner]

  • John Wilson

    I like to think as this movie as a mix of Donnie Darko meets Next:).

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I think, I sent you very early on a PM on TWGTG, what my gripes were concerning Irene.
    Okay, I can get, that she the woman, that ultimately outsmarted Holmes.
    I can get, that she herself is outsmarted by Moriarty.
    But that would mean, that Moriarty is waaaaaaaay smarter than Holmes, which means, that this “game of shadows” should NOT have ended with Holmes winning, but the way, it was intended by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as his really, really really last story and as the ultimate sacrifice from Holmes.

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t know, it really depends on context and the situation we are talking about.

      Within the context of this movie… we don’t know how the hell Irene out-smarted holmes, we are never told, for all we know she could have distracted him with nakedness to “win over him.” … and that is indeed very plausible with this character.
      And maybe Moriarty is immune to naked Irene attack within the context of this movie, so well.. rock beat scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock sort of thing.

      It’s all about the context of the battles, that one person won one mind match, doesnt’ mean he is superior, it just means he has proven himself to be a challenge and the heroes must think a little differently to beat him in round two.

      Yeah, to face up with his one true equal should have been Holmes’s last story, the only way for him to go really. A man whom lived only for his adventures and the thrill, he would want to go out with a blast rather to waste away.

      And of Cause Doyle just said. “Fuck it! he is going to waste away as a bee-keeper now, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW READERS!?”

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        At first, I have to quote you, Sofie: And of Cause Doyle just
        said. “Fuck it! he is going to waste away as a bee-keeper now, ARE YOU

        To which I have to say: “Bees, my god”. ^^

        By the way, I doubt, that this Irene had won over Holmes with her Nakedness. Not, that
        Rachel Adams would not be an attractive woman (which she is) and she could
        distract any red-blooded man, that would fall for her, however – I think,
        Holmes is all intellect, not really “sex-drive”… which means, if she would
        stand in all her naked glory in front of him, he would ask himself “What do I
        do with that?”.

        However, I was upset – upset that they took one of the greatest characters of the last
        movie, the woman, that frakking beat Sherlock Holmes and got away with that,
        and they killed her off in such a meaningless way and mentioned her – I think –
        in a throwaway line.

        Guy Richie?
        At this, you fail. At least when Sherlock thinks, that he is dying, he could
        have said something to Moriarty – like “For Irene” or something like that.
        However – maybe that would have “killed the character”, so to speak.

        I mean – don’t get me wrong, the Idea, how Holmes survived (at least that’s what Uncle Wiki
        Pedia – weisenheimer extraordinaire and in second generation – says), extremely clever. Retreating his own footprints, without looking back etc. that is something, that in the last Detective Conan Movie (the quarter of Silence) was played upon. By the way, Conan is
        Sherlock-Holmes-Fanboy Number 1. If you ask me – that could be something, you
        could review, too. ^^ And if you ask me again – to you there is the movie, that
        you can enjoy. Even if Conan in and on itself is not something, you enjoy –
        watch Movie 6 – Phantom of the Baker Street. Yes, they go there and do something Holmes
        related. ^^ (not gonna spoil it for ya).

        However: you know, what killed the movie and all its suspense for me? The very early
        mentioning of “Reichenbach”… come on, be creative. Do it like… I dunno… in Star
        Trek VI – the undiscovered Country. Let them say “There is a conference” and
        let it all be mysterious about that. And then, after stuff about the assassin
        is found out, let the bomb drop: It is in Reichenbach / Switzerland. Now
        we know, that it is Holmes (supposed) last act, his heroic moment, “the final

        Oh – and by the way: You know what you two also should review? The Sherlock-Episodes. After
        all, there won’t be new fodder for us fans in the next months, because
        Cumberbatch was busy shooting Star Trek and LOTR, and Feeman doing LOTR.

        But yes – did I mention, that I like your review-style? If not: I like your review-style.

        This genderswapped “Sherlock and Watson” – this conversation between the two of you –
        it is soo seemingless. So, you are doing a good job.



  • Nuclearademan

    Game of Shadows is basically the same as the first Sherlock Holmes film, fun to watch at the time but pretty forgettable. All the actors are fine, Downey Jr and Law have good chemistry and Noomi Rapace is a much better replacement to Rachel McAdams. The first film was better because it had Mark Strong who a brilliant actor.

    I am glad these films exist though because it doing something different and it’s cool seeing how creative people can do something drastically different like setting Holmes and Watson in modern times or having them both be women and review other Sherlock Holmes adaptations and it works really well.

    • Sofie Liv

      Neither of them are that bad movies. But the second is far more all over the place in terms of plots, and the sciense that was plausible in the context of the first movie, bordered to magic in this movie.. it made little to no sense.

      Chemistry was fine though, so was most of the humour, it’s just a shame the personal plot wasn’t any stronger and they relied so much on the action sequences.

  • I can not believe i missed this one. I always love these crossovers.

  • Jonathan Campbell

    I do NOT envy whoever has to go through all of these videos and replace them with YouTube / Vimeo / wherever links because Blip is on it’s way out.

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s Albert O’boogie whom owns the site, and yes it’s true. You SHOULD be down on your knee worshipping him for all his hard work.

      • Jonathan Campbell