Shanghai Surprise (1986) (part 9 of 11)

So, I guess the “Yehonala” name leads back to China Doll, because we’re right back there in her lair. Okay, I think earlier dialogue was supposed to suggest that China Doll is a little loco in the head, and actually believes herself to be this empress Yehonala. She was dressed exactly like the Yehonala figure Sean was admiring, and also, Fauxdrian Brody had a line where he said she “believes herself to be an empress”. So, of course it all fits together flawlessly. And if you can’t remember offhand dialogue delivered roughly twenty hours ago, well, that’s your problem, pal.

Sean asks China Doll what treasures were stolen from the tomb, but she refuses to tell him. She says she won’t be tempted to answer, despite the fact that he looks like “someone [she] once cared for”. Hold the phone. When was that little tidbit revealed? I hope they’re not trying to imply Sean looks like Walter Faraday, because he really doesn’t, at all.

But Sean scrunches up his forehead, and gives her the puppy dog eyes, and she’s sold. She says Mei Gan stole “Yehonala’s paintings, swords, scrolls… my porcelain dreams [?] … and my heavenly gardens!” Ooh, that’s rough. I think you’d want your heavenly gardens back as soon as possible. After all, what will you use to give men the Chair?

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Multi-Part Article: Shanghai Surprise (1986)

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