VIDEO: Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Years before Modern Warfare, there was Shadow Ops. Developed by Zombie Studios (Spec Ops, Blacklight), and presented like a popcorn summer action flick where you’re a Delta Force operative searching for a nuclear device that’s fallen into the hands of terrorists, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury‘s presentation doesn’t quite excuse its spartan gameplay. But it is pretty darn hilarious.

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  • TheScottCSmith

    I think we must have hit the same bargain bins…I have this game in a box somewhere.  I’m not going to be surprised at all to see a review of “Boiling Point” in the near future…

    • Sand Ripper

      I can top that: I actually have two copies of this game laying around somewhere, including one that’s still sealed. 😉

      This game wasn’t bad, but it was definitely generic. The sound design was great though, as the video mentions.

    • You must be freakin’ psychic! I’ve been planning Boiling Point for a long time. 😀

      • TheScottCSmith

        Great minds think a like, and all of that…

  • edharris1178

    Good stuff as always.

  • IrenIvy

    Hilarious and very informative!
    I especially liked the turret section subtitles 🙂

  • Cristiona

    Scientists cool things with lasers all the time, actually.  Of course, that’s on a microscopic (or even smaller) scale, but it’s not complete horseshit.

    Also, damn but Little Miss Love Interest looks like a freaking raccoon.