VIDEO: Sewer Shark (1992)

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The FMV shooter Sewer Shark is actually a pretty fun game.

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  • Gallen Dugall

    The first of those CD games that I played was Under A Killing Moon – came out about the same year as Sewer Shark and beats it on gameplay and campiness

  • Moppet

    I know people make fun of it now, but I kind of miss the, “extreme” stuff in music, movies and games. I don’t even care if it was over the top, there’s something just fun about it that makes me smile. Extreme characters included. Some of the tunnel scenes really remind me of what was done later in the Matrix movies.

    You didn’t fire did you? That had to be the developers trolling people Ghosts ‘n Goblins style when they sent you back to the beginning of the game because, “illusion” or the “you didn’t use the shield in the 6th level” thing.

    This was fun to watch.


    Zito pretty much had no choice but to go through with the SEGA CD deal. Hasbro was going to invest $7 million in the Nemo and planned to release it in 1988, so he filmed Night Trap and Sewer Shark in late 87 to have them ready as launch titles. After the footage was done, Hasbro backed out on the deal (rumored because bringing the NEMO to market would have cost WAY more than $7 million) and left Zito with nothing but the footage he had. I wonder how things would have turned out in the video games industry if Hasbro hadn’t bailed on NEMO (or if Nintendo didn’t fuck Sony over).

  • Rockatansky

    Interesting stuff! I remember these games existing, and thought the concept of “cinematic gaming” was an interesting one.

    So when do we get the “Night Trap” review?

  • Sardu

    Wait- did that say “Directed by John Dykstra”?? Like, I did SFX for Star Wars John Dykstra? Like, that hot cosplay chick Chloe is my daughter John Dykstra???