Seven More Terrible Things Jonah From ‘Veep’ Could Be Besides A Dirty Blogger

Seven More Terrible Things Jonah From 'Veep' Could Be Besides A Dirty BloggerSpoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler, everyone’s favorite rancid string bean, Jonah from “Veep,” was revealed Sunday night to be a blogger in the field of political gossiptainment, via his not terribly anonymous blog, Man, remember when our sister site,, was a “DC gossip” site? How could anybody possibly care about DC gossip? HOW DID THEY EVEN LIVE?

Of course, judging by the vacant-eyed pinch-faced soullessness of DC’s remaining gossips, Jonah from “Veep” is a perfect choice to pick up Wonkette’s long-dropped mantle, and judging by his tall white man-ness, he’s probably going to take the cable news channels by storm.


With everyone’s un-fondness for him and his real-life counterparts, we decided to listicle at ya seven worse things Jonah from “Veep” could be than a dirty gossip blogger. You know, like we said in this post’s title.

1. An actual Nazi. Nazis are the fucking worst, dude. They don’t just make “Miso Horny” jokes about lovely and intelligent Asian-American doctors; they don’t just take pictures of disabled women’s butts. They kill people for being Asian or disabled or whatever!

2. Nope, that is all the things that are worse than being a dirty gossip blogger.

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