"Selfie" to end, "Forever" goes on and on

"Selfie" to end, "Forever" goes on and on

And Selfie makes five cancelled shows for the 2014 Fall season.

It took an uncharacteristically long time for the axe to start falling this year, but now it’s in full swing, so to speak. Like NBC did with Bad Judge and A to Z, ABC has decided to keep airing the rest of the Selfie episodes already in the can but not produce any additional, meaning the series will come to an end after 13.


Before the season started, HNTP’s prediction was that this show faced an uphill battle, but, “I’m going to give this one the benefit of the doubt based solely on how darn likeable the two leads are… Earns a second season.”

Oh, well. Turns out Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan and Harold and Kumar’s John Cho didn’t have quite enough flash for this Selfie.

Meanwhile, despite mediocre-at-best ratings, Forever is getting a full season order from ABC, which has upped its commitment from 13 to 22 episodes. HNTP predicted it “Limps along until the end of the season but is not renewed,” so we’ll have to wait and see.

forever logo

So far on ABC shows:

  • Manhattan Love Story ­– predicted flop – correct
  • black-ish – predicted hit – correct
  • How to Get Away with Murder – predicted hit – correct
  • Selfie – predicted second season – wrong
  • Forever – predicted one season only – (still up in the air)
  • ­Cristela – predicted second season – (still up in the air)

And just because it’s probably my only chance to use this:

dwts w6 weird selfie promo

Hey, that’s a weird spot for a Selfie.

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