VIDEO: Secret Service: In Harm’s Way

Video games have a strange subgenre: the Budget Game. Unlike with movies, the low budget video games aren’t always obvious; the only giveaway is the MSRP. The Budget Barrel is a new series of reviews that focuses on these games. 

To be clear, this doesn’t just mean any game bought on the cheap; bargain bins are always filled with old games. No, we’re talking about the weird stuff: the games from Eastern Europe and South America, the ripoffs, and the mockbusters.

In the inaugural episode of The Budget Barrel, Roland reviews Secret Service: In Harm’s Way, a budget game beloved by fans of the tactical shooter genre. 

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  • Liam Barrett

    One thing I like about this review is, you were harsh (but fair) with the game, but as you got further into the series, you grew more and more affectionate towards it, as if you almost wished you could re-review it with an “If I Knew Then What I Know Now,” attitude.

    • This is true. In retrospect it’s all downhill from In Harm’s Way. 

  • The_Stig

    Escort missions are the worst part of any shooter. Imagine my total lack of surprise when I watched this video and learned of an entire game where escorting is a major gameplay mechanic!

    You can rationalize the green blood by pretending the entire game takes place on Vulcan. :)

    But seriously, this game looks like it might have been better served if it played like In The Line of Fire: The Game instead of some Counterstrike clone. That way, protecting the President would be important instead of just another frustrating escort mission where you have to protect yet another NPC that’s dumb as dirt.

    At least your NPC teammates (I’m assuming since you didn’t go into what exactly makes this game a tactical shooter) don’t constantly tell you that you’re in their way.

    • They don’t say much of anything. But you do have fairly precise control over them, so you can set up perimeters and such. Granted, friendly AI sucks worse than enemy AI, but it’s better than going solo.

      • The_Stig

        Except in the escort missions, which I contend are even worse than the hated sewer levels. 

        An escort mission IN a sewer level on the other hand? That’s my idea of Hell.