A Secondhand Tale Of Dov Charney ALLEGEDLY Being Gross

A Secondhand Tale Of Dov Charney ALLEGEDLY Being Gross

So okay, if you were a teen or twentysomething hipster girl in NYC in the ’00s (and tragically I was, God was it fun, we just ran around drinking strong cocktails at Rififi and doing weird comedy/burlesque hybrid shows at Mo Pitkin’s, but anyway) you spent some time in the American Apparel store on Houston. I remember being out on my way to dates after a day at my wage-lady job in the South Bronx, and I’d be like, “Shit, this officewear is not cute enough, I must stop into the American Apparel shop and pay for the clothes and then wear them out of the store, like an asshole.” This happened more than once. Probably twice, in fact. The clothes were affordable and cute and reasonably well-made. And it was rumored that founder/CEO/president/chief photographer Dov Charney himself had some kind of weird sex apartment above the store.


I don’t know if that tale was true. But I do know about a tale a friend told me from way back when she used to manage another American Apparel store in NYC. One day, she ALLEGEDLY got a call at work from an Angry Dad.

“I want to talk to Dov Charney,” Angry Dad said.

“I’m sorry,” said My Friend. “You’ll have to call our corporate headquarters.”

“Maybe you could ask Dov Charney something for me,” said Angry Dad. “Maybe you could ask him why there’s a billboard with my 16-year-old daughter half-naked right next to my office. Maybe you could ask him that.”

This was not the only one of that kind of phone call to be placed to American Apparel over the years. He ALLEGEDLY jerked off in front of Jane reporter Claudine Ko once upon a time. He got sued for ALLEGEDLY telling a lady to jill herself off in front of him. And he’s done a bunch of other gross things, ALLEGEDLY.

Supposedly, Dov Charney was shocked by what the board did late Wednesday night. It’s no wonder; when you’ve been allowed to run around ALLEGEDLY whipping your cock out and telling ladies to do weird sex things in front of you for like ever, you’re probably going to be a little surprised when somebody finally stands up to your creepy ass.

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