A Sneak Peek at Scream Queens Season 2

A Sneak Peek at Scream Queens Season 2

It’s been quite a year for Ryan Murphy. His horror anthology series American Horror Story: Hotel has earned 2 Golden Globe nominations, his next anthology series American Crime Story is set to premiere in February, and the first season of his horror-camp series Scream Queens has just concluded.

Sure, the ratings have been steadily declining since the premiere and the critics are mostly unimpressed with the plot, but every news outlet is as stubbornly confident as Chanel Oberlin that the series will return in September. Bustle has reported some details of the potential season 2–some characters from season 1 will return, there will be a new killer, new characters, and a new setting at a summer camp. However, we at Happy Nice Time People broke into spoke with people in Ryan Murphy’s offices to get the real deal on season 2 of the horror-comedy series.


1.It’s Going to Be a Wet, Hot American Summer–For the Wrong Reasons

Bustle’s source was right that the series will move to a summer camp. Ryan Murphy plans to ripoff homage classic horror movie tropes from slasher sleepaway camp movies like Sleepaway Camp, Summer Camp Nightmare, and, of course, Friday the 13th. Since it was hard to make the gruesome deaths in Season 1 shocking (Wow, no one cared that the minor characters like Deaf Taylor Swift or Black British Guy got killed off? Shocker, huh?), Ryan Murphy plans to add a couple loveable, feel good storyline to tug on the heartstrings when the killer cuts people’s hearts out.

Potential plot lines: Two campers realize that they are long lost identical twins and hatch a cutesy plan to switch identities to get their parents back together. Unfortunately, one of them gets killed off by the slasher so the remaining twin has to continue to pretend to be both people to keep the Parent Trap plan intact. Hijinks will ensue! Meanwhile, a camp counselor attempts to declare his love for a fellow counselor but–oh no!–she’s dating a huge jerk. Ryan Murphy is currently trying to figure out how to trick Paul Rudd into reprising his role as Andy from Wet Hot American Summer without him knowing.

2. Emma Roberts and Lea Michele To Stay

Ryan Murphy was busy getting excited over all the praise being heaped on Lady Gaga’s performance as The Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel that he forgot that Scream Queens was supposed to be a vehicle for Emma Roberts and that’s why the season finale shows Chanel Oberlin presumably getting killed by the Red Devil. Allegedly, Emma Roberts threw a tantrum in Ryan Murphy’s office and demanded that her character be resurrected. This upset Lea Michele, who was hoping to take over as the leading lady, and she threatened to stand outside Ryan Murphy’s window and sing Broadway songs all night if he downsized his part. Thankfully for the sake of his sanity, Ryan Murphy worked out a compromise.

Potential Plotlines: Chanel Oberlin will return as the bitchy ghost conscience of Hester Ulrich, who tries to suppress her killer urges when she is assigned to be a camp counselor to bratty teenagers who are eerily too reminiscent of the original Chanel minions.

3. A New Scream Queen?

A lot of press buzzed about Jamie Lee Curtis, best known for her iconic role as Laurie Strode in Halloween, starring in a horror TV series so Ryan Murphy hopes to strike gold again by casting another 80s scream queen in Season 2. Ryan Murphy is currently hoping to cast Adrienne King, who played Alice Hardy in the Friday the 13th series, but unfortunately for him, Adrienne King doesn’t seem all that interested in the role. Ryan Murphy has been sending her increasingly desperate and bizarre letters to Adrienne King, who is worried that her stalker has resurfaced again.

Potential Plotlines: Adrienne King will play the camp director whom all the counselors and campers come up to with their theories on who the killer is. So far, Adrienne King’s role is to just nod politely and say things like, “That is just like what happened when I was a camper! Movie reference!”



So that’s the dirt we at HTNP managed to scoop! If season 2 ever does come along, don’t be surprised if none of these plotlines ever happen. We all know Ryan Murphy ends up making it up as he goes along anyway.

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