Say, you don’t think there’s anything shady going on with that Sarah Palin TV thing, do you?

sarahpalin, of all things, spent $9.99 on a month-long subscription to Sarah Palin TV (not actually televised) to see what all the laughter was about.

They quickly discovered there’s only eight hours of total content. And much of that content is straight-up infomercials for Sarah’s other products:

Some of Palin’s exclusive content is clearly advertising. She doesn’t even try to hide it. Videos have titles like “Tune In For Another Season of Amazing America,” and “A Moving, Pro-Liberty Movie” (The Giver). One video is just an infomercial for her Christmas book. […] If you just buy that next book, movie ticket, or website membership, she implies, you’ll be that much more of a patriot.

Other videos give 19 Kids & Counting and professional soccer a run for their money on the length of time spent on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENING.


This video of Palin feeding her child came at the tail end of my day of viewing. The video is seven minutes long. The first two minutes show Sarah reading a Dr. Seuss book to her son, Trig. The next five minutes show Palin feeding Trig while he watches Dancing With the Stars on an iPad. I watched this video at 8:30 on a Saturday night in a darkened bedroom wearing a ratty t-shirt and gym shorts. Alone. For a brief moment I was a living symbol of the alienation of modernity.

All of this leads to the question of who the hell would pay higher-than-Netlfix prices for this garbage? Well, Happy Nice Time People has a theory…

Back when Sarah Palin first published her memoir Going Rogue, the half-term halfwit made headlines when she spent $63,000 in PAC money to buy copies to give away to fans. It would be illegal for the PAC to simply had Palin money, but it’s perfectly okay for her to collect royalties on the books bought by the PAC. Pretty nice way to funnel money to herself, right?

In the most recent Sarah PAC filing, the money spent on Sarah’s own books has dwindled to just under $10,000. That cash cow is almost out of milk.

And along comes Sarah Palin TV.

Who wants to guess how many subscriptions are being bought by lobbyists, special interest groups, and other organizations who are legally prohibited from handing money directly to Palin (or would rather not have a paper trail of doing so)?

Hell, I bet a nice little rightwing Christian lobbying firm would love the opportunity to buy subscriptions for a 1,000 of its supporters for $99 each. Since her production costs are clearly minimal, a big chunk of that goes straight into Sarah’s pocket. And if Palin take a sudden interest in said lobbying firm’s pet cause, I’m sure it’s a coincidence. It’s not like she’s on their payroll or anything.

A few foreign governments probably wouldn’t mind getting in on the act as well. Maybe the same ones that got caught paying off all those rightwing bloggers?

Just a thought.

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